Tale: Letter to Retvik

Dearest Brother,

I am glad that you made it home alive. I had many a restless night worrying that you would never come home at all. But of course, I am very, very sorry for the loss of both your friend and of your unborn child. I cannot understand why you did not speak up about it, although I do not understand how the High General sent you through. Surely they gave you a medical scan and a run down, spotted that something was wrong and… someone must have said something. Perhaps you did tell someone and they ignored you completely.

Still, I am not here to remind you of the worst of your past, even if the actions of the High General are related to this message. Spoken communication is at a premium as of late. There are ears everywhere, but eyes are in short supply, so I have the freedom to write as I please. As any tactician knows, it is not a good idea to speak, or at all, about one’s plans when the enemy is near.

I am of course referring to the High General himself. There are whispers, thoughts among the council, that Photeianos is not acting in our best interests, only his own. His actions over the last year or so have been less predictable than ever. Dangerous, perhaps. The handling of the Kalsa Warrior rebellion is a prime example of his incompetence. Your predicament is enough to start perhaps not a fire, but just light a match.

Let me get this straight, I do not wish to politicise your losses, but I want you to know that you have an open path to revenge against the High General. I know that for years, you have absolutely hated Photeianos, and wished to see him out of power. I think now, we finally have a chance.

Unfortunately for us, we are reliant on others. I have not yet spoken properly to the other members of the council. I know some of them share my opinions, but none of us dare speak openly, we are much easier to replace.

Our key piece is when the next election will take place. Due to this year’s events, the council decided to push elections back to June 2017. Mostly while we rebuild the many areas that were damaged during recent conflicts. A change in power, or even a challenge, will most likely slow progress down. On top of that, we need to remain strong and together as we convince the Cassids that the Maza is best for everyone. If we split apart now, so will they.

Our secondary piece though is who should take over, and replace Photeinos as High General? Again, I do have plans, but it requires persuading the Vice General. Elkay has proven himself time and time again that he is a capable leader. There is no other general around who has hands on experience. Oh, the other members of the council, those standing against us, will claim that they do have the power and knowledge, that Elkay is too young and so on and so forth. But they are wrong. I could use this as a chance to claim power for myself, but I know I’d be overruled, and I believe I am not strong enough to carry out the will of the Retha.

Elkay’s position though is awkward. His mother was deemed a traitor, was executed then her grave robbed and her body stolen. He has also just lost his little brother. He has been weakened and, while his strength will return, he will need persuading. I feel that you are the only Rethan who can speak to him and really push him into wanting all of this.

We have plenty of time though. There is no need to hurry quite yet. Perhaps the pushing back of the election is more of a blessing than a curse.

In other, unrelated news, please pass my congratulations on to your partner Gath. I hope that you two will be blessed with a young, healthy hatchling. Enclosed with this letter is a package containing some of our old, kidhood belongings, the armour we wore when we were little, among other bits and pieces. I hope they will be of help to you.

My greatest wishes and respect to you, your family and friends.

Live well,