Packing Things Up

“Hey Gath!” Psiksi waved as the front door opened up. He and Kass had arrived as soon as they could, after Tenuk had called them saying that Gath didn’t seem right. “What’s up?” The hulking Rethan grunted, looking not at all amused by this unexpected interruption. The two Skyans both peered past Gath and into … Read morePacking Things Up

Bedtime Thoughts

“Please, Rethais, come to bed.” The High General had been standing by the tinted window for at least an hour, gazing off at the city of Thre-Vretantia, one of the main capitals of the planet Retha. Physically, Rethais was the perfect Rethan specimen, but deep down, Rethais was mentally exhausted from a never-ending stream of … Read moreBedtime Thoughts

The Day After

“Feeling any better?” Trismit remained fixated at the plate of food in front of him. Despite the severity of what had happened, the Rethan government had been very calm and understanding with him. He hadn’t been locked up or persecuted or anything like that. In fact, all they had done was put him in a … Read moreThe Day After

The Realization

Nothing made sense. Retvik had just been standing next to Trismit in a seedy little office, leaning on the desk shifting through maps and working on their plans to escape. Step one had worked perfectly. But now nothing was as it seemed. Everything was pitch black but everything was wet and salty as well. Retvik … Read moreThe Realization

Generating Flame

In the time it had taken for Retvik to get Kuta to the hospital wing, the shadowy Rethavok had attempted to throw himself off ledges and down stairs no more than ten times. But after what had seemed like a few hours of worries and discomfort, everything seemed to be finally settling down. Kuta’s sudden … Read moreGenerating Flame

Concrete Balcony

“Wait wait wait wait!” Retvik’s voice echoed down the hallway as a small, red and white robot drifted by, hovering the ground and sucking up dirt. “What?” Kuta asked, holding a broom. “You have cleaning robots?” “Yeah. The whole facility is automized or automaticed or autowhatever it’s called… Automated. It’s all automated.” Retvik stopped what … Read moreConcrete Balcony

Litvir’s New Plan

“Why is there a fire in the middle of the canteen?” “I was going to ask you the same thing…” Retvik shrugged as he stood in the doorway, watching as Nisir and Isir worked together to snuff out flames and get rid of burning paperwork. By his side, Trismit was rolling his eyes and Kuta … Read moreLitvir’s New Plan

A Complete Flip

Retvik stood to attention as the cell door opened. He was aching all over, but he was about to re-obtain his freedom after far too many days locked inside a cell, so Retvik didn’t care much. To his surprise though, he found himself being pushed back as someone forced their way into Retvik’s arms, gently … Read moreA Complete Flip

Kuta’s Fears

“Are you awake?” A small, beady black eye appeared in the gap underneath the door. Whoever it was, they were peering into the room, acting as if they were not supposed to be there. “I am…” Retvik grumbled, his neck and back sore from not being able to sleep for the last few days. Due … Read moreKuta’s Fears

A Sexy Apology

Much to Arkadin’s surprise, there was a polite knock on the door. Normally the Allbirther would break down anything impeding entrance to any of Arkadin’s abodes, but today, she was calmly knocking and waiting. At first, Arkadin considered that Yisini’s patience was some sort of trap. After ten minutes of standing around though, Yisini was … Read moreA Sexy Apology

Inktober 2019

Inktober is a challenge where you draw an item a day, generally following a list of prompts and using some sort of ink. 2019 is the third year I’ve done this and, aside from a couple of pics, I’m actually pretty happy with what I’ve drawn. A quick heads up, there are some bare breasts … Read moreInktober 2019