Deities of the Phoviverse


Kinisis is the Heart of the Universe, the Goddess of All and the Mother of Gods. She is responsible for the creation, maintenance and general health of the universe. What Kinisis actually does is unknown, as she resides within an almost impenetrable bubble within the universe’s centre, protected by both her partner Kenon and her four children, Kairos, Epani, Yisini and Arkadin.

The Goddess of All is tied to the universe, and its existence is based on Kinisis’s own personal health. Because of this, Kinisis lives a very relaxed life, pampered by servants of her daughter Yisini’s creation and guarded constantly by Stasis Spectres, ghostly copies of Kenon. From time to time, she may leave her sanctum to briefly visit mortal races, passing over them and admiring what they have created. Her main duty though is to watch for threats within the universe that may come to harm both her and the universe itself. Any threats spotted are reported to Kenon and her children, who will deal with any issues immediately.

While Kinisis is essentially the avatar of the entire universe, she avoids any worship by mortal races, and will send her children to break up any religions or cults that are formed. This is due to the fear of her true self being discovered, and mortals potentially sending attackers in her direction in a bid to control her. Because of this, she periodically sets tasks and challenges for her children and for mortals, in order to keep them occupied.

Her physical appearance can only be described as beautiful and godly. Kinisis has a curvy, feminine body, complete with large hips, a round buttocks and “glorious” breasts, all of which are thinly covered in a thin, black veil decorated with stars and galaxies. Her head is best described as that of “a velociraptor but much rounder, utterly lovable and kissable” by the majority of those who have seen her, coupled with a part of short horns that jut out of her skull just behind her large, glowing green eyes. Many who have seen Kinisis will say that she has a long, curled tail and longer, clawed hands and toes, covered in the same black veil that covers her more sensual parts. She sports a large, glowing green pair of wings, again spattered with stars and galaxies. Kinisis’s deep green skin is assumed to be smooth and silky, though no being aside from Kenon has touched her to find out.


The Voidborn Kenon is the Lord of Nothing and the Guardian of the Universe. Kenon exists in the space between spaces, within a domain known as the Void. Armed with his Golden Staff, Kenon patrols the edge of the universe, protecting it from any threats that may seek to harm it. He uses his immense strength to erect a repulsive barrier around the universe, pushing other universes away and stopping any potential collisions. He also defends the universe from ‘Corruptions’, ravenous black hole-like entities that can decimate a universe in hours.

Being the Lord of Nothing, Kenon takes a myriad of forms, all of which have pitch black skin with gold armour. Kenon’s most common look is that of a heavily armoured deer-like being, with four clawed arms and hoofed feet. He regularly has a pair of black and gold antlers that extend from his skull. Kenon’s face is always covered with a golden mask of sorts, showing only his glowing white eyes.


Known by the majority as the Whenvern, Kairos is the Dragon God of Time, constantly making sure that time as we understand it continues to flow forwards. Kairos travels across the universe, destroying paradoxes before they happen and obscuring the deeper workings of the universe in order to prevent the creation of time machines and other time-altering apparatus. Known to be proud and stubborn, Kairos sees himself above all others, knowing that the universe could not exist if it weren’t for him. Because of this attitude, he welcomes worship with open arms, almost demanding that mortals appreciate his existence.

Kairos takes many forms, his most common being a massive blue and silver dragon, his front arms sporting a pair of wings, each a kilometre long from the membranes in his sides to the tips of his clawed fingers. His head is adorned with three crystal horns, and a series of spikes runs down the back of his heavily armoured body. While Kairos prides himself on his size and power, he often shrinks himself down to confront mortals. This smaller form is much more elegant, with smoother plating and scales that shine like diamonds.


Epani is a colossal monster, the Panelix of the Universe and Creator-Defender of Space. Epani roams the universe, creating new stars and destroying gravitational anomalies that could damage the fabric of time. She is often spotted at the edge of nebulae, creating new stars and clearing space around them so they can grow larger. Epani also spends time around black holes, minimizing their effects on their nearby environments, while carrying away any debris from white holes and worm holes at the other end.

Often described as a being akin to the terrifying monsters of the sea, Epani takes pride in her traumatizing looks. Her heavy head is filled with thousands of needle-sharp teeth, while her large, finned arms are tipped with gigantic claws capable of tearing suns apart with ease. Her long, snaking body is black in colour but studded with red and silver armour plating, and twists round into a long tail, tipped with a large, while-like fin which propels her through her domain. Epani is so large that a trail of asteroids and comets follow her, drawn towards her by her immense gravitational pull.

While Epani does not attract as many worshippers as Kairos does, she has a small following across the universe, who consider her to be a goddess of battles, expansion and war.


The Creator of All Life, the Allbirther Yisini is a gentle being sworn to the duties of populating the universe with love and life. She is the Controller of Evolution, spending her time creating single-celled lifeforms which then grow and adapt to their environments. While Yisini is known to create fully functional beings, she often just creates the very basics of a species, allowing them to grow and evolve into a new race over time.

The Allbirther cares deeply for all species she creates, but she rarely interferes with any of her creations. The only times that she may intervene are when a species gains high levels of intelligence, at the very least reaching interstellar travel, at which point she will visit a race’s leaders and give them a task: to find a way to make themselves immortal. This is Yisini’s true goal, to create a species of beings that can stop themselves from dying and live forever.

Yisini is also often called the Life Serpent, due to her snake-like looks. She would best be described as a long, Naga-like being, the top of her body down to her waist being incredibly similar to that of her mother Kinisis, in a dark purple rather than green. Everything below her waist consists of a long, black and purple scaled tail, which grows as long as Yisini desires.

The Allbirther is open to the idea of beings worshipping her, but is not really bothered what mortals do either way, she is more interested in them finding their own path towards immortality.

Despite the opposing duties between her brother and herself, Yisini feels most at home with Arkadin, and will happily make time for the youngest son of Kinisis.


Known by many names, Arkadin is the Thantophor, the Lord of Death. He is in charge of all that dies within the universe, decomposing and decaying everything in his path so that it can be renewed, recycled and reused once more. While Arkadin is vilified by the majority of mortals and is considered lesser than his sibling deities, Arkadin takes his duties seriously, knowing that without him, Yisini and Epani would both quickly run out of materials to create new life and new space. Despite this, Arkadin dislikes his duties as the God of Death and Decay, and hopes for a time where intelligent species break free from the cycle of life and death and discover immortality.

Unlike his siblings, Arkadin presents himself as a very small being, standing at just over two metres tall. His body is physically similar to that of his mother, except much more masculine, with large, thick, yellow plates of armour covering his chest, groin, arms and legs. He also has a heavy plate that runs across the top of his head, forming a sharp point, while more plating runs down his back and tail. Arkadin has been seen with horns and a skeletal pair of wings, but during his few meetings with mortals, Arkadin will change his looks to appear less threatening. The Thantophor will often carry a gun-staff with him, adorned in silver and gold decorations and tipped with a sharp blade.