Ceres Lich

“Alright. There are three areas left on Ceres. What do you prefer, Spy, Interception or Hijack?” Inaros grunted to himself as he mulled over his three options. He stared glumly at the navigation panel, not really enjoying either of those choices. But that was all his cohort had left. “What kind of Spy mission?” Inaros … Read more Ceres Lich


“Welcome to my throne!” Inaros beamed as he welcomed Volt in with open arms. The room was filled with Ayatan Sculptures, all thrown into a vaguely chair-shaped heap. Around the base of the Ayatan heap was a small collection of noggles, most of which were of bobble-headed Inaroses. “What do you think?” Volt glanced around … Read more Smallnaros

The Adventures of Volt and Smaller Volt

“Hey, space mum!” Volt rolled his neural sensors as he received another message from an Excalibur he had recently taken under his wing. Unlike the first Excalibur, who seemed to know what he was doing and just lacked the firepower, this Excalibur was filled with questions. Questions and annoying nicknames for Volt. “Please don’t call … Read more The Adventures of Volt and Smaller Volt


“JATTTASEY!” One panicked, static-filled word just flooded the comms. We pick up signals like this all the time, but as we’re nothing more than a shipment vessel, there’s not much we can do about them. It’s always the much larger military ships that get attacked anyway. The problem is that we’re currently docked at V … Read more Jatttasey!


Volt waved cheerily as he watched the young Mag fly off in her plain grey Liset. He had accidentally stumbled into a Grineer mining facility where they had been secretly broadcasting attack patterns and security information to other Grineer ships waiting in orbit, and this poor Mag seemed to be really struggling on her own. … Read more Oooooold