Fuzzy Memories of a Distant Past

The Mess was where everyone ate. What the twelve Guardians ate was different, each being would eat according to their own specific diets, but the squeaky clean hall complete with benches and magically refilling buffets, complete with magical glasses that never needed filling up. And then, when everyone was done, everything would be magically cleaned … Read more Fuzzy Memories of a Distant Past

After the Storm

Kairos sighed as he brushed dust and rubble off himself. Underneath him were the battered bodies of many a demi-god he had summoned to assist him. There were probably about ten beings here, most of them unconscious or just waking up. All around them though, there was nothing but rubble. Gazing upwards, the Whenvern could … Read more After the Storm

The Actual Plan

“One being from each intelligent, space-faring race. One perfect member. Each one gathered up and brought to you, Kinisis… The important ones, at least…” Yisini slithered around each pod, inspecting them in turn, wiping down the cold mist that had fogged up each viewing slide, making it hard to see what was inside them. “Your … Read more The Actual Plan

Buying Time

Kairos sighed as he approached the main gate and briefly deactivated his time shield, the only thing separating the Fortress of Kinigi from the golden army of light that was waiting patiently outside. Once he had stepped through, he immediately re-raised the shields, checking briefly to make sure that nothing… extra had passed through. “You … Read more Buying Time

Hidden Kiniseon

“Elkay?” Teekay had been awkwardly distant the last few days. Things had been bothering him. His current situation wasn’t so much a bad one, but it was certainly awkward. Rather than trying to deal with this incomprehensible mess though, Teekay had decided to withdraw from the real world, hiding inside a sheet fort in his … Read more Hidden Kiniseon

Golden Invasion

Kairos collapsed, exhausted and defeated. Incisions and cuts covered his body, dripping silver blood down his cyan and sapphire scales. He was still drawing breath though, refusing to give up completely. Even as the gleaming gold being pressed its foot down on Kairos’s back, pushing him into the ground. “Allmaker Kinisis! Hand them both over!” … Read more Golden Invasion