When It Hits

Kairos was rather annoyed. He’d had to do a lot of work that day and he’d left Arkadin to keep an eye on Epani. But as soon as he returned to the planet Epani was resting on, he realised Arkadin was nowhere to be found. The Whenvern did quickly find his errant sibling, although he … Read moreWhen It Hits

Love Drunk Deity

“You were supposed to be here two hours ago!” Kairos snapped as he hovered in the upper atmosphere of this small planet. “Where the fuck were you?” Arkadin shrugged. “Sorry, something came up.” “Like what? What’s more important than saving our drugged up sister?” “Sorry…” Arkadin’s brief moment of amusement faded. “Didn’t think it was … Read moreLove Drunk Deity

Mountain Massage

“What is it?” the group of Thraki all whispered to each other as they hovered around the mountain-sized beast. It had somewhat just poofed out of thin air and had landed neatly in the valley, but it was not a friendly-looking being. “It looks like a water beast or something…” one of the larger Thraki, … Read moreMountain Massage

Love-Drunk Messages

Arkadin approached the crystalline balcony with caution. The balcony was part of a massive crystal palace which overlooked a nebular cluster, offering one of the most beautiful sights in the universe. Perched on said balcony was the Whenvern, a gigantic, equally crystalline dragon, his wings tucked up neatly by his side. “You, uh, called, Kairos?” … Read moreLove-Drunk Messages

Driving Desires

“Hey, Psiksi?” Kass’s voice was somewhat unexpected. Neither of the two Skyans had said much on their short drive home, mostly because they had both been lost in thought. Psiksi wasn’t sure what Kass had been thinking about, but Psiksi’s thoughts were mostly going over what had happened with Gath and what he could have … Read moreDriving Desires

Broken and Down

Psiksi tried to remain calm as he tidied up around the large, Rethan home, picking up everything from torn cushions to shredded clothing to pieces of wood. Most of the house was open-plan except for the upper bedroom level that overlooked the main living area. The homeowner was currently somewhat quiet, but that probably wouldn’t … Read moreBroken and Down

Fertility Offers

Yisini smiled to herself as she sneaked up on her little brother, Arkadin. He knew Yisini was there, but Arkadin was pretending to ignore her. He was waiting until Yisini got really close, until Yisini was almost breathing down his back. “Hi, sis.” The Allbirther leaped back in shock. “HOW DID YOU KNOW? HOW DID … Read moreFertility Offers

Honest Words

“Hiii!” Kairos didn’t expect Phovos to be in such a good mood today, especially compared to Kairos himself. He was feeling a bit miffed about sibling things and knew Phovos often had the same issues. He also didn’t expect Phovos to be holding a large brown paper bag in her hands. “Hi, Phovos, how are … Read moreHonest Words

Takeaway Date

“Why DO you keep on disappearing?” Phovos asked as Kairos pulled up a chair and sat down. He dumped several very large plastic bags on the table, then began to spread everything out. “In what way?” Kairos asked. “Because lately it’s due to my brother being a depressed dick and constantly trying to kill himself.” … Read moreTakeaway Date

A Somewhat Average Day

Kairos sighed as he watched Arkadin sob in the corner. Kenon had popped by earlier that day and made a simple request of Arkadin, to destroy a cluster of dead corrupted nodes, and something had gone wrong, requiring Kairos to intervene and causing the Thantophor to collapse in a pile of tears. They had managed … Read moreA Somewhat Average Day

Sisterly Snuggles

Yisini smiled to herself as she closed the door behind her. Her evening had been particularly fruitful and she had managed to do exactly what she wanted. Not only had she been able to experience a delightful young mortal with distinctive genes, but she had successfully persuaded said mortal to go and spread those genes … Read moreSisterly Snuggles

A Crappy Day

There was a dragon on the roof of Phovos’s apartment building. This wasn’t that unusual an occurrence in the city of Palaestra, as there was a small Thraki colony that lived somewhat nearby. No, the unusual thing was that this was not a Thraki but a fully fledged dragon god, with four legs, wings, heavy … Read moreA Crappy Day