Tale – Awkward Interruption

“What in the name of the Mistress do you think you’re doing?” Arkay growled as something grabbed him by the tail and pulled him out of the cave he and Teekay were in. Angered by the sudden interruption, Arkay fanned out his claws, ready to attack, only to swiftly change tack. “Oh. Mistress. My apologies…”

Death tapped her clawed foot in disappointment. “You know better.”

“I did not know that, in the one time I actually get to spend some physical time with Teekay, you would pull me out, literally.” Arkay was also disappointed but was now trying to keep his cool, and ignore how furious both Death and Teekay now were.

“Whatever. Come with me. Now.” Death spun around and stomped off. Teekay had dragged himself deeper inside their cave and clearly was not going to help. With no other option, Arkay followed.

As they walked, Arkay noticed just how bad a mood Death was in. She didn’t even wave to the Veth they walked past on their trip back to her main home.

“So what is it you want from me this time, my Lady?” Arkay finally asked, glancing back at his armour. He used to proudly wear yellow armour, but about a trillion years ago, Death randomly made his armour a pale, translucent ‘ice’ blue, and he’d never been able to change it back. It had been for some sort of fighting event, in which Arkay had destroyed the minions Kairos and Stasis had thrown at him.

“It’s another dumb challenge. Kairos and Stasis are doing it for my amusement.”

“You want me to fight minions again?” Arkay sighed. “They know they will never beat us. Not until you and I are cold and dead. How do these still amuse you?”

Death shrugged. “This one is a four versus four versus four sort of thing. Think Kairos is dragging out some Kronaron and goodness knows what Stasis is doing.”

Arkay rolled his eyes. “You know what would be more amusing? If they just bent over and let me fuck them literally rather than metaphorically. I bet they’d enjoy it more. I even promise to be gentle.”

For a moment, Death’s eyes lit up. “I… might keep that idea. Make it a suggestion for next time. But for now, we got this challenge and you get to beat some beings up with some friends.”

“With Teekay, Elksia and Retvik I, assume?”


Arkay stopped in his tracks. “You’ve… always done these challenges using the four of us before…”

Death grinned and quickened her pace. They arrived at her home and she marched inside, dragging Arkay along with him.

“I fancied a change. Something new. I got a few Veth I have been desperate to let loose for a while.”

“Like who? Oh…”

Standing in the middle of the room, showing off his wings and muscles was the strangely alluring Veth known as Iatre. Perched on chairs behind him, one with wings, one with tentacles, were two other Veth, only one of whom Arkay recognised.

“Good to see you again, Arkay,” Vel nodded.

Arkay nodded back, then turned to Death. “This is… uh, an unusual team you have here…” Arkay stuttered for a moment and pulled Death to one side, so Iatre couldn’t hear them. “It’s borderline cruel to unleash me on their minions, but unleashing Iatre? Are you insane? THE Iatre?”

Death calmly tapped Arkay on the shoulder. “He’ll be fine. He needs to get out and about occasionally. Plus, Iatre is a good Veth. Just as nice as you. Maybe nicer because he’s willing to sleep around, unlike some people…”

“Hey, don’t be like that!” Vel interrupted from across the room. “Arkay and Teekay have a thing, they don’t need to fuck others.”

“Which is why Teekay’s going to have a nice little holiday in the Sleeping Pen, since things are slow around here!” Death announced. “Meanwhile, you four are going to kick some Whenvern and Stasis ass.”

“One question,” Iatre asked as he finished flexing his muscles and pointed at the thin, winged, green Veth in the corner. “Who’s that?”

“Oh, that’s the new guy, Ignis,” Death smiled. “You’ll all have a lot of fun, don’t you worry.”