The Challenge of Stasis

Tale: Challenger

It was always a mess for security whenever the leaders of the Maza races were invited to join in on Maza Circle meetings, but for a change, things had gone swimmingly. No complications, no messed up schedules, everything had gone as planned. A heat wave though meant that everyone was...Read More »

Tale: Beckoned

“Arkay, you need to come with me right now!” Elkay ordered as he stormed over to his personal ship. Arkay reluctantly did as he was told and left his post, leaving the ship in the hands of his fellow Ksa, Eksi.

“Ser, what is going on? You all cut me and...Read More »

Tale: Disrespect



Retvik remained seated in his chair, showing as much disrepect as he could muster towards the High General. He always disliked Photeianos, and now this old, spoiled brat of a Rethan was demanding that Retvik drop everything he was doing and go through a magic purple portal with a risk...Read More »

Tale: Admit

“Retvik is here. The Cassids just want to do some tests, then we’ll be sending you through, alright?” Thitavee-En was doing his best to sound pleasant, but he knew that more than half the occupants in this room were rather angry and none of them were too sure what was...Read More »

Tale: Appearances

There was no sky, only a black nothingness. No stars. No sun. No warmth. No wind. They were lucky there was breathable air. The rest of existence consisted of floating platforms covered in large golden pillars and overall very curvy but perfectly symmetrical architecture. Nothing at all seemed to move.

“Well,...Read More »

Tale: Human Appearance

“That’s the being who challenged us to come here, but what are they?”

Steve Copakon, the leader of the Mech Slayers, a team of elite, mechanically and psionically enhanced humans dedicated to destroying both religious cults and the false gods they worship, was being overly cautious. The being that had asked...Read More »

Tale: Observations

I watch as my friends mingle with the other races, being all friendly despite the fact that none of them want to be here. The feeling is mutual, the other beings don’t seem to like it in this cold, desolate place either. The Tavrans seem to live similar to us...Read More »

Tale: Troubling

Stasis is observing everyone, but he is mostly watching me.

When he pulled the four of us away, he wasn’t interested in Elksia or Arkay at all. Even Retvik and his unborn kid seemed to do nothing to pique his curiosity. He measured every part of me. Was sizing me up....Read More »

Tale: Chained Above

Galazin and I are chained up in perhaps the most awkward way possible. I’m chained to the ground, with both my arms and my legs apart, and my neck held in place so I can only look directly at Galazin. The poor Tavran is in a much harsher position, his...Read More »

Tale: Aborted

We’ve been hanging here for hours. Galazin is unwilling to do anything. He won’t touch me in any way. I don’t blame him. He’s kept his tail tucked away and out of my sight.

“Maybe you are more mortal than I believed? Or perhaps more Deitic?”

Stasis’s voice comes from everywhere and...Read More »

Tale: Battle of Stasis

Tears are dripping on me. Galazin is weeping. To my side lies the severed arm of his little brother Kitrin. Where the rest of Kitrin is, we do not know. Galazin’s whimpering isn’t the only sound we can hear though. Outside, a battle is raging.

Everyone must have seen what happened,...Read More »

Tale: Closing Portal

I regain consciousness only to find that I am upside down. I panic slightly but quickly calm down when I realise that Galazin is carrying me.


Beings are shouting and screaming everywhere. I blink a couple of times and try and work out what is going on. Everything is shaking and...Read More »

Tale: Stasis Epilogue 1

I watch as the Cassids all skitter around, gathering everyone up, applying medical aid where needed, overall just being little busy bodies. The Rethans around here are much calmer, but still rushing around and getting things done.

There’s been nothing but bad news.

Most of us are critically injured. Cuts, bruises, broken...Read More »

Tale: Stasis Epilogue 2

For some reason, Arkay was still alive.

He’d managed to free himself from the collapsing rubble, the remains of the golden islands and black floating platforms. It was all now just floating in an endless sea of space and stars. There was just enough air for Arkay to breathe. A thin,...Read More »

Tale: Thoughts after the Challenge

I sigh as the ship sails away into the unknown. On it are the bodies of four Raptai, a plant-based race of beings that were killed by Stasis. They suffocated, starved to death from the carbon dioxide they so desperately needed to live.

We intended to bury them at the Hall...Read More »