Final Decision Clarifications

“So, let’s clear all this up, in simple Panglish so we all understand.” The circle of beings all nodded as Aesop wrote things down on the whiteboard. “First, we are listing what we are receiving from the Allbirther…” Aesop scribbled down some numbers, then glanced across the room. It was rather odd, having every being … Read more

An Offer of Bribery

“I cannot believe that we are all agreeing to this…” Rethais sighed. He and a handful of other leaders were putting themselves some food at the completely open and magically refilling canteen. While Kohra, the tiny Kronospast leader, was helping himself to way too much ice cream, Agapia and Ver, the Temthan Empress and Vrekan … Read more

Whether to Say Yes

“I wish I brought a lawyer or two with me…” Kayel muttered as he re-read a paragraph for the seventh time. His mutterings were met with much agreement from the heavily built Rethavok on one side, the beaked Vrekan on the other and the slender-bodied, robed Cassid sitting in front of him. “I AM a … Read more

The Portalian Offer

A soft, floral scent filled the room as the colossal, serpentine entity appeared, surrounded by a haze of pink clouds and lilac sparkles. The Allbirther had arrived, with an awkward smile on her face. “My darlings!” Yisini beamed, surveying her surroundings and counting everyone up. “I am so, so sorry for the delay. Unfortunately Kinisis … Read more

Suspicions in the Making

Rethais’s buttocks briefly left the surface of his chair as the massive, armoured Banikan plonked herself down next to him. “Hello.” “Hello, High General.” Ct’Era wasn’t the leader of the Banikans. As a race, the colossal, horned, marsupial race were incredibly tribal and segregated, mostly in ways that other species didn’t really understand. But due … Read more

Brothers, Species Apart

“Pssst.” Levik glanced up from the bowl of mushroom sludge he had been eating from. This whole hall had been designed with each individual in mind, from the shape of the chairs to the food on the table. However, this Vohran spread didn’t look luxurious at first glance. Compared to the other tables, coated in … Read more

A Great Meeting

“Great little Leaders, welcome to my abode, please, make yourselves at home!” Fifteen individuals of very varied sizes stood, dazed and confused, in the middle of the grand hall. All around them were vast luxuries, neatly laid out in sections related to how said luxuries were to be consumed. Light twinkled into the room from … Read more