Darker Lords

Back on Board

“Everything ready for take-off?” Galyn asked as Arkay sat down and strapped himself in.

“I’ve gone through everything on the list and that is all good, so if that means everything is ready, then yes.”

Galyn glanced behind him, where Retvik and Litvir had both also sat down and put on their...Read More »

Swift Reversing

“I thought this sector was supposed to be empty?”

Galyn glanced down at the map, then at the mishmash of clearly inhabited asteroids, then back at the map again. He then turned on the 3d mapping system, which showed an empty blot where they were supposed to be.

“It’s very much not...Read More »




“That ship is back.”

Galyn didn’t say anything. Instead, he tutted and ran his claws across a control panel. Although unnoticeable to the naked eye, the Thantir Two started moving a lot faster. Being a much smaller, more nimble ship, Galyn knew that they were probably in danger, and needed to...Read More »

New Merchandise

“What is taking so infernally long?” Dominarch growled as she looked up from the helm. Ahead of her were a circle of screens, depicting the battle on board the ship they had just captured. “You are dealing with four Decayons, why have you not captured them yet?”

A masculine, draconic being...Read More »

Held in Plastic

The first thing Retvik noticed was that he was cold. This was a bad thing. Normally, Retvik would perfectly regulate the temperature around him, so he would never be too hot or cold. The second thing Retvik noticed was that there was something around his neck. Some sort of collar....Read More »

Wrong Parts

Dominarch snarled as she kicked the door open, waiting for her trusty medical Draclik to arrive. Her plans had been foiled and she needed to know why. After a few seconds of impatient waiting, a small, furry, canine creature appeared, carrying a medical scanning device.

“Uh, is something wrong, Lady Dominarch?”...Read More »

Flickering Eyes

“So you really just can’t-”

“Ask me again about mind control and I will give you an aneurysm.”

The little yellow prisoner sank slightly. “Sorry, I just… don’t get how you work.”

“Trust me, years of study and I do not know how I work either…” Litvir still seemed to be in pain,...Read More »

Stampeding in Corridors

Sirens blared as spinklers began spewing water from the ceiling. The lights had gone off, dumping the merchandise cells in darkness. This would have been a concerning situation, had all the cells not just opened up.

“Free the elders from stasis! Get to the hangar! Smash the generators! Move!”

A voice echoed...Read More »

Head Trauma

Litvir skidded down the hallway, into a little alcove. He was certain that someone had spotted him. He’d been sloppy in his movements, brushing past too many other beings. And as his psionic abilities were currently all over the place, there was no guarantee that he’d properly shielded himself from...Read More »

Deus Ex Myalon


Litvir woke up tied to a cross, blood dripping down his face, pain tearing through his limbs. He was surrounded by soldiers, all with bayonets pointed at him. Bloody claw marks coated his non-armoured parts, and big chunks had been cut out of his plating.

But no one was...Read More »

Grouped Up Again

For a brief moment, Litvir felt completely safe as Retvik wrapped his arms around him. As the Flamebearer let go though, that feeling completely vanished, and Litvir was swiftly reminded of his present location: a slaver ship full of dead beings.

“What happened, are you alright?”

“In all honesty? Not at all…”...Read More »

Leaving Discussions

Galyn watched as the last ship faded into the distance, before turning his attention to his own ship, where his three crew mates were waiting for him. He didn’t really want to call them students or anything any more. In fact, lately, the three of them had proven to work...Read More »