Fears of Talking

“That… isn’t who we were worried about…” Despite Kal consisting of six mechanical bodies, they all somehow looked very concerned. Their crystal eyes glowed weakly and they all stood close together. Galyn could tell something was wrong with them. “What do you mean?” Retvik asked, hoping to settle Kal’s nerves. Tah, the leader of the … Read more Fears of Talking

Kanuva’s Excitement

“Hello, strange Tawahian and Elwahian! How can I be of service today?” While his new friend Kinisis seemed clearly annoyed by the appearance of the two armoured beings, Kanuva was relatively unphased. He knew he was in a strange, new domain, so these two creatures, despite their ferocious looks, weren’t that worrying. In fact, the … Read more Kanuva’s Excitement

A Rethan Disguise

“There’s no way this will work…” Kayen shifted his weight, the extra armour on his shoulders feeling rather heavy and awkward. Normally Kayen wore very basic armour. While most Skyans considered him somewhat attractive, Kayen never really liked explicitly showing that he was attractive. His coverings, from the plain stomach wraps to the simple scarves … Read more A Rethan Disguise