Species name: Raptai – Also known as Tree-Raptors, Vine-Dragons Full name: (Fyta-Exoteric) Fytazont Dendrosaurid Raptai Average dimensions: Average Height: 2.2m Average Length: 2.3m, with root-tails reaching lengths of 7m Weight: 40kg Description: Raptai are beings made of plant matter, a twisting mass of vines, roots, branches and stems, have formed the shape of a reptilian … Read moreRaptai


Species name: Allagon Full name: Deitic Kronospasmic Allaxialagon Average dimensions: Varied Description: Allagon are seemingly reptilian beings with insectoid and mammalian traits. Their default appearance appears to be upright, with either two arms and four legs, or four arms and two legs, but always six limbs in total. They have long, snaking tails, and tentacles … Read moreAllagon


Aggelads are large, mammalian, bovine zoan that are domesticated by many Phoviverse races. They are heavy, lumbering creatures, reaching heights of up to 1.9m at the shoulder and weighing up to 800kg. Their bodies are covered in thick, shaggy hair, with leathery skin underneath and vast amounts of both blubber and flesh. An aggelad’s body … Read moreAggelads


Species name: Anexartan – Plural: Anexartitai Full name: Deitic Orderan Anexartisia Average dimensions: Varied, no more than 1.5m tall. Description: Anexartitai are small, metallic beings that resemble the children of Thropes (humans), with triangular, glowing eyes and glowing lines across their bodies, resembling electricity going through wires. They have very short legs but long arms … Read moreAnexartitai


Species name: Kronospasts Full name: Deitic Kronospasmata Average dimensions: Varied, no more than 2m tall. Description: Kronospasts are small, chunky, muscular creatures that often glow with an ‘unholy’ light. When not shapeshifting, they appear as short, upright Panvok-like beings with stubby tails, two thumbs on both their hands and feet, and four eyes that blink … Read moreKronospasts


Species name: A’Vata – plural A’Vatas – Also known as the Servants of Time – Formerly known as Avatars of Death Full name: Unknown Average dimensions: Varied Description: A’Vatas are shapeshifting beings that generally appear to mortals and Deitics as glowing, winged insectoid beings, often with horns on their heads and spiked, clawed limbs. Their … Read moreA’Vatas


Species name: Lanex, formerly known as Toanex or Nexta Full name: Deitic Lanex Average dimensions: Varied, no more than 3m tall. Description: Lanex are a mechanical, anthropomorphic race of beings that look similar to robotic Thropes (humans). They are tall and bulky, wearing wide chest armour and shoulder pads, but wear little armour on their … Read moreLanex

Agents of Renewal

Agents of Renewal are mysterious beings who exist simply to make sure that mortal beings can live and die without others interfering. Most of their existence was unknown, considered myths and legends, until the lands of Kinigi were destroyed. There is only one known species of Agents of Renewal: Veth

Agents of Stasis

Agents of Stasis, more commonly known as Deitics, are god-like beings with the ability to manipulate the universe around them. Once a Deitic is born, they cannot die of natural causes. They have no true physical forms, but anchor themselves to a physical body, a soulroot, that is created for them at birth. Should their … Read moreAgents of Stasis

Mortal Races

The mortal races are those which live normal lives, they are born, they live, they pay taxes (if applicable) then die. When a mortal being dies, their soul goes to Kinigi, where their soul is cleansed then reborn inside a new body. While the number of mortal beings (and thus souls) is not infinite, there … Read moreMortal Races


Species name: Veth Full name: Unknown – Veth is believed to be a former anagram for Vorai Enantion Theon, which, when translated from Old Vohra, means Victors against Gods. Average dimensions: Varied. They appear to have both no weight and weigh several tonnes, and can change their size at will. Description: Veth are form-changing beings … Read moreVeth


Description: The Kronari are tall, slender beings,reaching up to 5m tall, with arms that drag along the ground, tipped with long claws. Their heads are long and narrow, with a single ridged plate running along the top of their heads, and two large fangs. Their hands and feet each have four long talons. Kronari skin … Read moreKronari


Zoan is a collective term for any being that’s not a sentient, intelligent race with its own structured society, laws and complex language. Aggelads – Cow-like beings that provide meat, milk and leather to almost every mortal race. Gaidourans – Large, armoured equine beings used as mounts by the Vreka and Vohra. Alogar – Reptilian … Read moreZoan


The Zonta's emblem

Description: Zonta have many forms, as they are a primitive shapeshifting species created by Deitic beings. They come in three types – the main masses, Zontanians and Afflicted, non-Deitic beings that have been infected by the Zonta and incorporated within the masses. The masses themselves are dark, shapeless lumps of organic, gooey matter that latch … Read moreZonta


The Vreka emblem

Species name: Vreka (AKA Vrekans, Vakans, Vrekavok) Full name: (Nitropneic) Panvrekavok Vrekavok Vreka Average dimensions: Average Height: 2.8m Weight: 200kg Description: Vreka are huge, bulky, armoured bird-like beings. Their arms and legs are thick and muscular, designed to hold their heavy bodies upright. Their armour, unlike other races, is bony rather than plastic-y, made out … Read moreVreka