Inaccessible Kinigi

Confused as Fuck

Arkay was supposed to be in Kinigi right now.

Normally, whenever Arkay summoned his shadowy cloak, he’d disappear in a puff of smoke and reappear wherever it was he wanted to go. For some reason, that clearly wasn’t happening right now.

At first, Arkay wondered if maybe Kinisis wasn’t letting him back...Read More »

A Glass Cage, A Metal Spear

“This… isn’t the spaceport…” Arkay muttered as consciousness returned to him. “This is clearly some sort of large, glass cage…”

The Veth Prime rubbed his eyes, then had a look around. Everything looked rather cloudy and foggy, but also rather… nice, almost.

“Hey, kiddo!”

Something suddenly burst out of the clouds. A huge...Read More »

Harmony Island Bar

“You’d think, being suddenly immortal, everyone would calm down a bit…”

Arkay woke up with a shock. Was someone talking to him? Why was the floor made out of wood? Why did everything smell like alcohol? Where was he?

Something fluttered by. A broom. Kicking up dust.

“Huh, you awake now?”

They WERE talking...Read More »

Discussing Parts of Immortality

“So, everyvok’s immortal again, huh?” Veeksiar sighed as he stared out of the domed window that made for the roof of the Great Library. “Twice in what, five years? Clearly my lunatic theory that the Dessaron reappearing broke the flow of the universe is true.”

Elkay didn’t say anything as he...Read More »

Differences in Actions

“WHERE IS HE?” Stasis bellowed as he stormed through the entrance of the cloud castle, wisps of blackness flowing off him.

Kairos though didn’t respond. He was concentrating on a large, cloudy, glowing orb that was hovering between his hands.


Still no response. Stasis charged up...Read More »

Highs and Lows

A small fire crackled, heating up a pot of Weedling, a popular marijuana-like drug among the locals. It was evening, Keith had closed up early and no one else had even attempted to pop by. It was just him, Arkay and the relaxing smoke coming from the pot of drugs.

Opposite...Read More »

Squabbling with Kinisis

“Well this is great…” Kinisis rolled her eyes as she watched the rivers slowly drain away. “Completely block me out, why don’t you?”

The Lady of the Cycle turned to face one of her servants, who had just entered the room.


“Is it good news?” she immediately snapped. “Otherwise I don’t want...Read More »

A Familiar Face in the Middle of Nowhere

Keith couldn’t help but laugh as he watched Arkay flail around on the floor, having fallen out of his bunk bed. Really, he should have been sympathetic, it seemed like Arkay had been woken by a bad dream, but he was an angel of death or something like that, he...Read More »

A Complete Disappearance

“Hey Keith!” Veeyel shouted as he knocked on the door. “Can I come in yet?”

The centaur-like creature stomped his hooves in frustration. Veeyel could see him through the frosted windows, looking around for something.

“Keith, you alright?”

The door flew open, nearly hitting Veeyel, before flying back and...Read More »

The Temper of a Cycle

“You two have no idea how angry I am with you.”

Kinisis paced up and down, each step causing the ground to shudder ever so slightly. Kairos and Stasis kept their eyes on her, trying to ignore the massive amount of construction going on behind them.

“We’re lucky we caught this early....Read More »