Dates and Times

The current date matches that of the current Thrope date, with Thrope year 0 AD/BCE matching the Phoviverse year 0 PDW. PDW stands for Post Deitic War, which marks the foundation of the Maza and the Circle. Dates before 0 PDW to 10,000 years before are marked as TDR, or Time of Deitic Rule, starting with 0 TDR and finishing with 10,000 TDR, before starting once more with 0 PDW. Any time before this is referred to as PDT or Pre-Deitic Times.

All races refer to the same year, despite the orbit of planets around their star. A full year is either 730 or 365 days, with planets using a 730 year naming their calendar dates as half of normal dates. For example, the first day of a month in a 365 year would be the 1st, while on a 730 year it would be two days – 1st and 1st-uch.

The dates of the year match those of a Thrope year. Each month is known as the following, based on combinations of each season name in different languages:

Genar (January)

Flevar (February)



Maios (may)

Ioni (June)


Aout (August)

Septem (September)

Octovri (October)

Noem (November)

Tesem (December)

Due to simplified calendars, planetary seasons often do not match with months of the year.

Since most planets within the Phoviverse are of similar size, all days are either 12 or 24 hours long, with each planet having its own time zones. The standard time zone that all other time zones compare to is UST – Universal Standard Time, which is the central time zone of Portalia, the only planet belonging to all sentient species. UST is identical to the Thrope time zone UTC+3.