Ice Cream Conversation

Tenuk gave Kohra a friendly pat on the shoulder as he sat down at the table and handed him his ice cream. They’d both ordered the biggest thing on the menu, a triple chocolate surprise, which lied about the amount of chocolate it contained – rather than just the three advertised, the ice cream had … Read moreIce Cream Conversation

More Junk Mail

Are you lonely? Are you lost in the dark, endless depths of the multiverse? Are you the last survivor of a universe but are unable to create new life? Do you want someone to talk to? Someone to hold you and comfort you? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are … Read moreMore Junk Mail

Thantophor On A Chimney

Once again, Kinisis had wandered around her home, only to find her son Arkadin sitting in some weird place, quietly thinking to himself. Today, Arkadin was sitting on the edge of one of the palace chimneys, one that obviously hadn’t been lit in a while. It had taken Kinisis two hours and thirty seven minutes … Read moreThantophor On A Chimney

A Theory of Something

I’ve been thinking lately. About everything. About nothing. About some things. A lot of conscious beings think about everything around them. Many will take their observations and turn them into absolutes. After all, there are some absolutes that all beings must follow. A being must be born, must consume matter to convert energy into various … Read moreA Theory of Something

Interplanetary Bathtub

“Aaaaaaarkadin, where arrrrrrre yooooou?” Kinisis pranced around the palace, glancing in every room. She was about to go for a swim in one of her many waterfall pools and was suitably naked, but a sudden thought had caused her to go and find her son. After all, she hadn’t seen him for a few hours. … Read moreInterplanetary Bathtub

Another Angle

Athanasi lounged in her silk hammock, watching her universe spin below her via a crystal viewport with gold leaf window frames. She was observing her children, who were hardly working as always. This universe was an old one and her four Deities, created to maintain the flow of space, time, life and decay, were all … Read moreAnother Angle

Whispers of Another

Kinisis watched her son pace up and down as she picked away at a delicately iced slice of cake. He desperately wanted to leave Kinigi, Kinisis’s home, to go out and brutally murder some necromancers he had spotted in a nearby solae system, but Kinisis had insisted that he stay put. Why? Because it was … Read moreWhispers of Another

Safe in a Hospital Bed

“Someone really wants him dead.” “If they wanted him dead, he would be dead already.” The two R-Class officers were talking quietly among themselves, but Kayen could still hear them. He was lying in a hospital bed, on a saline drip. Everything was still blurry and painful. He couldn’t really remember much after the Astynom … Read moreSafe in a Hospital Bed

Stolen Again

Kayen gasped for air as he skidded to a halt. He had no idea if they were still following. He didn’t dare look. He just needed a moment to catch his breath so he could keep on running. The edge of the city wasn’t far now. He could have flown, but his energy wings would … Read moreStolen Again

Jobless Woes

Kayen was pissed off. He needed to go back to work. He needed a job. An unemployed monthly wage was not enough for Kayen to continue his current lifestyle. He had to go back to work, he had no choice. The problem was, what job? On one hand, Kayen could retrain for a new job, … Read moreJobless Woes

Junk Mail

Things hadn’t been the same at home, not with how Kohra’s room mate had been acting. Having a couple of new friends was nice, but they normally wanted to meet up in town. Understandably because Kohra’s room mate had gone from nice, quiet guy to a bit of a dick. Then again, Kohra’s room mate … Read moreJunk Mail

Burning Hypocrisy

The Thantophor wasted no time tearing his way through chains in a bid to attack his would-be aggressor. Shadowy arms of void energy lashed out at the Death Lord, only to be torn apart. Every obstacle Kenon put between him and the Thantophor only seemed to anger him further. “Arkadin, please…” “DO NOT… DO NOT … Read moreBurning Hypocrisy

A Bid to Retire

“I want you to retire.” Elksia rolled over, rubbing her eyes. As her vision cleared up, she realised who she was talking to. “What? Oh, hi Arkay! What were you saying to me?” “I want you to retire and have kids, like you always wanted.” “Oh?” Elksia retracted her claws, then removed her woolly hat, … Read moreA Bid to Retire

Nuclear Mist

They’d had to evacuate twenty square kilometres of land, effectively shutting down three villages around the power plant. No one was allowed in without hazmat equipment. No one was allowed out without being surgically scrubbed down and decontaminated. Not many beings were coming out though. Past the heavy, lead-filled barriers, there was little alive. Anything … Read moreNuclear Mist