Questions for Vikalos

Vikalos frowned as he monitored each little beep and click, checking a wide array of apparatus, while occasionally glancing out the window. Outside, there was nothing but darkness, although it felt darker than usual. Storms were erupting in said darkness, making the overall atmosphere unpleasant. Said atmosphere at least was going to improve a little, … Read more Questions for Vikalos

Temporarily Stuck in Place

“What do you mean, we have to stop here?” Kinisis screeched as she stomped into the main deck. “We can go anywhere and do anything, why the hell are we stopped here?” Normally Tahanhos was quite content with his duties. He had a nice, tidy schedule, great co-workers and all the amenities he could ever … Read more Temporarily Stuck in Place

Studious Chats

“Wow…” “What?” “WOW…” “What?” “WOW!!!” Retvik tutted, rolling his eyes as something crashed behind him. “Litvir, what is wrong with you?” Litvir pulled himself out of his chair and off the floor, having fallen back in shock. “I passed!” “You passed what?” “That insane time-based exam we took! I somehow passed!” “We all somehow passed.” … Read more Studious Chats

Supposedly Studying

Most Decay Lords and Decaylings seemed to have their own personal computers. The majority owned these trendy, tablet-like devices made of seemingly magic paper, capable of being folded or rolled up and out away with ease, with everything accessible via the fancy, accurate touch screens. Litvir thought these personal computers were very neat and got … Read more Supposedly Studying

Nicle Day

“Alright, everyone has the day off!” Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to face their dear leader, who had seemingly popped up out of thin air in the middle of the hall. Everyone present had literally just arrived at work, on perfect time as always. As their leader had always demanded. So this … Read more Nicle Day

Space Whales and Time Adjustments

It was a small glimmer that caught Retvik’s eye, but Retvik was glad the glimmer had caught his attention. Out of the dark nothingness, a shimmering veil emerged. The vast yet delicate form of a star-scattered whale appeared, slowly drifting by and minding his own business. Its strange beauty had kept Retvik occupied far longer … Read more Space Whales and Time Adjustments