An Unhappy Conversation

“Hello, Kayel… I, er… see why you wished to have a video conversation…”

Kayel shifted awkwardly in his seat, unsure what to say. In the other room, Psiksi and Kass waiting around. He’d had to borrow Psiksi’s communicator, he wanted a secure line with which to speak to the High General.

“Hello, Elkay…” Kayel finally muttered. “It is good to see you…”

“What the fuck have you done to yourself?”


The High General tutted. Behind him, Kayel could see the sun shining through the glass buildings of Thre-Vretania. Kayel almost missed that beautiful city. He shook his head and sighed. The High General was a busy vok and Kayel didn’t want to waste his time. Even if he was the High General’s mother.

“I… I have changed myself. Made myself better.”

“I can see that. What does this have to do with me?”

“Well… I didn’t just change me. I changed others too…”

“Can you start talking properly please?”

“Fine…” Kayel sighed, rubbing his face in exhaustion. “Basically, me and some of my fellow L-Class Ksa performed a ritual which healed us and transformed us. Made us into what I think is an entirely new species.”

“A new species?”


The High General fell silent. Kayel could see that his kid was thinking to himself, unsure how to answer. He expected that. Ever since his group had decided to be serious about their Skiavok idea, everyone had been unsure how to talk to them. If anything, it was frustrating.

“So why are you calling me?” General Elkay finally asked.

“Because I want my fellow Skiavok to-”

“Hold on…” Was that a tiny hint of amusement in his kid’s voice? “You are calling yourselves Skiavok?”



Again, the High General fell silent. Kayel wasn’t sure if he’d imagined that amusement or not.

“Elkay, all I want is for the six of us to be able to live peacefully. And if we do become a much more developed species, I want to ensure that we will not be threatened by Rethans.”

“Really? Are you alright? Why do you think that we’re all going to-”

“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Kayel shouted. “I’m NOT like you all any more! I’m something else. We all are. And when other vok start realising how powerful we are, they are going to come after us! We all hate what is different. It’s in every being’s genetics. I want to keep my family safe.”

“I assume you are talking about your new friends and not your actual family…” Elkay sighed. “Listen, Kayel, you seem incredibly stressed out and panicky. I would accuse you of potentially being on drugs but that would be wrong of me. Either way, you are worrying about something that, as it stands, is neither a problem nor something I can legally help you with.”

Kayel grunted. “Thought you’d say that.”

“You know I am right. You are still a Rethavok. That is the race you were born ask, so Rethan law still applies to you. And your fellow L-Class Ksa. And Psivee-En if he’s with you. If somehow your future generations turn into a new species, then the rights of this new race will be discussed then, and it will be discussed between the ruling members of both races, with legal council on both sides.”

The High General sighed to himself. He felt bad.

“Kayel, mother… I’m sorry. Okay? I haven’t looked after you properly. I should have. And now you’re off on your own, losing yourself, doing things no sane vok would do.”

“I am fine,” Kayel tutted. “I am absolutely fine. Better than ever.”

“Really? Then why did you call me?”

“So why are you acting like my fears of being oppressed and victimized because of my race are pointless?”

“Because I think you have lost your mind and need to see a therapist.”

Kayel growled. He’d had enough. “This was a waste of my time. Have a good day, kid.”

With a grunt, Kayel shut off the communicator, not giving the High General a chance to say goodbye. He got up from his chair and angrily left the room, pausing only to thank Psiksi for letting him be there.

Once Kayel was gone, Psiksi checked his communicator. Elkay had sent him a message.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with Kayel. I think he is ill. Could you talk to him, please?”