Unwillingness of a Cycle

“First the fucking Whenvern, now you!” Kinisis growled as the antlered, hoofed being approached. “What are you doing here, Kenos?” “The question is, Cycle, what are you doing here?” Compared to both Kinisis and Kairos, Kenos, or rather Stasis, was absolutely huge. He towered over Kinisis, his antlers lowered in shame and embarrassment. “I am … Read moreUnwillingness of a Cycle


“We’re taking him to the Whenvern.” “Sure. Lead the way.” Arksi was about to argue, before realising that Veekay wasn’t going to argue back. “No, we’re takin- wait… You’re agreeing with me?” “Yeah.” “… Why?” The four Time Drake siblings were all really confused, none of them understanding why their Stasisborn brother was agreeing with … Read moreCaptured

The Seventh

“Okay, literally a second ago the sky was black like death even though it was day time, and now the sky is beautifully clear and it’s night time?” Psiksi was utterly confused. So were his five siblings. “You all saw that all suddenly changing, right?” Eksi nodded in agreement, since words refused to come out … Read moreThe Seventh