Stories of the V8 Veth

Tale - Iatre's Confusion

I remember saying to myself that I wanted answers. Turns out the answers I got weren’t exactly the answers I wanted to hear. It took me a damn long time to prise those answers from the yellow guy’s mouth, but eventually he caved and started talking to me. Turns out,...Read More »

Tale - The Hole in the Lake

I still have no real clue as to what is going on.

Everything has been jumbled up. Nothing makes sense. Worse, Arkay has stopped talking to me. He wants to, but something or someone is stopping him from doing so. It’s not just him answering my questions, he won’t talk to...Read More »

Tale - Iatre's Confrontation

I confronted Death today. Not intentionally. I was actually just trying to talk to Arkay and ask if he was alright. He was clearly following some sort of trail (probably a scent one), but he was obviously limping a bit, so I walked up to him and asked. Of course...Read More »

Tale - A Weird Varga Thingy

Well, something finally managed to snap Arkay out of his sulking, and it wasn’t me. I spent a whole… I have no idea how long. There’s no time here. No night or day. It’s always dusk or something. There’s no sun though. There are stars, there are lots and lots...Read More »

Tale - Iatre's Crush

I think Arkay secretly fancies me.

Okay, maybe fancy is a strong word. But he definitely likes me. And I’ve heard him say things during the night. While he’s sleeping. I’m not watching Arkay sleep but… well, I am. But I can’t help it. He sleeps weird. A sort of half-sleep...Read More »

Tale - Out on the Plains

So, uh, my friend is gone.

I don’t know where he’s gone. He’s just not here. I looked everywhere, I can’t find him. The cell where she kept him when he was angry. The paths that he roamed when he was free. The little hidey holes where he would go and...Read More »

Tale - Doing Something

I’ve done something. I don’t know if it is good or not. Guess we’ll see.

It all started when I reached the dome. I assume it’s Death’s place, because it’s much more heavily defended than everywhere else. There were Veth wandering around, but one of them came up to me and...Read More »

Tale - Iatre's Enjoyment

My life is great right now.


Is it a life when I’m actually dead? I guess not. Whoever I was before I became a Veth is deader than a doorknob. I guess I should call it unlife or something? The other Veth seem to call it being undead, but I don’t...Read More »

Tale - A Worrying Suggestion

I’ve been busy lately. Been doing two things. The first part involves a lot of calming sex between me and Death. She wants me, so why not? She always asks me politely, which is more than I can say for other Veth. She just takes them. The other thing though,...Read More »

Tale - Iatre's Busy Times


I haven’t updated my journal in ages.

Like, ages ages.

Well, a few weeks.

A few months.

It’s not my fault. I’ve been really busy. I never thought being dead would be so hectic. Wait. Not dead. Unalive. Undead. I don’t know! There was never a proper term for a place between life and...Read More »

Questions Sans Answers

“None of this makes any sense…”

Iatre sighed to himself as he watched the lilac waters of Kinigi run by. This particular river was apparently where a lot of human souls went when they died. Whether that was true or not, Iatre had no idea, but being near what he used...Read More »

At Iatre's Request

It was a simple request. Just pop by his old apartment at the address given, pick up a few things, then take them back to Kinigi. Arkay was going in that direction anyway, he had a job to do on that planet. When he’d mentioned it to Iatre, he blinked...Read More »

Iatre's Little Secret

Iatre was working hard in his lab again. So hard in fact that he didn’t hear Arkay come in and talk to him. He only noticed Arkay’s presence when he dropped a box of stuff on whatever Iatre was writing.

“Fuck off Arkay… Oh…” Iatre grumbled, before noticing the importance of...Read More »

An Explosion of Goo

It had been a while since Arkay had last seen Iatre. Not since he’d gone and fetched all that stuff for him. Really, Arkay owed Iatre a thank you, since the music player he’d let Arkay use had helped him get through some rather nasty jobs that needed doing. But...Read More »

About Changing Forms

“So the new Veth is going to make us all into freaks like Arkay?” Syklos grunted, leaning against the wall complaining and generally being a nuisance. “I don’t want to be like that little lunatic. A self-loathing fool who spends his days bitching and complaining that he was killed unfairly...Read More »