Tea With Death

Tea with Death follows the adventures of the Deitic Tenuk, as he meets with the Deitic-hating entity and personification of the Cycle, better known as Death.

The stories in with this series are in no real logical chronological order, and may be read in any order one likes.

Tale: Tea with Death

“Why do you always invite me here?” Tenuk asked as he pulled up a chair and sat down. Across the table sat what could only be described as the solid shadow of a Thanatian-like being. Complete with glowing white eyes.

“I enjoy your company,” the creature smiled, showing rows upon rows...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 2

“Ah, you came back!” Death smiled as she poured herself a glass of something fizzy. “I knew you would. Still, glad to see you. Please, sit down!”

Tenuk glanced at the small glass seats that popped out of the ground. “O-of course. Do you have more stories to tell today? Or...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 3

Tenuk approached the large, green dome with caution. Standing around it was a large, white, gun metal and blue Veth with what looked like wings. It seemed absolutely exhausted though, as it was panting heavily but also happily.

To the Veth’s right, a panel opened in the dome. Out of it...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 4

“Wow, you look really bloody depressed today, Tenuk!” Death waved the lanky Rethan towards her, before disappearing behind a curtain of shadows and smoke. She was clearly trying to be suggestive but it wasn’t working.

“You know exactly why I am depressed, Death!” Tenuk sighed. “What in the name of the...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 5

Tenuk sighed as he sat down on the little glass stool, while he waited for Death to finish off whatever she was doing. Whatever it was, it involved a lot of screaming, which abruptly came to a halt. Finally, the wall ahead of him opened up and a couple of...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 6

“Been a while, Tenuk!” Death beamed as she descended from the ceiling, covered in blood and bits of white feather. “I thought I’d scared you off permanently.”

“Oh, no, not at all!” Tenuk smiled, with more confidence than usual. “I just got caught up in mortal things. You know what it’s...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 7

“Been a while, Tenuk!”

For reasons unknown, Death was as naked as a fifth dimensional being and avatar of the constant cycle of existence could be. She was laying across a large, silk-covered sofa, smiling and grinning like the lunatic she was. Nothing was covered.

Tenuk’s first reaction was to back away...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 8

“Hello, Death, how have you been?” Tenuk waved as he was let in by a particularly large Veth. Death didn’t answer at first though, she was too busy playing with a thin piece of gold string, twirling it around her unnecessarily long claws. Tenuk hesitated for a moment, then said...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 9 - the First Meeting

This was supposedly the afterlife. Heaven. The shores of Kinigi, to go by its proper name. It didn’t look like anything Tenuk expected. No fluffy clouds or little angelic thropes… humans with wings, nothing like that. He was standing in about 20cm of water, in a lake or ocean that...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 10

Tenuk stood by the water’s edge, watching as souls drifted down the shallow, glittering river. The sky was slowly turning from a light pink to a deep, dark navy blue, but there were no stars in the sky.

“Hiya, Tenypoo!”

Death leaped out of a nearby bush riding on the back of...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 11

“Ah, what a beautiful day!” Death exclaimed loudly, both pondering to herself and trying to catch Tenuk’s attention. “The rivers are flowing, the skies are clear, the silver grass is gently wafting in the breeze… Perfect…” She took a long sip from her cup of tea, then put it down...Read More »

Tale: Tea with not Death

Death would normally be here by now. She was occasionally late sometimes, as to be expected with such an important job, but normally she’d turn up eventually. Tenuk had come and gone three times in the last week and hadn’t seen her once. This time was no different. Except for...Read More »

Tale: The Immortal Playground

“I’m glad you came here to meet me, little Kronospast!” Death span round in her particularly evil chair. She was wearing nothing but a shadowy mass of tentacles that just about covered her private parts. “Last time, the first time you saw me was just after that nasty thing with...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 12

“Do you have an appointment?”


Tenuk looked confused. In front of him was a Veth sitting at a desk with an appointment book and a pen far too small for its gigantic claws.

“Do you have an appointment?”

“Um…” Tenuk shrugged. “I normally come here once a month. Been busy lately though. Why...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 13


Death crashed into the confused Kronoreth, hugging him but not actually hugging him. There was a thin, telekinetic barrier between them, stopping Death from killing him on contact.

“Oh my me, I missed you so much! It’s been so long! So damn long since the Historian wrote about us and we...Read More »

Tale: Deathly Visit


Veeyel fell out of his chair and crawled backwards along the floor, edging away from the writhing mass of shadowy tentacles in the middle of the room. Similar cries were made from the other Ksa scattered around, all of whom had been...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 14

Tenuk’s first step into Death’s home left him with something warm and sticky on his feet. He didn’t know what it was, but it was horrible. The rest of the room he’d just entered was in a similar state, all covered in a strange, off-white liquid, dripping down the walls...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 15

“Five million years!”

Tenuk kept his head low as Death screeched at him.


Eventually, Death’s screeches left the sound spectrum and became completely inaudible to Tenuk. Part of him was regretting showing up, or even bothering in general. It wasn’t like...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 16

“I thought you were trapped somewhere out there…” the Veth tutted as Tenuk dragged himself onto the beaches of Kinigi. “You know the order to kill Deitics on sight is still going on, yes?”

After wiping pale, silver sand from his face, Tenuk looked up to see who was speaking to...Read More »

Tale - Festivities with Death

“Happy Macromera!” Tenuk shouted as he burst in, carrying boxes of treats and goodies. “And happy Day of Needlessness!”

Death though didn’t move. She was busy writing something down. Tenuk put the pile of boxes down on the first convenient space, then slowly sneaked over. Maybe she didn’t hear him.

Just as...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Death 18

“Do you know what I find odd?” Death giggled as she opened the door Tenuk was just about to knock on. She found Tenuk’s confusion incredibly amusing and slightly attractive as well. To add to his confusion, as Tenuk entered the room, he found that Death was at the opposite...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Death 19

Tenuk couldn’t help but look as Death paraded down the stairs, completely naked, with not even her fancy shadows covering her. Death bounced up and down towards Tenuk, circling him before disappearing in a cloud of smoke and reappearing behind the Kronoreth, this time with her shadows on.

“Uh…” Tenuk opened...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Stasis

Tenuk hated the Overlord’s Office. A horrible, pitch black place with stupid gold trimmings everywhere, floating in an eternal nothingness. It was where the Personification of Entropy and Vacuum did his business, and Tenuk had been invited to speak to him. He was currently sitting on a black and gold...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Veth

“Uh… Hello… Arkay…”

Tenuk was visibly shaking. He had never really spent time one on one with a Veth before. What made it worse was that he used to know Arkay. Heck, he’d met Arkay before, but that was during the change. This Arkay, he wasn’t the same. His eyes glowed...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Death 20

“Tennypoo!” Death smiled as she wrapped cling film-covered arms around the bewildered Kronoreth and pulled him inside. “Tennypoo! I missed you so much!”

Tenuk struggled to break free from Death’s grasp, but finally relented and let the monstrous thing hug him.

“You seem happy today.”

Death didn’t reply. She squeezed harder, making it...Read More »

Tea with Death 21

The two Veth growled as they threw Tenuk into Death’s home, picked him up, threw him on a sofa made of flesh, then stormed off. Tenuk was uncomfortable at first both from his ass having hit the cold stone floors and from the sofa he was sitting on, but since...Read More »

Tale - Tea with Not Quite Death


Tenuk’s jaw fell open as he stood in the doorway. In one hand he had a box of chocolates, in the other he had a boxed selection of luxury teas. He’d nearly dropped both of them.

“What?” Arkay blinked. The Veth Prime was happily idling in a large rocking chair. A...Read More »

Tale - Spying with Death

Normally, after his little meetings with Death, Tenuk would go straight home. But today, he didn’t feel like it. He felt like chilling out with his old buddy Arkay. Arkay may have been a Veth, but he was still good company. Unfortunately, as soon as Tenuk found his friend, he...Read More »

Still Not Having Tea with Death

“Been a while, Tenuk,” Arkay muttered as he made himself some sort of hot drink. Tenuk assumed it was tea, but it smelled of cocoa. Maybe it was a hot chocolate. “Death’s busy, she’ll be down here a bit later.”

Tenuk shrugged and looked around. The main kitchen area of Death’s...Read More »

Tale: Tea with Death 22


Tenuk did as he was told, sitting down on the only available surface, a bench made out of the skull of a large creature. Between him and the creature in front of him was a small, white table, held up by four legs made out of bone. On the table...Read More »