Name: Ksithanai (singular: Ksithan) Also known as: Raptors, Thanatians Average Height: 210cm Average Weight: 90kg Basic Description: Ksithanai, best known by other species as Raptors, are a powerful offshoot of general Temthan family lines. They are distinct enough a species to be classified separately, but are still capable of creating hybrids with normal Temthans. The … Read moreKsithanai


Name: Banikans (singular: Banikan) Also known as: Balikari, Panicons, Vlithans, Panicattacks Average Height: 400cm (not including horns) Average Weight: 300kg Basic Description: Banikans are large, furry beings, best known for the pair of massive, metre-long, pitch black horns that grow from the back of their skulls. They are incredibly muscular, with powerful back legs and … Read moreBanikans


Name: Vohra (juveniles) Vahyra (adult females), Vahrga (adult males) (singular: Vohra/Vahyra/Vahrga) Also known as: Vohrans, Vora, Vargans (adult males), Swarmlings Average Height: 90cm for juveniles, 200cm for adult males, 260cm for adult females Average Weight: 70kg for juveniles, 200kg for adult males, 300kg for adult females Basic Description: Vohra come in three distinct forms – … Read moreVohra


Name: Vrekans (singular: Vrekan) Also known as: Vrek, Vrekavok, Vakans. Average Height: 240cm Average Weight: 130kg Basic Description: Vrekans are a tall, heavily armoured offshoot of the Panvok Base Type. They have avian features combined with standard Panvok traits. The plating on their head has evolved into a long, spiked, horn-like carapace, with their armour … Read moreVrekans


Name: Temthans (singular: Temthan) Also known as: Temthai, Thanatians, Thanti Average Height: ??? Average Weight: ??? Basic Description: Temthans are a group of powerful, extremely varied semi-reptilian beings. Their common traits include reptilian jaws and tails, horns on their heads, a scaly hide and three claws and a thumb on every limb. All Temthans have … Read moreTemthans


Name: Rethavok (singular: Rethavok) Also known as: Rethans Average Height: 250cm Average Weight: 100kg Basic Description: Rethavok are heavily armoured bipedal beings with plating across their heads, chests, groins, arms and legs. They have long tails tipped with armour plating and spikes, and their armour is tough enough to stop low calibre bullets. Rethan skin … Read moreRethavok


Name: Kronospasts (singular: Kronospast) Also known as: Time-Breakers, Deitonics, Lokians. Average Height: 90cm Average Weight: 67kg Basic Description: Kronospasts are small, bipedal beings with broad snouted heads, four eyes and two thumbs on their hands and feet. They are considered plump and round, their arms and legs being somewhat thick and having short, stubby tails. … Read moreKronospasts


Name: Skyavok (singular: Skyavok) Also known as: Skyans, Threavok Full name: Panvrekavok Threthan Threavok Average Height: 160cm Average Weight: 80kg Basic Description: Skyavok are small, bipedal beings with rubbery skin, armour plating and long, flexible tails. They have reptile-like heads, with long snouts and eyes set back so they can have binocular vision. Their plating … Read moreSkyavok