Above a Burning Castle

“You, uh, missed a spot…” “Huh, thanks…” Yisini watched anxiously as Kairos flew around the gargantuan castle, setting it ablaze and incinerating anything that desperately tried to escape. Kairos wasn’t really that aware of Yisini’s presence, he was busy working. What he was working on, Yisini wasn’t sure but she didn’t want to ask either. … Read moreAbove a Burning Castle

Outside the Voidspheres

“So he’s… in there… somewhere…” Epani and Yisini hovered above the dark void. It was one of the few places neither of them liked to visit. The Blackspaces, the Voidspheres, as they were often called, were cold, empty territories with only one or two stars inside them, cut off from the rest of the universe. … Read moreOutside the Voidspheres

Death’s Desire

“Why are you here?” Arkay stared blankly at the Skyan standing in front of him. It must have been late because all the lights were dimmed and there were only seven guards stationed around his cell rather than the normal twenty. They all knew that the guards were only there for show, yet there the … Read moreDeath’s Desire

Skyan in the Glass

An attractive, yellow-armoured creature sat patiently in the plexi-glass cage, quietly tapping his feet together nervously. All around him, Skyan police and soldiers stood on guard, weapons drawn and pointed at him. None of them had moved for at least an hour, not since they’d captured the yellow being and brought him to his little … Read moreSkyan in the Glass

Another Deathly Summon

“OH WHAT NOW?” the angry deity roared as the roof of the building collapsed around them. “Why are YOU summoning me?” The gathering of scared mortals huddled together, avoiding the falling debris. One of them meekly raised their hand, only to quickly lower it when the deity started shouting again. “I LITERALLY JUST DEALT WITH … Read moreAnother Deathly Summon

A Deathly Summon

“Oh Great Thantophor, we beg for your assistance!” Arkadin rubbed his eyes as he rolled over. There was a very small, furry creature standing by his hand, dressed in tattered black and yellow robes. Blood caked its paws, one of which was holding a staff with a small skull on it. “How did you get … Read moreA Deathly Summon

Arguing Over A Miracle

“You broke quarantine.” “I do not care.” “You broke a lot of things.” Tenuk grunted as he sat down in the co-pilot seat, next to Retvik. They were both angry but for vastly different reasons. Retvik was watching the navigation screen. The ship was on autopilot, floating in orbit around Portalia, waiting for permission to … Read moreArguing Over A Miracle

Yisini’s Annoying Calls

“Aaaaarky?” Yisini’s voice echoed across the grassy plains. The grass may have been brown and pink and the wind may have been howling, but the Allbirther’s voice carried across the sky, rushing through dead trees and over trickling rivers. The Deadlands of Kinigi were always a quiet, peaceful place, but the only thing that ever … Read moreYisini’s Annoying Calls

Sharing Questions

“Hi.” “Hi…” “You awake?” Elkay lifted his head wearily. “I am now.” “Sorry, but I have a lot of questions and I really have to ask you now.” Teekay was sitting on top of Elkay, pinning him down. How Elkay hadn’t noticed, he wasn’t sure. But he was so exhausted that it was possible he’d … Read moreSharing Questions

Gross Goddess

Kairos had never liked the little moon which Yisini called home. It was a stunningly beautiful little planetoid, with a rich, thick atmosphere, plenty of fresh water and more blooming plant species living on it than one could shake a stick at. On top of the precious flora, there were also plenty of exotic animal … Read moreGross Goddess

On Edge

The wind was harsh. Harsher than normal. It was accompanied  by a spattering of rain, not hard enough to require shelter but present nonetheless. Right now, Elkay didn’t care as he stared into the dark abyss, contemplating his life. He knew the exact moment where it had all shattered. Leading the innocent to safety. Protecting … Read moreOn Edge

Raining Meth

Retvik sat at the control panel, staring out into the strange environment outside. It was raining shards of pale blue glass, sharp sheets of crystal meth, and the swaying trees outside had been completely battered. Based on the planet’s orientation, it should have been entering summer season, but the sudden changes to the planet had … Read moreRaining Meth

Too Close

Elkay stared out of the window, torrents of thoughts sloshing through his mind. He had been living with Teekay for a few weeks now, and although he was comfortable and feeling better, there were many things that were bothering him. Right now, the biggest issue Elkay had was how it was always dark outside. Elkay … Read moreToo Close

Dueling the Wolf

Normally, Volt didn’t accept random invitations. But today’s random invitation was from a familiar friend. Someone he hadn’t spoken to in a while. A normally very happy little Excalibur who often found himself stuck in the past. But as Volt accepted the random invitation, he realised all was not well. “GO AWAAAAAAY!” Excalibur screamed as … Read moreDueling the Wolf