Where were you when the Soul Ruptured?

Note: This may or may not have happened.

Gath Tsoriou

Where was I? At our team quarters in Palaestra. Kohgrah had been injured, I was on break and offered to take his place for a Dessaron battle. I was chatting with my dear friend Vel, while Kass was in the basement, having invited his friend Arkay round. I believe Vel was fighting the effects of his rebirth before it properly hit him, he was complaining of a voice in his head. I was surprised when he attacked me, but more surprised at how quickly he changed. We fought briefly and Vel fled to the north, taking a wall with him, only to try and sneak up on me. A blow to the head knocked him out.

I went down to check on Kass and Arkay, only to hear growls worryingly similar to those Vel had made. Kass was terrified, holding the door shut. With some careful timing, we managed to get Vel in the basement with Arkay. But when Kass returned later, it appeared they had both escaped.

Baxavius Thynanium

I was at home studying the techniques of Vrekan four-blade fighting. I had been along all day until something tore through my garden. I grabbed the first weapon I could find (a spear) and rushed to see what was happening and found two Toanex of all things fighting what I first presumed to be an Ethran-type Retha but later found out was a Veth. The Toanex were struggling. I was unsure whether to intervene, because of my duties as a member of the Dessaron Army, when but the being tore the throat out of one of the Toanex, I decided enough was enough and stabbed the creature through the skull. The creature roared and ran down the hill at a very worrying speed. I was unable to persue it.

The Toanex was on the ground, bleeding to death but not actually dying. I asked them what had happened, and neither of them knew, so I stayed with them until they were fit enough to leave.

Elkay Theanon

I was not in the meeting with the High General. It was a private matter. One of the other generals was resigning due to some sort of scandal, I am not sure what. But my office was down the hall and the screams were clear as day, even though the heavy, mud-brick walls. Teekay was immediately at the door, making sure I was alright, as were the rest of my guards. The N-Class were also on the ball, but they were not fast enough to stop whatever happened.

The other general was lying on the floor, blood pouring everywhere, as were two of the N-Class, Ayen and Veeyen. The window had been smashed from the inside and Photeianos was missing. The three Retha’s injuries should have killed them, but all three of them were breathing. While my Ksa helped carry them away, I asked Ayen, the least injured, what happened. He said that the High General had turned into some sort of monster, attacked them and fled.

It suddenly occurred to me that I would have to take the place of High General in Photeianos’s absence. My first act was to declare a state of emergency, like any sane vok would do.

Kalsa Warrior Tahlok

My first thoughts when I entered the Queen’s chambers was that one of our poor, tortured Varga had escaped, tried to make a bid for freedom and taken a wrong turn, but when I saw what happened, I was absolutely horrified. There was no evidence of anyone breaking in, only breaking out and leaving a trail of bodies as it did so. Our Queen lay dead on the ground, her body torn into a myriad of pieces, her organs strewn across the room. She may have been a horrible queen but no one deserved to leave this world like that.

What horrified me more though was when her body slowly started pulling itself together, as did the many corpses left behind. None of them were dead. Clearly the beast that did this knew that, as it returned to the scene of the crime to drag away our Queen’s severed head, despite our valiant efforts to stop it.

I’ll be honest, I threw up.

Kindyna, the Warper of the Mind

Spy work has always been my pride and joy but I wasn’t interested in this enemy tribesthan I had been tasked with stealing info from. Still, I was hungry and so was he. Except I waited and waited and he never turned up. I reached out with my telepathy and found that he was no longer an enemy tribesthan, just an enemy. Tearing through his own. Not one for getting into unneeded fights, I left the tribe to fight among itself. Something amazing was happening and I didn’t want to get caught up in it.

Geoff, leader of the Vaxintor Bayvak tribe

We watched with curiosity, not sure what was happening. There was a Bayvak on his deathbed. We observed him closely as he bled out but refused to die. It took us a few minutes to realise that he would not end his life. Not from sheer will, but from inability. We tested our theory among ourselves, then grabbed our etchers and began recording. For history was unfolding everywhere.