Welcome to the Phoviverse

Times are changing. After a cataclysmic fight against the Armies of the Voidborns, Kinisis has dismantled the Phoviverse’s walls, merging it with the Periuniversal Void. This strange new omniuniversal landscape, often called the Space Between Universes, is home to many a denizen, from crusader-like Voidborns, former Goddesses of Life beginning anew and the ever-present threat that is the Corruption, which seeks to consume all. Far way from his old home, Arkadin has found new friends. Now a member of the Thantir Decay Lords and accompanied by his old friend Retvik and new acquaintance Litvir, the three new Decaylings hope to explore the Space Between Universes for themselves.

Back in the remains of Kinisis’s old universe, work is underway. The sudden demise of the Voidborn entity Kenon has left a vast, unclaimed treasure in the universe’s centre. With a little help from their mother, Epani, Yisini and Kairos are now working together to exploit this new precious commodity, as well as build a new paradise for themselves, within the rubble of the past.


The Phoviverse is an ever-growing collection of short stories following the goings-on in an incomprehensible space between other universes. Each story documents a tiny fragment of the Phoviverse, leading from one event to the next in a vague chronological order.

Most recent stories can be accessed from the sidebar, and ongoing series can be found under the Stories menu. The majority of events occur on the date they are published, unless specified otherwise at the end of the story.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!