Jobless Woes

Kayen was pissed off. He needed to go back to work. He needed a job. An unemployed monthly wage was not enough for Kayen to continue his current lifestyle. He had to go back to work, he had no choice. The problem was, what job? On one hand, Kayen could retrain for a new job, … Read moreJobless Woes

Junk Mail

Things hadn’t been the same at home, not with how Kohra’s room mate had been acting. Having a couple of new friends was nice, but they normally wanted to meet up in town. Understandably because Kohra’s room mate had gone from nice, quiet guy to a bit of a dick. Then again, Kohra’s room mate … Read moreJunk Mail

Burning Hypocrisy

The Thantophor wasted no time tearing his way through chains in a bid to attack his would-be aggressor. Shadowy arms of void energy lashed out at the Death Lord, only to be torn apart. Every obstacle Kenon put between him and the Thantophor only seemed to anger him further. “Arkadin, please…” “DO NOT… DO NOT … Read moreBurning Hypocrisy

A Bid to Retire

“I want you to retire.” Elksia rolled over, rubbing her eyes. As her vision cleared up, she realised who she was talking to. “What? Oh, hi Arkay! What were you saying to me?” “I want you to retire and have kids, like you always wanted.” “Oh?” Elksia retracted her claws, then removed her woolly hat, … Read moreA Bid to Retire

Nuclear Mist

They’d had to evacuate twenty square kilometres of land, effectively shutting down three villages around the power plant. No one was allowed in without hazmat equipment. No one was allowed out without being surgically scrubbed down and decontaminated. Not many beings were coming out though. Past the heavy, lead-filled barriers, there was little alive. Anything … Read moreNuclear Mist

Riverside Chat

The two Skyavok perched on the edge of the little cliff, watching the water crash along the river below them. One Skyavok was pale skinned with yellow armour, the other also in yellow armour but with far darker skin, almost pitch black. “Thanks for meeting with me, Psiksi…” Arkay whispered. They were alone, but the … Read moreRiverside Chat

Sudden Homewarming

It had been a rather quiet yet pleasant evening. While Kohra had been busy at work, Arkadin had tidied up the apartment, set up a new gaming area and had cooked a dinner of veal stew and candy dumplings with lemon sorbet. At 9pm though, there was a knock on the door. An unexpected knock. … Read moreSudden Homewarming

Thassallin’s Surprise

Arkadin hadn’t expected such a warm hello from someone who should have hated him. Thassallin cheerfully waved, before wrapping a pair of wings around him in an ugly but adorable hug. “You seem happy.” “You seem not happy!” Thassallin smiled through sharp teeth. “You seem somewhat miserable!” The old Time Lord dragged Arkadin into his … Read moreThassallin’s Surprise

Prime Family Issues

“Really, Retvik?” Gath growled as his partner climbed out of bed. “Come on! Whoever that is can wait!” Retvik ignored Gath’s pleas and picked up his communicator, holding the headphone to his ear rather than clipping it on. “It’s Rethais.” “Fuck Rethais! Actually, don’t, fu-” Retvik left the room, much to Gath’s displeasure. He loved … Read morePrime Family Issues

Treats with Tahna

“You must be desperate if you’ve come to talk to me over ice cream…” Tahna is laughing at me in his head. He tends to go by the name Tenuk now, ever since he… rebelled against our father. He’s the oldest of me and my siblings, he was the one who was supposed to inherit … Read moreTreats with Tahna

Yisini’s Getting Involved

Kairos growled as Yisini coiled around him, angrily squeezing him. “YOU WERE GOING TO RUIN MY EXPERIMENT!” The serpent was furious. The thought that the Time God and the Death Lord were going to meddle with one of her most crucial experiments drove her crazy. “They’re… ugh… they’re suffering…” Kairos moaned. He tried to switch … Read moreYisini’s Getting Involved

Ideas and Reasons to Continue

“Hey little brother, thanks for coming!” Kairos perched on the cloud, watching over the strange society below him. Arkadin awkwardly floated in mid air next to him. “Uh, you’re welcome… What do you need?” “Some advice!” Kairos glanced at Arkadin. He didn’t seem right. Then again, the Lord of Death never seemed right. “But before … Read moreIdeas and Reasons to Continue

Observing Dragons

Kairos’s day had been very busy. His morning had been spent fixing temporal anomalies caused by a supernova happening inside a miniature black hole, which had made time seem a bit weird on some nearby solar system. The planets had been shot towards the black hole because of the supernova, but rather than getting sucked … Read moreObserving Dragons