Deep Space Diary

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

The Temthans have allowed me to have a diary, after I tried some… unsavoury things yesterday. Being so far away from home and being so abused made me pretty damn depressed. But after a lot of antidepressants, I’m feeling better now.

The idea behind the diary, I assume, is that...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 2

Dear Diary,

I never used to write in my old diaries every day, but I kinda have to. There’s so much… going on? Not that I truly know of. Secret things. Lurking in the background. Schemes and plots.

Never been a fan of schemes and plots. The Temthans are not fans of...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 3

Dear Diary,

Today has been horrible.

The Raptesses locked me in a room with two of their members, their leader Neraida and a younger one called Troma. They administered some kind of drug that let them look into parts of my mind. I don’t know what they saw, or even if they...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 4

Dear Diary,

I feel much better now. The Temthans have accepted me into their ranks. Now that I am no longer fighting them, my body is taking to the various medications I have been given.

One of the… tests I faced was unusual. It hurt quite a lot, but it completely healed...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 5

Dear Diary,

This is my final entry here for now.

I’ve been sitting here in my room for about an hour trying to work out what the fuck to write. Still struggling.

The special someone I met was Elisia Redspine. She is the current empress of the Temthans and rules over a good...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 6


I should probably start this with Dear Diary, like the writing before this. But that was the old me. I found this by accident and started reading through it, and decided to add my own entry, you know, for old time’s sake? Really, the guy who wrote this is really...Read More »

Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 7

Dear Diary,

Dear Elksia,

This is one of those rare moments where I am actually alive and awake. Not some sort of mindless zombie. I find it ironic how I keep on telling them a Threavok. The Threavok were all turned into sex slaves before they were killed off too. Just wanted...Read More »