The End Before The Beginning

The scream echoed across the dying cosmos, bouncing between dying dwarf stars and sputtering quasars, only to be muffled by the slowly encroaching darkness. Corpses littered the star ways, celestial bodies and god-like beings both torn apart and ravaged, drifting lifelessly and eternally. For millennia, a war had been fought between a myriad of forces, … Read more

Dreaded Final Farewell

Apart from the tiny piece of floating debris they were standing on, there was nothing but empty blackness. Retvik took a deep breath and to his surprise he discovered he was still breathing oxygen and nitrogen. A second breath confirmed his suspicions, that there was an artificial pocket of air around the little rock he … Read more

Change over the City

Elkay stared out of the window, watching the city of Thre-Vretania. It was a large city, full of life and love and all that sort of thing. Something though felt different. As if the city had changed overnight and no one had noticed. Elkay’s office was above it all, furnished simply but designed in such … Read more

A Fashionframe Dilemma

Larunda Relay was busier than normal. On the Concourse of the relay, over fifty Tenno had gathered, half of which were taking part in the bi-weekly Larunda Fashionframe Contest. The contestants all stood in a ring, waiting for the head judge to pick a Tenno out. The spectators, of which there were quite a few, … Read more

Been a Few Days

“So, my darlings!” Yenis grinned as she spread herself out elegantly on a sofa, then spread her legs out inelegantly. “It’s been a few days! How do you feel about things so far?” Mesos and Telos had two very different expressions on their faces. While Mesos beamed with a combination of joy, satisfaction and happy … Read more

Tale: Tea with Death 22

“Sit.” Tenuk did as he was told, sitting down on the only available surface, a bench made out of the skull of a large creature. Between him and the creature in front of him was a small, white table, held up by four legs made out of bone. On the table were two porcelain cups … Read more

A Different Path

“My fellow Kronospasts. Today we-” A bright, white glow emanated from the middle of the golden table. Each of the Kronospasts sitting around it rolled their eyes. Suddenly, a red, silver and blue Kronospast appeared from the glowing light. “No, dad, just no!” Lord Avra rolled his eyes in disgust. The other Deitics, all wearing … Read more

Godly Names

“It’s ironic really…” Istoria muttered to herself as she lounged around, wearing nothing but her pink and black ‘universal belts’. “Arkay’s the Death God, but his name suggests a new beginning.” Arkay wasn’t really paying attention. He was busy floating about a meter in the air, staring off into the distant mists of Kinigi. While … Read more

Thursday the Fifteenth

The Dasos Arena hadn’t been used in a very long time. Everything was overgrown and straggly, filled with a mixture of dead honey-oak trees and decaying fir trees, their roots mingling in the stagnant mud. It had always been designed as an arena filled with trees, but as fads came and went, the Raptor had … Read more

Attractive Avatars

“Alright…” Continuity muttered to himself. “Feels like this is working…” He tightened the small belts that ran across his chest. “You sure?” Arkay was feeling uncertain. The straps and belts around his body felt weird and oddly sexual. If he had been a creature with breasts and external genitalia, they would have been perfectly framed … Read more

Holy Trinity

“Did she just fucking disappear?” Istoria screeched as she charged out of her beloved library into the wide open plains of Kinigi. “Arkay! Did Kinisis just fucking disappear?” “Yeah…” Arkay was staring blankly at the space where Kinisis once stood. She had been arguing with ghostly visions of Stasis and Kairos, and had started talking … Read more

Dreams of Universal Shifts

The screams echoed around the bedroom, bouncing off the walls like rubber. They continued for a good twenty seconds before being followed by a large thud and finally silence. “Psiksi! Are you alright?” Kass panicked as he flew up the stairs and straight to the bedroom. Psiksi was lying on the ground, rubbing the back … Read more

Another Avatar

The rivers of purple water trickled down and faded off into the foggy distance, utterly unaware of the destruction around them. The Soul Fragma was destroyed and the Cycle was now beginning to convert all those souls into new life. Kinisis was lying somewhere under the massive pile of rubble, moaning to herself. “Did… Did … Read more

Unwillingness of a Cycle

“First the fucking Whenvern, now you!” Kinisis growled as the antlered, hoofed being approached. “What are you doing here, Kenos?” “The question is, Cycle, what are you doing here?” Compared to both Kinisis and Kairos, Kenos, or rather Stasis, was absolutely huge. He towered over Kinisis, his antlers lowered in shame and embarrassment. “I am … Read more

The Dragon and the Serpent

“Where the fuck are we?” Elkay rubbed his eyes, trying to focus on his surroundings. Behind them was a horde of angry monsters being shooed away by a dragon. In front of them was a huge lake of purple and pink liquid, being held back by an equally huge silver damn. The six of them … Read more