The Travels of Kayel

Tale: Stasis in Waiting

I remember the moment when I gave in. It was when I was told what had happened to Veeyel, the one being I loved more than anything else in this stupid universe. I’d failed to teleport him out with the rest of us. They drove him insane, questioning him on...Read More »

Tale: The Shroud of Kinigi

The shores of Kinigi are far more beautiful than I could ever imagine. A rose pink sky with scattered silver clouds above me, blue-green grass ahead of me and glowing water lapping at my side. I lie in the shallow water. The sand is soft, like sleeping on a silk...Read More »

Tale: Retrieved

I have been here for over a week, lying in a puddle of inky black nothingness. My body aches. My mind begs for an end. My stomach begs for something to enter it, my mouth wishes to taste food or drink, but I have denied myself both, despite them being...Read More »

Tale: Journey to Skiavoun

I have been asking myself a lot of questions, and struggling to answer most of them. I do not know our current location, but from the taste of the air, the amount of oxygen and nitrogen in it, I know we are not on a Panvok world. Too much oxygen....Read More »

My Life, Flashing By

Okay, let me recap.

My name is Kayel Theanon.

I’m 63 years old. A middle-aged Rethan. I’m an L-Class Ksa, technically retired, legally deceased. Right now, I am barricaded in a house filled with many of the materialistic items I have wanted throughout my life, while the monster that assaulted me and...Read More »

Tale: Midnight Attack

I can’t sleep.

In a house full of decadence and material desires, I can’t sleep. There is a constant gnawing sensation in the back of my mind, like someone trying to get in. On top of the banging outside, I’m amazed I’ve managed to sleep at all. Psivee-En keeps on insisting...Read More »

Tale: Trapped in the Dark

I can’t move.

I can’t move!



Calm down.

Where am I? No idea. It’s dark. Completely and utterly black. Probably where I was trapped before. Dark. Almost peaceful…
Wait. I hear footsteps. They’re too heavy to be Psivee-En’s. He’s probably dead. After all that. He shouldn’t have died. He did wrong...Read More »

Tale: Exposed Feelings

I thought I’d be dead by now. Then again, I’d only know for certain when I end up back in Kinigi. It can’t be long now.

Things are moving. Around me. Over me. Inside me. All I can smell and taste is my own blood. All I can hear is my...Read More »

Tale: Rebirth's Aftermath

It is beautiful here.

The sun set ages ago, but its rays still tickle the horizon, spreading light above the hills and trees, reflecting and refracting in the lake below me. I’m hovering above all of it. This isn’t Kinigi, but it is close.

Can’t help but want to stay here. After...Read More »

Tale: Jungle Hospital

The local Thanatians seem uncertain of my presence. My very being here is scaring them, for reasons I do not understand. But my quest has been long in spite of my new powers. Thankfully, it is coming to an end.

“Where is Psivee-En?” I ask as calmly as possible. My voice...Read More »

Tale: Dovgokul Temple

It has taken me too long to arrive here. I have been sidetracked by other events going on elsewhere. It seems as though my attempts to protect both myself, Psivee-En and my own kids has been for nothing.

Arkay is gone. Where he has gone, no one knows. Of course I...Read More »

Tale - Convert

The only source of light in the small tree house came from the moonlight outside, shining in through a plastic-covered window. The house consisted of a single room, made from plastic and metal sheeting, containing only the barest of necessities. Two beds, a food preparation area, storage and little else....Read More »

Tale - A Good Ending

As I stand here on this cliff, overlooking the beautiful mountains and forests of these Thraki-owned lands, I can’t help but think how things have changed. For the better, for once.

It wasn’t long ago that I was fighting for my life. Running away from the world. I was being chased...Read More »