Holiday Approval

“You want a holiday?” “No, I want paid vacation time for me and my fellow guardians, which we can take as and when we need it.” Tenuk closed his eyes, mentally recapping the speech he had just given to Kinisis. He had outlined how remaining in one place was detrimental to one’s health, how doing … Read more

Team Approval

“Alright, you’re all probably wondering why we’re all sitting around this table.” Tahvra raised his hand, but his hand was only just visible above the table. He’d meant to have raised his chair before this meeting started, but didn’t have time to do so. “Is it because we don’t have a proper meeting room?” Tahnahos … Read more

Leftover Feelings

“I thought Elkay had the next shift.” Phovos was very clearly annoyed. There had been vague attempts to hide her anger and disdain, but Tenuk could instantly tell something was wrong. “Uh, Elkay and I swapped shifts.” “I see. Because of Elksia, I assume. That was kind of him.” Tenuk was actually getting quite concerned. … Read more

Pizza Date

“Hey Tenuk!” Elksia’s shrill, bird-like voice pierced the darkness, pulling Tenuk out of his mind fog. He had been sitting on the empty balcony, staring out into the void, minding his own business. But both Elksia’s presence and the smell of fresh, hot pizza was certainly enough to draw his attention. “Oh, hey Elksia. Was … Read more