Welcome to the Phoviverse

Things are rather quiet in the Phoviverse right now. Tensions have calmed down between the Vohra and the Temthans, the leaders of the Rethans and the Vrekans have become friends and Deitic interference is at an all time new low. Everyone is doing rather well, and the economies of the Maza systems seem to be picking up after a short downturn back in August. Many believe that this renewed prosperity is due to the increased happiness of Kinisis, the Personification of Life, Death and Rebirth, but the Mistress of the Cycle is known to be a rather temperamental being…


The Phoviverse (shortened from Phovos’s Universe), is its own unique universe, with main locations scattered around a parallel version of our Milky Way, set round about the same time as us humans. It contained a small collection of solar systems, in which various intelligent beings have evolved. There’s all sorts of weird stuff, from weird species to god-like beings to gigantic nests of small, insectoid monsters.

This wiki, which is not a wiki at all, is an attempt to chronicle the goings on within this small area of space. It’s currently a work in progress, so there’s going to be a lot of gaps.

Most recent stories can be accessed from the sidebar, and ongoing series can be found under the Stories menu. The majority of events occur on the date they are published, unless specified otherwise at the end of the story.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!