Veth 4 Dead

Tale - Veth 4 Dead

“What just happened?” Iatre asked as he pulled himself out of something pink and gooey, a cross between clay and chewing gum. “One minute we’re trying to stop Death from getting bad and the next we’re… here?”

“Clearly something didn’t fucking work!” Arkay growled, peeling pink stuff off his skin, before...Read More »

Tale - Questions for Veth

Iatre had been full of questions, asking everything from “how big is Kinigi?” to “what’s the average girth of a Veth?” As they walked, Continuity had politely answered as many questions as he could, although there were a lot of things he couldn’t answer. Syklos had simply lead the way,...Read More »

Tale - A Place for Sleep

Iatre stretched only to find that something was next to and on top of him. He panicked only for a moment, but luckily it was just Arkay, who had clearly fallen asleep and fallen off his little hammock. A hammock made out of the skin of some unlucky creature they’d...Read More »

Tale - Hungry for Something

“You horny?”

This was the second time Arkay had woken Iatre up. Last time he had a bit of an existential crisis. This time, he seemed to want sex. Which wasn’t too weird, after all, the last time they screwed, Iatre had enjoyed it, even if it had all...Read More »

Tale - Sketching Changes

Istoria had been watching Death move stuff around for several hours. She didn’t want to be sitting in that awkward, slightly painful chair, but she didn’t want to anger Death either. The last time she had asked if she could move, Death ‘accidentally’ dropped the heaviest thing she could find...Read More »

Tale - Melting for Her

“Is it just me, or does this place make no sense?” Iatre asked as the four Veth wearily walked through a valley. Its walls were the same squidgy pink material that coated everything else. The only difference was that this was a valley and not a hill or an open...Read More »

Tale - Rage at Death

Everything in Kinigi was swirling around, as if a gigantic tornado was blowing through. The eye of the storm was above Death’s home, and that was where Continuity and Syklos had teleported themselves to. There was no way they could walk through the thick, forceful winds that were tearing everything...Read More »

Tale - Time for Rest

“Well, at least we came to a peaceful resolution…” the Veth Prime sighed as Syklos and Continuity helped him put on a familiar set of straps. “How long am I going to be subconsciously running the universe for this time?”

Continuity looked up and shrugged. “I do not know, Arkay. But...Read More »

Tale - A Universe in One's Veins

Arkay stood on the shores of Kinigi, a vast, glistening ocean lapping at his clawed feet. In the distance, there was nothing. A darkness, a one-way path directing the souls of the universe to the Kinigian beaches and the eternal River.

Each time he blinked, millions would die. Their souls would...Read More »