Stuck in a Cafe

“This isn’t a date.” Arkadin stared off, his eyes drawn to the flashes of lightning. Kayen wasn’t sure whether the Thantophor had heard his statement. “This isn’t a date. Not planned. This is just you and I meeting to discuss when we plan to have our date. Dates.” The Thantophor was still staring at the … Read moreStuck in a Cafe

Filling A Wound

“You should have come to me sooner…” General Kaldoran tutted as he pulled his face mask down. “That wound is rather deep. A few more millimetres and it could have punctured an organ or two.” “I would have but I was rather busy reassuring the Rethavok that their leaders were safe and that a potential … Read moreFilling A Wound

Yisini’s Silly Thoughts

Epani had just finished terraforming a planet and was now sitting idly in the planet’s orbit, toying with its newly formed moon, while Yisini inspected her new masterpiece. “Sister?” “Mhm?” the Panelix wasn’t paying much attention to what Yisini was doing. She was probably testing the temperatures of oceans, working out where to dump collections … Read moreYisini’s Silly Thoughts

A Very Drunk Conversation

“What was all that about?” Arkadin watched as Psiksi wobbled over. He’d been sitting on a bench, staring out into the void. There were no stars in the night sky, only that horrible, empty darkness, the hollow that reminded the Thantophor of his uncaring ‘father’, the Voidborn. “What was what about?” Psiksi wobbled some more, … Read moreA Very Drunk Conversation

Flaming Miracle

The lab was on fire. What had caused the fire, Tim wasn’t sure. None of his experiments required any source of flame, any spark, any flammable gas. But everything was currently on fire right now. Tim was a biologist. One of the best. Overshadowed, yes, but that didn’t bother Tim. His work meant everything. He … Read moreFlaming Miracle

Onboard Miracle

The flight had been a disaster from pretty much the get-go. Joris wasn’t the one who organized this trip, taking twenty hatchies between the ages of 5 and 12 to the Ultrapark, a massive theme park on the edge of Thantai 26. But here he was, making sure that every single hatchie remained strapped in … Read moreOnboard Miracle

Planning a Census

Gathered around the worn down table were some of the finest minds in Palaestra. A Rethan General, two of the Crown Princes of the Kronospasts, the Vrekan Ripper, the best Ksithan mind in the city, the Second in Command of Palaestra and the Raptor herself. Really, Kayen was feeling a little out of place. “We … Read morePlanning a Census

Virgin Death

“You heard everything, didn’t you?” Psiksi and Kayen sat awkwardly at the table while the Thantophor paced up and down. “You heard every word we said.” The Thantophor didn’t seem angry. But neither of them could really tell. He was just pacing up and down, looking like a perfectly normal yet slightly bemused Skyavok. “You … Read moreVirgin Death

Three Skyavok

“You agreed to this pretty quickly…” Kayen muttered as he followed Psiksi up the stairs. “Well, I know exactly how you feel, so it’s pretty much my duty to help you!” Psiksi was a very brightly coloured Skyavok, pale skin with white and yellow armour. Kayen always thought he stood out with his orange and … Read moreThree Skyavok