Godly Names

“It’s ironic really…” Istoria muttered to herself as she lounged around, wearing nothing but her pink and black ‘universal belts’. “Arkay’s the Death God, but his name suggests a new beginning.” Arkay wasn’t really paying attention. He was busy floating about a meter in the air, staring off into the distant mists of Kinigi. While … Read more Godly Names

Holy Trinity

“Did she just fucking disappear?” Istoria screeched as she charged out of her beloved library into the wide open plains of Kinigi. “Arkay! Did Kinisis just fucking disappear?” “Yeah…” Arkay was staring blankly at the space where Kinisis once stood. She had been arguing with ghostly visions of Stasis and Kairos, and had started talking … Read more Holy Trinity

Unwillingness of a Cycle

“First the fucking Whenvern, now you!” Kinisis growled as the antlered, hoofed being approached. “What are you doing here, Kenos?” “The question is, Cycle, what are you doing here?” Compared to both Kinisis and Kairos, Kenos, or rather Stasis, was absolutely huge. He towered over Kinisis, his antlers lowered in shame and embarrassment. “I am … Read more Unwillingness of a Cycle