Welcome to the Phoviverse

In the Phoviverse, Kinisis watches as on as her beloved family works. The Dragon God of Time soars across the void, tying together the strings of causality. The Leviathan Goddess of Space drifts through the universe’s currents, piecing together stars and planets. The Serpentine Goddess of Life coils around each humble world, creating and evolving new life. The Cervid Lord of the Void stands guard on the universe’s edge, protecting it from outside threats. But the Shadowborn God of Decay has been missing. While his actions and reactions are still felt across the universe, where the Thantophor is and what he is up to, nobody knows…


The Phoviverse has been reborn. Kinisis has created a new universe, far less complicated and convoluted than ever. It is filled with things that do not quite make sense, such as an array of strange species, weird worlds and events good and bad.

This wiki, which is not a wiki at all, is an attempt to chronicle the goings on within this small universe. The new MK4 universe is a work in progress, and new information will be added periodically.

Most recent stories can be accessed from the sidebar, and ongoing series can be found under the Stories menu. The majority of events occur on the date they are published, unless specified otherwise at the end of the story.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!