Tale: Deep Space Diary Entry 6


I should probably start this with Dear Diary, like the writing before this. But that was the old me. I found this by accident and started reading through it, and decided to add my own entry, you know, for old time’s sake? Really, the guy who wrote this is really different from me. We’re like, two different people.

I mean, I know I’m dual-blessed, but what’s written in here is pretty disturbing, like it was written by an older male. I wasn’t even sure whether this was genuine when I found it, and I’m still not really convinced. It all reads like a very depressed person who was pushed into this. I guess actually being here has changed me.

There’s a lot that I don’t remember though. Big gaps in my memory. Honestly most of the stuff he’s written, I just don’t remember. I don’t remember the Empress leaping up on me the first time we met and that was pretty recent. I’m certain this is because of all the drugs I keep on being given, but I’m really totally happy right now. I’m fine with all of this because everyone loves me.

Well, nearly everyone.

I don’t know why, but the Empress suddenly hates me. I found out that the only reason some of the Raptesses hated me was because the Empress had told them to. Even Neraida, who from this apparently hated my guys from the start, has warmed up to me a bit. Probably because I gave her a good going over the other day and she loved it.

I’m thankful really for the Raptorans. They are all stunning, but also stunningly nice. They love me for a lot of reasons. I don’t treat them like shit like the Raptesses do. I treat them as my equals. Also they really like what we can do together, whether it’s just two of us or more. I’m smaller than most of the Raptesses but far less delicate. I swear you can snap some Raptesses in half, considering how thin they are. The Raptorans though have been looking after me and they gave me a lot of info when most Temthans left me blind.

No, wait that’s wrong. The Temthai helpers have been great. And all the common Temthans I have had dealings with absolutely adored me. It’s really just the people above me who don’t like me. Like I’m some sort of threat to them or something. Weird, really, since they welcomed me in with open arms, and I have no ill intentions towards them. Maybe it’s because I bridge the gap between the hidden war of the sexes that prevails among the Temthans, and some don’t want that to end. They shouldn’t fight, males and females can’t live without each other. We should all be at peace.

I love all beings, no matter who they are. That includes those who would see me as an enemy. That is what I have been taught and that is what I preach. And I will continue to preach love no matter what anyone else says.

Ooh I realise I went a bit serious then.

I think I’ll go speak to Lenik. He’s always fun to be with.


– Arkai