Parallel Space Between Universes

Parallel Space Between Universes is a series set after an alternate end of the MK4 universe. It exists in the Periuniversal Void, the vast, nigh infinite space that exists between all universes. Despite being vastly empty, many a being lives within this eternal plane. Parallel Space Between Universes follows a handful of these beings.

Note that this series is an alternate future for the Phoviverse, separate from Phoviverse: The Space Between Universes

Space Between Universes 1

“Woah, kiddo, easy there! Don’t want to have to hurt ya!”

Vikalos raised his hands up in front of the little, angry creature as it tried to tear its way out of the black, inky sac that contained it. This wasn’t a new situation, in fact Vikalos and his crew had...Read More »

Space Between Universes 2

“Wakey wakey, kiddo!”

Saahro giggled to himself as the little creature leaped out of bed in shock, then scared itself even more by teleporting across the room. The teleportation seemed more of a surprise to the creature than the large, armoured death dragon was. After briefly reorientating itself, the creature tried...Read More »

Space Between Universes 3

Seimeni smiled to herself as she watched Adis and Ostos squabble.

They had originally been playing card games, betting small, glowing tokens on whoever got the closest to a random number, before moving onto another game where they had to match pairs together. But that all ended when Ostos accused Adis...Read More »

Space Between Universes 4

“I have soooooo many questions…”

Arkay’s head was spinning with confusion. He was so confused that he’d had to sit down and have something to drink. He’d nearly passed out, that was how confused he was.

First he’d been essentially trapped and comatose, locked up inside the remains of his old universe,...Read More »

Space Between Universes 5

“I dunno why you all look so glum!” Seimeni beamed as she bounced through the main hallway into the games room. “It’s like someone died in here or something!”

Thaed crossed his scythe-like arms, fooling around with an oversized hunk of meat wrapped up in yeast-free bread. The rest of Thaed’s...Read More »

Space Between Universes 6

The first observatory was dark, the lights having been dimmed for effect. A small, fire had been lit in the middle of the room, being tended to by one of the seven Decay-Lords on the ship. Outside, the faint glow of a small, newly formed universe could be seen as...Read More »

Space Between Universes 7

Seimeni didn’t bother knocking because the door was ajar. She phased through the half-closed door, not even considering bothering to open it, only to realise that maybe she should have knocked.

The new guy was lying in his bed, only partially covered, looking rather prone. He immediately squeaked in panic and...Read More »

Space Between Universes 8

Everything was dark. This surprised Arkay as, until then, he had always been able to see something. It was almost as if he was… trapped inside that cold, dead, inky universe of his again. But no, things were just dark.

Weirdly, as well as not being able to see anything, Arkay...Read More »

Space Between Universes 9

Outside, the pure white vehicle floated ominously, having drifted across the space between universes on silky golden sails, using a solid gold anchor to hold it in place. The owner of this strange ship had waved down the Deathven Vessel known as Shimmer’s Plight, demanding to speak to the Decay-Lords...Read More »

Space Between Universes 10

“So, you lovelies want to hear about a really early story of mine?”

The array of beautiful, busty, sexy Life Goddesses all giggled as they snuggled up closer to Kairos. The water around them was steaming and bubbling in a calming manner and the air, what little of it there was,...Read More »

Space Between Universes 11

Vikalos was mindlessly staring out of the large, tinted window when something tinked on the table next to him. A small clink of a noise, the sound of porcelain coming into harsh contact with granite and glass. Looking down, a small plate had been dropped onto Vikalos’s desk, spilling various...Read More »

Space Between Universes 12

Someone screamed. They screamed out in pain. Then everything went silent. Everything was dark, the air felt damp and heavy and the floor… the floor was moving. Black, glutinous tendrils covering the ground, slithering around, reaching, feeling, claiming. Another sound. A cry for help. The whole vessel was silent again....Read More »

Space Between Universes 13

Seimeni had no idea whether she was doing the right thing or not. She knew what she was doing, but she didn’t know if it was helping their current situation. Or doing anything at all, really.

Well, she was doing something. She was ramming a ship through a mass of corruption....Read More »

Space Between Universes 14

Arkay was beginning to feel that maybe all of this was a trap. Not a trap for the Decay-Lords he had just saved, but a trap to get him. Or at the very least, a trap to get all of them, with Arkay being the grand prize.

He wasn’t really sure...Read More »

Space Between Universes 15

“How is he doing?” Vikalos asked as he peered through the tiny window.

Myyxa shrugged. “This one does not talk to me. These others are all well. All back to normal. But this one is… One should not say broken, but damaged.”

“Can I go in and speak to the child?”

“Yes, but...Read More »

Space Between Universes 16

“You know there is more to existence than toasted cheese sandwiches, right?”

Ostos stood in the kitchen doorway, his skeletal centaur rear end partially blocking the main hallway behind him.

“There’s not much else to existence, really…” Arkay muttered. This was the first time Ostos had seen the Decayling since the incident...Read More »

Space Between Universes 17

Vikalos sighed as he activated the holo-communicator in the centre of his office. He kneeled down on the raised circle on the ground, muttered a few words, then waited. After a few awkwardly silent moments, a holographic 2d image appeared in front of Vikalos, towering over him.

“Ah, Lord Vikalos, you...Read More »

Space Between Universes 18

“Your fate has been decided.”

Arkay was struggling to comprehend how all of this had happened. As soon as he had arrived in Deathven alongside Vikalos, everything had been a strange rush. Rather than getting a tour of the place, Arkay had been marched from strange location to strange location, accompanied...Read More »

Space Between Universes 19

The cell door slid closed, finally separating Arkay from the armed guards that had been leading him around this massive facility. In front of him was Arkay’s new home, what was essentially a hermetically sealed studio apartment. There was a grand total of one window, which looked out into the...Read More »

The Shattering

I used to ask myself whether I was an evil individual. I was a god of life and death within a large universe, the sole decider over who lived and who died. Billions, trillions over the course of existence would come to me, begging me to let them live for...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 1

Rubble and debris covered this entire sector, making it impossible for larger ships to pass through. The remains of the first Deathven were immense, yet after so long, drifting endlessly in a timeless space, there was still so much that was unsalvaged, untouched and unexplored. While the main living areas...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 2

Arkay yawned as he stretched out his arms. He had intended just to have a quick nap, but frankly he had been exhausted from all that rushing around, all those tests and things like that. Now he had had a proper rest though, Arkay was ready to enjoy his brand...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 3

Things had been oddly quiet on the Shimmer’s Plight. It seemed as if everyone was somewhat ignoring Arkay’s presence. They weren’t completely ignoring him or anything. Thaed had been happy to see Arkay at first and Ostos seemed somewhat glad to see someone else alive. Apart from the odd nod...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 4


Arkay did as he was told. The hulking beast that was Vikalos had somewhat forcefully taken Arkay from one ship to another. In this smaller, much more orange ship, a plain room had been prepared in the cargo bay, waiting for the two beings. As soon as Arkay had sat...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 5

TK’s ship seemed very nice, especially compared to the other ships Arkay had been on. Everything was clean and tidy and very well lit, with automatic doors and cute little robots that continuously cleaned the floor. The strange thing though was the lack of rooms. Actual rooms that weren’t just...Read More »

Periuniversal Void 6

“TK, are you there?”

Vikalos’s heavy fist slammed on the entrance to the small Deathven Vessel. He had been waiting patiently for too long now, waiting for the young captain to tell him that his friend was dead.

“TK, I need answers!”

A familiar orange crystalline Decay-Lord appeared in the doorway. He had...Read More »