Castle in the Clouds

“Hm, this is unusual…” The Thantir Two had flown through vast amounts of endless void, constant darkness and very little else. Black was the standard colour of the Space Between Universes and, outside of small pockets of civilization, it normally consisted of pretty much nothing, aside from the lone asteroid field or rogue miniature star. … Read more

Forgotten Reasoning

Kairos panted with satisfaction, holding a familiar white and grey Life Goddess in his arms. He and Seimeni had been chilling out in the Whenvern’s crystal palace for a couple of weeks now and were very happy with the current situation. Of course, plenty of fun times had happened, but there had also been plenty … Read more

Hunger Pangs

“Come on, Rett, you need to eat…” Gath picked the tiny youngling up from his massive pile of plushies and pillows, then delicately placed him inside his high chair at the table. It had only been three months, but already, baby Rett was very active and constantly wanted to move about. He still couldn’t eat … Read more