Ice Cream Conversation

Tenuk gave Kohra a friendly pat on the shoulder as he sat down at the table and handed him his ice cream. They’d both ordered the biggest thing on the menu, a triple chocolate surprise, which lied about the amount of chocolate it contained – rather than just the three advertised, the ice cream had … Read moreIce Cream Conversation

Chimeric Fallout

Ember screeched down the hallway, skidding around a couple of Cephalon Suda operatives before crashing into a pillar next to one of the ducat kiosks where Frost and Volt were standing. She quietly picked herself up, stared at Frost and Volt, then started whimpering. “I guess you saw the vision as well?” Frost grunted as … Read moreChimeric Fallout

More Junk Mail

Are you lonely? Are you lost in the dark, endless depths of the multiverse? Are you the last survivor of a universe but are unable to create new life? Do you want someone to talk to? Someone to hold you and comfort you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are … Read moreMore Junk Mail

Godly Sandbox

“What are you… uh, doing?” Arkadin hovered nervously over the barren planet. Yisini was sitting on a mountaintop, rolling her eyes, while Epani played with a collection of various toys. Diggers, trucks, drills, the works. “Playing!” Epani beamed. Her smiles though abruptly stopped. “Oh no. We were supposed to follow the flat plan.” “You mean … Read moreGodly Sandbox

Last Steps Home

“He’s going to kill us…” Timik muttered as the four of them followed the Thantophor through a dimly glowing portal. The portal led them to a charred, formerly grassy terrain with the remains of a cottage house nearby. A dusty road and a concrete path around the house were the only things that had stopped … Read moreLast Steps Home

Wasted Breath

Kinisis rolled her eyes as she started turning off machinery. She seemed somewhat angry, and the other deities all knew why. Someone had been fiddling with time. “KAIROS, GET YOUR BACKSIDE IN HERE RIGHT NOW!” the Allmaker roared. Epani and Yisini both cowered in their little perches. Kenon sighed. The four mortals, all frozen in … Read moreWasted Breath

Mechanical Reaper

“It is time.” “Time for what?” The little mechanical creature stirred from its slumber. The voice sounded familiar, as if it was pretending to be someone the creature recognised. “Time to end it all.” “End what?” Dim blue eyes flickered as neural sensors began to reactivate. Sparks of electricity coursed through the creature’s body. All … Read moreMechanical Reaper