Rethan Stripes

Fun fact. As the Retha are a heavily militarised race, it is important to know the rank of who you are speaking to. The average Retha is normally the average soldier, but all Retha spend three weeks a year doing army duty and honing their skills. Rethan soldiers on duty will have “Stripes” and “Studs” – small metal coloured spikes – on their upper arm armour indicating their rank. The default soldier ranks are one to three stripes. The next ranks up all the way to lieutenant have a combination of stripes and spiked studs in their upper right arm armour. Members of medical units, rather than having studs, have a small dagger strapped to their arm while on duty.

The Ksa, the Rethan Soldier Elite, always have two studs and no stripes on their upper right arm, while the two teams of Ksa who defend the High General and Vice General (currently the N- and K-Classes) have two studs on both their upper arms.

The highest ranked Retha, the Generals, wear pauldrons and two studs per arm, as well as two studs on each of their heels and stripes matching the colours of their legion. The High and Vice GeneralsĀ  do not need to wear their stripes. Nonetheless, their stripes are similar to that of normal generals, but the High General wears long, grey, red, black or gold studs and the Vice General wears gold/silver and purple studs.