About Changing Forms

“So the new Veth is going to make us all into freaks like Arkay?” Syklos grunted, leaning against the wall complaining and generally being a nuisance. “I don’t want to be like that little lunatic. A self-loathing fool who spends his days bitching and complaining that he was killed unfairly and never got to live his life and how his life sucks and all that…”

“Syklos, I’m right fucking here, you know!” Arkay snapped, throwing the first thing he could reach at Syklos’s head. A pebble bounced perfectly off Syklos’s snout and landed on his foot. “At least I try to not be a whiny bitch, like SOME vok!”

Continuity, who was also leaning against the wall but not being nearly as big a nuisance as Syklos was, couldn’t help but agree. “He’s got a point. Plus Kinisis DID break her promise…” Continuity turned to Istoria, who was busy writing, as always. “What do you think?”

Istoria glanced up from her work and tutted. “I think Syklos is a dick.”

“I meant about this potential upgrade to V9 Veth?”

Again, Istoria tutted. “I think Syklos is a dick.”

“That’s mean!” Syklos protested.

“You were the one who called Arkay a self-loathing fool and a bitch,” Istoria continued to tut. “Yet I call you a dick and you cry like a baby. We’re not even going to look like Arkay anyway. We’ll look like Iatre, but with hints of our original species.”

Syklos rolled his eyes. “But Iatre looks like-”

“He doesn’t though!” Continuity shouted. “If you think Iatre looks like Arkay, then you need your eyes examined. The ONLY similarities were the thigh armour pieces and the head-plate, and even then, Iatre had normal looking eyes, not the stupidly large and ugly eyes Arkay has!”

“And he is blue, rather than an unusual, rather ugly shade of bright yellow,” Istoria added.

Arkay sighed. Not one of them realised that they’d all made fun of him. Sometimes he wondered if they even remembered he was there.

Istoria glanced at the Veth Prime, realising what she’d done. “Oh. Sorry.”

“It’s fine. I’m used to it,” Arkay sighed again. “You want me to bugger off so you can insult me in private?”

“Istoria actually got up from her seat and grabbed Arkay by the hand. “No. Stay. I’m sorry. It’s just…”

“It’s just what? You don’t like me? You don’t like having someone being higher ranked than you? You don’t like how I kinda changed things around here? You just don’t like change?”

“I just think you’re a bit of a dick!” Syklos admitted. “Some random Veth that Kinisis takes pity on. Even though you’re small and weak and ugly. Actually I just all round hate you.”

Continuity stared at Syklos, then joined Istoria with her tutting. “Wow, you really are a dick, Syklos.”

“Why? Do I have to like the guy who basically took my job?”

“You stepped down!” Istoria shouted. “You fucking gave up being Veth Prime. You WANTED to give up because you felt we didn’t need one and you were bored of being Kinisis’s bitch. Now that Kinisis has a new Veth Prime, you’re suddenly all jealous! Even though her new magical Veth magician Iatre is working on a way to make us MORE powerful than Arkay currently is, without his unstable downsides!”

“Oh, is that what Iatre is doing?” Syklos blinked.

Istoria turned to Arkay. “Veth Prime, do I have permission to kick Syklos repeatedly in the face?”

Arkay couldn’t help but smile. “Sure. Do what you want, Istoria.”