Another Avatar

The rivers of purple water trickled down and faded off into the foggy distance, utterly unaware of the destruction around them. The Soul Fragma was destroyed and the Cycle was now beginning to convert all those souls into new life. Kinisis was lying somewhere under the massive pile of rubble, moaning to herself. “Did… Did … Read more

Unwillingness of a Cycle

“First the fucking Whenvern, now you!” Kinisis growled as the antlered, hoofed being approached. “What are you doing here, Kenos?” “The question is, Cycle, what are you doing here?” Compared to both Kinisis and Kairos, Kenos, or rather Stasis, was absolutely huge. He towered over Kinisis, his antlers lowered in shame and embarrassment. “I am … Read more

The Dragon and the Serpent

“Where the fuck are we?” Elkay rubbed his eyes, trying to focus on his surroundings. Behind them was a horde of angry monsters being shooed away by a dragon. In front of them was a huge lake of purple and pink liquid, being held back by an equally huge silver damn. The six of them … Read more

Clash Between Deaths

A horrible, scraping screech filled the air as Arkay entered Kinigi, his claws extended and scratching the ground as he walked. It wasn’t until he reached Kinisis’s weird, dome-shaped home that anyone actually looked up and paid attention though. “Kinisis, my dear, I feel rather betrayed right now…” the Thantophor smiled as he broke down … Read more

Plan of the Thantophor

The Thantophor could sense movement. Not the movement of a mortal. The disruptions of space-time that only a personification of space or time could create. The Whenvern was approaching. “Where are my sons, Thantophor?” “Kinigi.” “Why?” The Thantophor growled. “Let me out of this dumb cage and I will help you save them.” The Whenvern … Read more


“We’re taking him to the Whenvern.” “Sure. Lead the way.” Arksi was about to argue, before realising that Veekay wasn’t going to argue back. “No, we’re takin- wait… You’re agreeing with me?” “Yeah.” “… Why?” The four Time Drake siblings were all really confused, none of them understanding why their Stasisborn brother was agreeing with … Read more

Attack and Distract

“I TOLD YOU ALL NOT TO FOLLOW ME!” The Thantophor roared as he extended his claws, swinging them wildly at the four siblings. “WHY DO YOU NOT LISTEN?” Psiksi leaped out of the way of a stray slicker of shadow energy, then rolled over to help Eksi keep his shield up. “We just want to … Read more

Three Billion Deaths

Fires still raged across the planet, incinerating everything in their path. Nothing had been spared from the heat of a solar flare. This small world was ruined, and would probably be incapable of sustaining life for many millions of years. All it took was a single solar flare that just happened to fire in the … Read more

Plans for More

The lands of Kinigi were once a rather nice place to be. Flowing rivers, fields of pink and silver grass, the occasional grey tree with purple leaves and cute pebble paths cut through the lands. Most of that had disappeared, ever since the Anger started. Kinisis, the ruler of the rivers of the Cycle and … Read more

The Seventh

“Okay, literally a second ago the sky was black like death even though it was day time, and now the sky is beautifully clear and it’s night time?” Psiksi was utterly confused. So were his five siblings. “You all saw that all suddenly changing, right?” Eksi nodded in agreement, since words refused to come out … Read more

Sibling Reunion

“Ah good, they’re already here…” Veekay seemed quite happy. The journey to this barren wasteland had been awfully quiet, despite the fact that Elkay had many questions to ask of his younger brother. In particular, he wanted to know who was already here. “Who-” “That’s our brothers’ ship. I mean, if you’ve been around for … Read more

Unscheduled Awakening

Tap tap tap bloody tap. Psiksi was not amused about being woken up. Admittedly, it was his own fault, he was the one who agreed to be frozen in time, to be saved for a later use. Then again, it wasn’t Psiksi’s fault that his father was the Dragon God of Time, and he was … Read more

After Ten Thousand Years of Sleep

Note: As the title implies, this story occurs in the far future of the Phoviverse. “Rise and shine, sleepyhead!” Elkay’s eyes blinked open. The last thing he saw when he closed his eyes was his brother Veekay. And here Veekay was, standing over him now that Elkay’s eyes were open. Normally that would not be … Read more