Happy Exhaustion

“Well, I am glad that I finally got to use those…” Teekay muttered as he tried to catch his breath. “Even if it wasn’t me using them…” “I am glad you came prepared too…” Elkay’s mood was hard to judge from where Teekay was. He’d always thought that Elkay was a very fit and healthy … Read moreHappy Exhaustion

Fresh Paperwork

Sheets of paper littered the table, spilling onto the floor. Elkay looked on in confusion as Teekay printed out more and more paper, stopped, then refilled the printer. “Uh… What are you doing?” Teekay looked up. “Printing things out.” “Well obviously, but what are you printing out?” “Forms” “What for?” “Repatriation.” Elkay tutted. “Did you … Read moreFresh Paperwork

Sharing Questions

“Hi.” “Hi…” “You awake?” Elkay lifted his head wearily. “I am now.” “Sorry, but I have a lot of questions and I really have to ask you now.” Teekay was sitting on top of Elkay, pinning him down. How Elkay hadn’t noticed, he wasn’t sure. But he was so exhausted that it was possible he’d … Read moreSharing Questions

Gross Goddess

Kairos had never liked the little moon which Yisini called home. It was a stunningly beautiful little planetoid, with a rich, thick atmosphere, plenty of fresh water and more blooming plant species living on it than one could shake a stick at. On top of the precious flora, there were also plenty of exotic animal … Read moreGross Goddess

On Edge

The wind was harsh. Harsher than normal. It was accompanied  by a spattering of rain, not hard enough to require shelter but present nonetheless. Right now, Elkay didn’t care as he stared into the dark abyss, contemplating his life. He knew the exact moment where it had all shattered. Leading the innocent to safety. Protecting … Read moreOn Edge

Raining Meth

Retvik sat at the control panel, staring out into the strange environment outside. It was raining shards of pale blue glass, sharp sheets of crystal meth, and the swaying trees outside had been completely battered. Based on the planet’s orientation, it should have been entering summer season, but the sudden changes to the planet had … Read moreRaining Meth

Too Close

Elkay stared out of the window, torrents of thoughts sloshing through his mind. He had been living with Teekay for a few weeks now, and although he was comfortable and feeling better, there were many things that were bothering him. Right now, the biggest issue Elkay had was how it was always dark outside. Elkay … Read moreToo Close

Dueling the Wolf

Normally, Volt didn’t accept random invitations. But today’s random invitation was from a familiar friend. Someone he hadn’t spoken to in a while. A normally very happy little Excalibur who often found himself stuck in the past. But as Volt accepted the random invitation, he realised all was not well. “GO AWAAAAAAY!” Excalibur screamed as … Read moreDueling the Wolf

Stuck Inside

“I can’t fucking believe we’re still on this damn ship!” Elksia screeched as she charged in and out of the kitchen area. “I wanna go out there! I hate it in here! Is boring!” Psiksi had been ignoring Elksia at first. Ever since they had arrived on the strange, tattered planet, something had felt wrong … Read moreStuck Inside

A Treat for Dinner

“What is that?” Elkay asked as the front door opened and Teekay stepped inside. Teekay was carrying a large bag of shopping, which he unceremoniously dumped on the dining table. “What are you doing?” Teekay replied with a completely unrelated question. “What are you cooking?” Elkay’s eyes drifted from the dining table to the frying … Read moreA Treat for Dinner

Green Rain

“Ugh. Rain.” Psiksi pouted as he watched some sort of blue-green liquid run down the window. The four beings, one Vrekan, one Rethan, one Skyan and one Kronospast in the shape of a Rethan, had been sitting in the ship for an hour, waiting for… something. Psiksi couldn’t quite remember what. “Is it reaaaaally rain … Read moreGreen Rain

Bruised Arm

Elkay reached for the box of paper tissues, only to find that it was empty. In the space of several hours, he had emptied the entire box and he wasn’t sure whether there were any more boxes lying around. There wasn’t any bathroom paper. That was the first thing Elkay had gone through, after he’d … Read moreBruised Arm