The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

Tale: Arrest

“Someone get the damn door!” Tenuk shouted angrily from the bathroom. Arkay, who had been asleep all day due to a nasty headache, woke up from the lounge and wearily went to the entrance of the Dessaron’s quarters. He flung the door open, not expecting to see two Rethan officers...Read More »

Tale: Start of a Rebellion

Kalsa Warrior Korak had been on Entrance Duty for the last 15 hours. She was sick and tired of it, but she was due to finish in a few minutes. She’d arranged to spend an hour with her best friend Talok, also the leader of Group A-L, her Kalsa regiment....Read More »

Transcript: The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion of Kolasi

Transcript from Kolasia Vohran Nest

Nuvak: What the hell, Korak? What the hell are you doing? Where the hell is Talok?

Korak: Talok is a Varga now.

Nuvak: What? How?

Korak: Queen triggered it early. She was bored, apparently.

Nuvak: And that is an excuse to turn our best Kalsa Warrior into a Varga twenty...Read More »

Tale: A General's Retaliation

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY KSA?” Elkay roared as he charged into the sparsely guarded High General’s office. “WHAT DID YOU DO, PHOTEIANOS?”

Photeianos glanced up from his desk at the angry but also rather cute-looking Threan-type standing in his doorway. “Protecting you, kid.”

Elkay stomped into the room and stood at...Read More »

Early News Report on the Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

This is News Cassia 24, and we’re coming to you live from Vohran territories on Kolasi, where the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia nest have rebelled against their Queen. Details are sketchy so far, but as far as we can tell, the queen of the nest, known as Tayra, has...Read More »

Tale: Captive

“I have told you and the other officers three times now. Are you really going to make me repeat myself yet again?”

Teekay Theanon was in quite a bit of pain. He’d been chained up since Monday, accused of causing all sorts of trouble. Which would have been fair if he...Read More »

Tale: Worried

“I’m worried about Arkay…” Retvik sighed as he paced up and down the kitchen, watching Elksia cook.

“You’re always worried about Arkay!” Elksia smiled. She was preparing dinner today. It was supposed to be Arkay’s turn to cook, but since he wasn’t here, Elksia decided to cook her super special ‘pitsa’...Read More »

Tale: Imprisonment

“Where is Teekay?”

That was the seventh time this group of five imprisoned Ksa had asked that. It was the K-Class Ksa in particular that were asking, they wanted to know where their favourite member was, but now even other Classes were asking. The guards looking after them were getting more...Read More »

Tale: Containment

“Brother, what have they done to you?”

Four of the five other Threan-types rushed round to Teekay’s side. Teekay was barely conscious, just enough to open his eyes and see vague silhouettes of his friends.

“Clearly they’ve sedated him so he can’t teleport away…” Enkay sighed, gently caressing Teekay’s head. “You poor,...Read More »

Tale: Plans and Escapes

It took a while for Kayel to remember where and who he was. He had never used his powers like that before. In fact, the only magic-using Rethan ever was struggling to stay conscious. But Kayel had to get up and move on.

If his calculations were correct, Kayel should have...Read More »

News Report on the Explosion at the Rethan Council

Breaking news coming from the Rethan Central Stratos Buildings in Thre-Vretania, planet Threa! An explosion has devastated the communal and media areas, leaving ten dead and many, many more injured, including several high-ranking Rethans and one of our own camera crews. Details are incredibly sketchy right now as Rethan soldiers...Read More »

Tale: Decisions to Make

“Siblings, get over here, we need to discuss something…” Veekay beckoned his fellow Ksa to join him. He watched as they gathered round him. Seven other K-Class Ksa, four Ξ-Class Ksa and one incredibly lucky Θ-Class Ksa. Technically, Arksi, Psiksi, Thitaksi and Eksi were now K-Class...Read More »

Tale: Argument from Bed

Elkay was sick of being in bed. He wanted to be outside, doing anything but lying in bed. Anything. He’d prefer cleaning out a sewer to being in that stupid, hard, uncomfortable bed. Not just any sewer. A Cassid sewer. The worst of the worst. Really though, it wasn’t the...Read More »

Battle for Kolasia Nest

Chaos echoed throughout the Kolasia nest. Across its entirety, Kalsa Warrior and Ksa worked together to fend off a seemingly never-ending attack from a swarm of mindless Vohra. It was a battle of attrition, a constant battle of endurance. Whoever fell first would fall forever.

But despite being outnumbered twenty to...Read More »

Tale: Solution

Elkay fucking hated crutches, but he had used them to walk from the hospital all the way to the temporary new council building. Flanked by four young Rethan soldiers, he stormed into the main chamber, where the other members of the council weren’t doing too well.

“Thank the Light you are...Read More »

The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion

The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion was a bid for freedom among the Kalsa Warriors of the Kolasia Nest, in the Vohra territories of Kolasi, starting on the 10th of May 2016 and ending on the 31st of May 2016.

The rebellion started when Queen Tayra of the Kolasia Nest forcibly changed one...Read More »