A Rethan Disguise

“There’s no way this will work…” Kayen shifted his weight, the extra armour on his shoulders feeling rather heavy and awkward. Normally Kayen wore very basic armour. While most Skyans considered him somewhat attractive, Kayen never really liked explicitly showing that he was attractive. His coverings, from the plain stomach wraps to the simple scarves … Read more A Rethan Disguise

A Drifting Plan

The tiny Thantir ship floated awkwardly, anchored to a large lump of cold rock. They were drifting very slowly towards a vast, crystalline mass, a gigantic cluster of white gems and gold trims. All around them, Voidborn guards loomed, disintegrating anything that got too close. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t think there would be THAT … Read more A Drifting Plan

After A Day At Work

“So that is basically what you both do as work?” Tahnahos asked as the four beings headed back to the ship. “You just stand on guard for Life Goddesses?” Retvik nodded as he fumbled around for his keys. Most of his belongings these days were kept inside a single, battered backpack, and his keys would … Read more After A Day At Work