The main language in the Phoviverse is Panglish, a form of English mixed with words from lesser languages. Old Vohra and Old Retha are sometimes occasionally used by their respective species, although this is rare. The Thanatians have their own language that consists of growls and roars that appears to have no correlation with any other language.

While all beings understand Panglish, there are some words from other languages that have been integrated into the language. Some of the more common ones are listed here.

Ay – Yes

Ethry – Nice, kind, gentle

Heyyr – No

Olavok – Everyone

Omos – But

Meep, meepos – Maybe

Kalin – Good

Pithan – Possible, possibly (opposite: apithan – impossible)

Pyeh – Go!, go on! (said as an order)

Ret – Sun, light, star

Ser/Surr – Sir, master

Thre – Nest, home

Treh – Shadow

Vlith – Terror

Vok – Being, beast

Vrek – Warrior

Yiah – Hello, hi, goodbye, greetings