Transcript: The Kalsa Warrior Rebellion of Kolasi

Transcript from Kolasia Vohran Nest

Nuvak: What the hell, Korak? What the hell are you doing? Where the hell is Talok?

Korak: Talok is a Varga now.

Nuvak: What? How?

Korak: Queen triggered it early. She was bored, apparently.

Nuvak: And that is an excuse to turn our best Kalsa Warrior into a Varga twenty years early?

Korak: To Queen Tayra, yes.

Nuvak: By the Gods… Why Talok? He was such a nice guy… Is there any chance?

Korak: No way to turn him back, but we can save him before he goes feral.

Nuvak: It means…

Avrak: What the hell is going on?

Nuvak: Talok is gone. She turned him.

Avrak: No… NO!

Korak: My group has sealed every exit. We are ending this. I ask for your groups to stand to one side.

Avrak: To hell with standing to one side, Group A-M is with you, Korak! No more of this. How many good Warriors must we lose?

Nuvak: Siblings… If we go through with this… We will have no queen. Other nests will destroy us from above.

Avrak: We are the only nest here on Kolasi. We can do whatever we want. Maybe start something new, if we can get a willing new Vayra…

Korak: I don’t want a new Vayra. I don’t want queens. I don’t want tortured Varga and mindless Vohra. I want a new society. One where Vohra are not slaves to their queens, where males are considered equal to females. Where Kalsa Warriors are more than playthings, thrown around, worked to death and killed for pleasure.

Avrak: But there’s no way that can happen with how we breed. What you’re suggesting is that we be like Bayvak!

Nuvak: No…

Avrak: No?

Nuvak: She’s suggesting we become like Cassids. Or Rethavok.

Avrak: They aren’t exactly… great…

Korak: But they are free. Everyone is equal. We work all the same and get what we work for. No more of all of this… this awfulness!

Avrak: I’m sold.

Nuvak: I… I still don’t know. But we need to deal with Tayra first. Once she’s out of the way, then we can decide.

Korak: We are doing that now. Come.

Avrak: You went ahead without us?

Korak: I didn’t think I’d be able to convince you.

*muffled shouts*

Levuk: Siblings, Our former queen is captured!

Avrak: Wow.

Korak: Wonderful, faster than I had even intended.

Kalik: She stood no chance with our might combined.

Nuvak: Kalik, you…

Kalik: Went above you. Yes. You have to see the future now.

Nuvak: Well if my regiment has decided, so have I.

Korak: Levuk, any news on…

Levuk: He is stable, Korak. Made sure of it myself.

*muffled shouts continue*

Korak: Where did you put her?

Levuk: The throne room is ours, sister. We took her down to the Varga cages.

Nuvak: You haven’t killed her?

Parok: Not yet!

Gelik: Soon though!

Jarak: Kill her now!

*various cheers*

Korak: No. Not yet.

Nuvak: You don’t want to kill her?

Avrak: I totally would.

Nuvak: That is why I don’t completely trust you.

Avrak: Well…

Korak: We might need her.

Levuk: What for?

Korak: Nuvak, we need to prepare messages for when the higher Nests find out about all this. Avrak, secure all defences and get the standards back in their chambers. Bare minimum on duty.

Nuvak: In case they decide to rain death on us.

Korak: Exactly.

Nuvak: And I suppose you want to keep Tayra alive to trade her.

Korak: Yes. Her being alive is worth more to our future. Her death would only satisfy our vengeance.

Nuvak: I will begin preparing plans. Avrak, Group A-K is in your hands to defend the nest.

Avrak: Alright.

Korak: Very well. I am going to see Talok, then assist Nuvak. Warriors, move out.

*shouts of acknowledgement and triumph as other Warriors leave*

Nuvak: One thing, before you go.

Korak: Yes, brother?

Nuvak: While Tayra’s death would satisfy our vengeance forever, there is a way to temporarily sate it.

Korak: How so?

Nuvak: Open the Varga cages where she is. Let the Varga have a taste of freedom too.

Korak: I… I like that idea. Levuk?

Levuk: Yes?

Korak: Do as Nuvak suggested. Once everyone is sealed away, head down to the cages. Release the Varga.

Levuk: Yes, anything else?

Korak: No, that will be all for now.

Nuvak: To the future, sister.

Korak: To the future…