Waking A Corpse

Teekay expected to come back and find the mysterious yellow Skyavok gone, but as he opened the front door, he realised that Arkay was still there. He had changed his position in the corner and was desperately clinging to a stuffed animal like his life depended on it, but nonetheless he was still there, sleeping … Read moreWaking A Corpse

Mess on the Floor

There was a Skyavok-shaped patch in Teekay’s garden that hadn’t been there when he’d left that morning. The Skyavok-shaped patch had left drag marks across Teekay’s otherwise immaculate lawn, then left muddy skids across his immaculate marble patio, before somehow managing to open the back door, lock the back door behind it then collapsed in … Read moreMess on the Floor

Not Her

Kayen spluttered as he woke up, his mouth feeling dry, his throat feeling worse. He was thankfully lying in his own bed, with a glass of water nearby. Also nearby was a familiar face. “It happened again, didn’t it?” Kayen asked. “Everyone else is safe, right, Phovos?” Phovos didn’t answer. It took Kayen a moment … Read moreNot Her

Watching a Storm

Timik sat under the glass and plastic roof, his ears deafened by the thrashing rain and booms of thunder. He’d spent most of his afternoon there, watching the storms roll in and out. It wasn’t like Timik had any work to do. In fact, he could probably do this any day he wanted, but only … Read moreWatching a Storm

Late for Work

“Kayen, you in?” Kayen’s eyes snapped open, the knocking on the door giving him quite a fright. “Kayen?” The voice belonged to Phovos, one of Kayen’s few friends. After pausing to wipe the drool off his face, Kayen glanced around the room looking for a clock. The one on the television screen flashed “9:15am” and… … Read moreLate for Work

Birthday Date

Arkadin sat at the small table by the kitchen, wondering about the series of events that had led him there. He watched as Kayen hurried around the kitchen chopping vegetables and stirring pots of things, but didn’t say anything. Suddenly Kayen rushed over and stood by his side. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t offer you … Read moreBirthday Date

Stuck in a Cafe

“This isn’t a date.” Arkadin stared off, his eyes drawn to the flashes of lightning. Kayen wasn’t sure whether the Thantophor had heard his statement. “This isn’t a date. Not planned. This is just you and I meeting to discuss when we plan to have our date. Dates.” The Thantophor was still staring at the … Read moreStuck in a Cafe

Shattered Glass Cells

Arkadin breathed a sigh of relief as both life and consciousness returned to Kayen. A few seconds later and he might not have made it. “W-where am I? W-what h-happened?” Kayen shivered. The Thantophor wrapped his arms around Kayen, trying to warm him up. All around them, everything was dark, except for six glass tubes. … Read moreShattered Glass Cells

Just Two Skyavok

Kayen slammed the door shut with his foot while he carried his groceries inside. He dumped the bags on the table then threw himself into his single comfy beanbag chair. Kayen was angry and tired and didn’t want to do anything right now. Of course that meant that the doorbell had to ring. With several … Read moreJust Two Skyavok