Eternal Love Triangle

Eternal Love Triangle follows the strange relationships between the three cosmic beings of the universe – the personifications of Time, Life/Death and Nothingness.

The stories in with this series are in no real logical chronological order, and may be read in any order one likes.

Eternal Love Triangle


The gleeful cry for attention echoed across the main chamber and into a place crudely called Hell’s Kitchen, where Retvik was busy making dinner for the personification of Death. He paused for a moment, confused by both Death’s cry and how long that previous sentence was, before answering.

“Yes, Mistress?”

“What you...Read More »

Tale: A Challenge at the End of Time

Stasis stared at each individual Veth as he walked by, judging them by their appearance. Many of them were terrifying, with mouths full of teeth and claws as long as Stasis’s forearms. They’d formed two lines either side of the personification of Nothingness, directing him towards the large, organic dome...Read More »

Tale - Preparation for a Challenge at the end of Time

Stasis looked at his brand new soldiers. Four pristine warriors, wearing the finest, strongest armour that Stasis could conjure. He’d cheated a little, giving them all armour that was impossible to even scratch by normal means. Or even Deitic means.

“Master, what are you thinking?”

As always, his favourite little Anexartan/Lanex hybrid...Read More »

Tale - A Sleepy Awakening

Arksi yawned as he stretched his arms, that lingering, warm bed feeling tugging at his mind, wanting him to go back to sleep. The little Rethan did what he could to fight it, by throwing off his duvet covers. Big mistake, outside his bed, it was pretty nippy.

Rather than brave...Read More »

Tale - Awkward Interruption

“What in the name of the Mistress do you think you’re doing?” Arkay growled as something grabbed him by the tail and pulled him out of the cave he and Teekay were in. Angered by the sudden interruption, Arkay fanned out his claws, ready to attack, only to swiftly change...Read More »

Tale - Resting in Crates


This was like the fiftieth question Vel and Iatre had asked. Of course, Arkay was an older Veth than them both, but not by that much. Despite that, they seemed to think Arkay knew everything.


“Why has Death sealed us all inside one crate? Is she using a local postage service...Read More »

Tale - Untimely Meeting

“Woah, look at those Veth…” Verlais accidentally said a bit too loudly as the four Kronaron entered the large, black and gold building.

“We are surrounded by beautiful architecture, underneath the newborn stars of the last nebula of the universe, and your first thought is a bunch of Veth?” Kindyna hissed....Read More »

Tale - Observe from a Distance

Verlais huffed and puffed as he held his arm in pain, limping out of the golden arena. Behind him, a large, green Veth roared, victorious and pretty much unharmed. Despite all his studying and planning, he hadn’t even made a dent in the Veth’s defenses.

As Verlais leaned against a wall...Read More »

Tale - Timey Wimey

The Veth’s claws tightened around Verlais’s throat. It turned out that Deitic technology was something Veth knew all too well about, and Lua’s cloaking device had done fuck all. Verlais hadn’t even managed to place the first camera when the hulking orange and gunmetal Veth stomped over and pinned him...Read More »

Tale - Messed Up Time Nonsense

“Um, Kairos, dear, you can stop that now.”

Kinisis watched as the Whenvern circled around Stasis, growling menacingly. He’d attacked Stasis after a disagreement on which of them loved Kinisis more, and the swiftness of his attack and a punch in the face knocking Stasis into the arena below was enough...Read More »

Tale - Towards Kairos's Keep

Arkay and Volt stepped carefully as they navigated the maze of paths towards the Whenvern’s castle. Neither of them had any idea where Kinisis had gone, she’d given them magically altered copies of their signature weapons then disappeared in her usual cloud of tentacle-y smoke.

“You know…” Arkay muttered as they...Read More »

Tale - Chatting Below Kairos's Keep

Arkay looked at Volt, then looked up to the tower they had been thrown from, looked at Volt, then looked at the tower again.

“How the fuck did you do that?” he finally asked, his brain unable to comprehend how their semi-mortal bodies had not turned into gigantic splats on the...Read More »

Tale - Deathly Rant

Kinisis watched as the personifications of Time and Nothingness argued in front of her, growling, shouting, screaming and all round being stupid. They’d gone round and round in verbal circles, and nothing had stopped them yet.

Something approached her from behind, but Kinisis knew who it was. “You took your damn...Read More »