Pre-Party Dress Up

“So, what now, Kinisis?” Arkadin asked as he washed his hands then began to tidy away all the kitchen utensils. “What now?” Kinisis was floating above the kitchen counter, cleaning up with her massive tail, not getting her hands dirty. She was already covered in flour and powered sugar, but Arkadin just assumed she liked … Read more Pre-Party Dress Up

In A Room Together

“Thank you…” Gath smiled as he watched Retvik prod at a bowl of food. Retvik clearly wasn’t very hungry, but he was trying to eat something. He needed to eat since he’d just swallowed a good number of tablets and didn’t want to have an empty stomach. “As always, you are welcome, Retvik. You do … Read more In A Room Together

Culinary Desires

“It’s… been a while since I last came here…” Arkadin muttered as he followed the insanely long tail of Kinisis into the large kitchen. The rest of Kinisis was in the other room, rummaging through stainless steel shelves and cupboards. “Oh?” “Yeah.” “When WAS the last time you were here?” Arkadin thought back, trying to … Read more Culinary Desires

Awkward Party Questions

“Hey, kiddo…” Arkadin rolled his eyes as he turned away from the screen. Perched on the chair behind him was Kinisis, the Allmaker, the creator of this universe and, technically, Arkadin’s mother. Technically. “You weren’t gone long.” “Yep. I know. I got questions for you.” Arkadin took a deep breath and turned off the computer … Read more Awkward Party Questions

Interrupting Invitation

“Hey kiddo!” The warm, friendly voice was met with stony silence as Arkadin continued his work, clearly in the middle of something important. Everything was dark and gloomy in the tiny little office, aside from a single beam of light pointed at a microscope, providing the only illumination in the room. “Uh, kid?” Arkadin remained … Read more Interrupting Invitation

Spacial Letterbox

“Good morning, Kinisis, did you rest well?” The Allmaker kicked the blankets off her bed. Both she and Kenon knew that Kinisis never really slept, she would just take short breaks with her eyes closed, but Kinisis appreciated the sentiment. Everything within this cute little bedroom seemed rather ill-fitting for the being that created the … Read more Spacial Letterbox

Packing Things Up

“Hey Gath!” Psiksi waved as the front door opened up. He and Kass had arrived as soon as they could, after Tenuk had called them saying that Gath didn’t seem right. “What’s up?” The hulking Rethan grunted, looking not at all amused by this unexpected interruption. The two Skyans both peered past Gath and into … Read more Packing Things Up

A Terrifying Sight

As he entered the massive, diamond-studded, gold-plated hall, Arkadin realised he had made a massive mistake. The floor was sticky, everything stank of an oddly sweet yet stale scent and most of the colossal room, spanning many tens of meters in all three directions, was filled with tails, scales and pleasurable moans. “I came at … Read more A Terrifying Sight

Haunted Words

“I didn’t even know your name.” The small, stone marker was dirtier than most. A small metal plate had been bolted to the front, but the name written on it was scuffed up, barely legible. Flowers had been placed somewhat recently, but they had wilted in the autumn sun, a lack of rain stopping them … Read more Haunted Words

Stews and Questions

All things considered, Teekay was coping surprisingly well. Sure, his home had been attacked and burnt down and he’d lost most of his belongings again, but he was currently in a rather nice 4-star hotel, eating a very fancy mushroom stew with a bottle of mead and his best friend, all combined within a nice, … Read more Stews and Questions

Burnt Again

“This seems to be a repeating occurrence.” The wreckage was still smouldering, despite both the rain and a pair of rescue vehicles having extinguished the flames that had been burning for hours. This had once been a pretty little Skyan cottage, but a combination of insanity and determination had driven a hovercraft through the front … Read more Burnt Again