Drunkard Concerns

“How was the date?” Epani asked as she awkwardly landed on the roof of Kairos’s little bunker. “Uh, she’s… still here…” Kairos hissed. He had seen Epani coming but desperately didn’t want to wake the sleeping Ksithan lying in his bed. “We’re still on said date.” “Is this a bad time?” Kairos looked back at … Read moreDrunkard Concerns

Dating Ramble

The little click had made Retvik suspicious. He had been walking by a heavily barred window when it happened. Retvik had to investigate what it was, because the noise that followed sounded suspiciously like a window being slid open. “You are not trying to escape, are you?” Retvik asked as he spotted a yellow-plated snout … Read moreDating Ramble

Deitic Dinner Plans

“THAT’S FUCKING RETARDED!” Psiksi’s voice echoed across the room, bouncing down the hallway. He quickly realised what he had said, in front of the Goddess of the Entire Universe of all things, but Psiksi didn’t change his tone. “You want to bring the other deities here for a fucking family meal? Are you insane?” Approximately … Read moreDeitic Dinner Plans

What Could Have Been

Panic flashed in Phovos’s eyes as she woke up on an unfamiliar landscape. Nothing but charred, scorched earth and rubble, hanging under a black, smoky sky. There was very little air, only just enough for Phovos’s adaptive lungs to keep her going. Any other Ksithan would have suffocated a long time ago. But as Phovos … Read moreWhat Could Have Been

General Phone Call

“General Elkay.” “High General Rethais.” Rethais took a deep breath. “I wish it had been under better circumstances. An election win after your retirement, rather than divine intervention. I assume it is divine intervention which prohibits you from returning?” “Even if I could return, I would not be able to serve. Not until the next … Read moreGeneral Phone Call

God on a Waterbed

“Are we doing this every night now?” Elkay asked as he gently closed the door of his hotel room. The room was much larger than Elkay was used to, but as always, King Ver had insisted that he get only the biggest and best rooms while he stayed in Vrekan territories. This room wasn’t a … Read moreGod on a Waterbed

A Horrible Day

Elkay did not feel comfortable right now. Sure, things had been turning around, the lower generals did not seem as angry as they were and several small budget cuts had helped to balance the budget a little, but Elkay had experienced something new and he wasn’t quite sure whether he wanted to follow that experience … Read moreA Horrible Day

Picnic with Kinisis

Yisini slithered her way across the grounds, slipping past mechanical automatons and lazer-based defences, edging her way towards Kinisis’s inner sanctum. She didn’t need to sneak her way in, there was a perfectly good front door she could use, but Yisini enjoyed the subterfuge. It made a pleasant change to doing normal things. “What are … Read morePicnic with Kinisis

Stranger in the Bedroom

The High General of the Retha had not had a good day. The lower generals were not happy with the idea of “wasting” nearly a quarter of a billion evra trying to protect the planet of Kolasi, only to have a massive meteor suddenly disappear. No one could have predicted that the planet would be … Read moreStranger in the Bedroom

Meteor to Hell

The meteor had been predicted to hit the largest city of Kolasi, the city of Hel, where 50% of the planet’s population lived. Many beings had tried to get off the planet, or at the very least away from the city, but due to its mostly poor populace, only the rich managed to escape at … Read moreMeteor to Hell

Bad Date

“Didn’t think you’d show up…” Phovos muttered as she idly stirred her spoon in her cup. Kairos wasn’t sure how to respond to that. He looked a little dishevelled, halfway between his normal godly self and the form he normally used whenever he met Phovos. “What are you drinking?” “Gravy stock.” The Whenvern glanced around … Read moreBad Date