The Alternative

The Alternative - Part 1

“PLEASE! DON’T KILL ME!” Yisini screamed as the hideous claws of the Thantophor tightened around her neck, pinning her against the ground. She tried to coil her tail around Arkadin, desperately trying to wriggle out of the Death Lord’s grip, but Arkadin just continued to hold her down.

“”Really, sister?” Arkadin...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 2

“What have you done, Yisini?”

Kairos pulled the roof off Yisini’s shelter and landed in front of the Allbirther, his breath shimmering with silver flames.


Yisini ignored Kairos’s fury. She was busy writing things down.


Finally, Yisini looked up. “I know what I’ve done.”

“Then tell me.”

“I accidentally lobotomised our brother,...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 3

Equipment beeped as Elkay had finally begun to stablize. The medical lab in the back of the ship wasn’t really meant for the surgery that Elkay had needed, but somehow they had managed to save the former High General from almost certain death. They had used every single bandage on...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 4

Kairos gasped for breath as he slowed down, bracing himself for impact on the remains of a large moon. He had been chasing Arkadin for hours as the Thantophor had torn his way through multiple solar systems. Everything he had thrown at the Death Lord so far had failed miserably,...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 5

Plumes of lava soared across the planet, burning up what little oxygen remained. Hours ago, this planet had been home to billions of Kronospasts, living luxurious lives filled with pleasure and happiness. In the blink of a cosmic eye, it had all been vaporized by a moon-sized interplanetary impact. The...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 6

The screams echoed down the narrow corridors as Elkay sat bolt upright, his voice hollow and his mind even emptier.


Kayen and Phovos had both desperately tried to calm Elkay down, but he refused to settle. Tears ran from his dulled eyes as he held his head in his...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 7

Psiksi and Kass embraced as chaos rumbled on around them. In the time it had taken for Kass to fly from Portalia to the small Kronospast territory of K15, over a thousand planets had ceased to exist. Including one of the major Skyavok hubworlds, the place Kass had been born....Read More »

The Alternative - Part 8

A guttural roar rippled through the remains of the planet’s atmosphere as ships scattered like insects, desperately trying to escape the explosions of carnage and destruction. Deities battled above them, using stars as fuel and meteors as ammo, clashing like the titans they were.

“YOU MONSTER!” the Panelix howled as she...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 9


Kenon’s roars of anguish echoed across solar system as the Voidborn erected harsh, electrifying barriers around it, trapping the Thantophor inside. He knew the barriers would not hold the Lord of Death, but that didn’t matter. An hour was all Kenon needed to destroy the vermin...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 10

“Things are not looking good…”

Kass eyed the various consoles and screens while Psiksi and Phovos attempted to calm Elksia down. The wailinrg Vrekan had been pressed against the window for an hour, screaming into the void, mourning the loss of one of her best friends.

“Sorry, Kass?” Phovos suddenly asked, giving...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 11

There was a weird snake creature sitting in front of Arkedetelos. The Thantophor had been nomming its way through various solar systems when the snake creature first appeared and now it was… in the Thantophor’s way.

“Hi, brother…”

The snake creature had been saying things. Whispers and moans above the understanding of...Read More »

The Alternative - Part 12

Three shrieks erupted from the main control room as the ship ground to a halt. They had been drifting aimlessly for at least 26 hours, with no engine power and the bare minimum systems running. There was nothing though to crash into, just the vast emptiness of space.

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Alternative Thoughts

“Why… why did you show me that…”

The Whenvern looked on as Arkadin fidgeted nervously, visibly trembling, trying to focus on the small screen he had been given. The picture on the screen had long faded and was now playing nothing but static, cosmic background radiation that flickered in and out...Read More »