Army of Four

These stories follow the adventures of Kohra, Kayen, Timik and Phovos, four beings with the ability to harm gods and having no idea what is going on.

Offerings for Horah

“That is an abnormally large tribute, Raptor…”

Phovos ignored the unfriendly Ksithan peering over her shoulder. Gindis was always a pain in the ass, and he was always around whenever Phovos came to the Great Temple for worship. He may have just been a steward and advisor here at the Temple,...Read More »

Blinded In The Dark

“I wish you wouldn’t do that.”

Arkadin had planned on going to the shops down the road to get some drinks for himself and his mortal friend Kohra. He’d stepped out of the front door though and been instantly transported into a dark, shadowy realm. This particular realm was familiar though,...Read More »

A Drake's Better Offer

The note had told Phovos to wait in this back room, near the rear entrance of the local police station. She’d been getting a lot of notes lately, to the point that she’d decided to do some rather strange things. All the notes warned her of impending doom, of pain...Read More »

The Very Sexy Skyavok

“Hey Ziten…” Kayen grumbled as he sat down at the booth. He and Ziten always sat in this little corner, where they could watch the rest of the goings on in the bar. It had been a while since they last spoke though.

“Hey mate!” Ziten was perky as always. She’d...Read More »

Subverted Expectations

Kayen was absolutely terrified. In the last five hours, he had been teleported across the universe, met the terrifying being known as the Raptor, met a horrific Temthan who was capable of the same telepathy Kayen was, realised they werd working with the Dragon God of time and had been...Read More »

Phone Call Reunion


Kayef-En’s voice sounded scratchy and stressed down the line. Kayen sat wearily at the desk, staring off into space.

“Hi dad…”

“Where are you? Where have you been?”

Kayen rubbed his eyes. It was a long, complicated story.

“Somevok took me. Skyavok, white skin, crystal blue armour. I’m in the...Read More »

Cell in the Mist

Kayen sat in the corner, tears streaming from his eyes. Nothing made any sense. At some point while he’d been sleeping, he’d been taken from a hospital and chucked inside a cold, damp cell. Why? Kayen had no idea. He was ill and exhausted and hungry. He should have been...Read More »

Plucked from Horrible Jaws

There was a weird knocking sound. It was bothering Kayen. Disturbing his sleep. Reminding him of where he was. He rolled over, trying to turn away from the sounds. But they only got louder and louder.

After a while, the air felt warmer. There was a breeze. Wind blowing through. Kayen...Read More »

Religious Punishment

Timik was having a bad day.

He was supposed to have gone home, put on his nice armour and then gone out for a morning piss-up at his favourite bar, score some chicks, get laid and then spend the afternoon in the back garden, lying in his inflatable jacuzzi with whoever...Read More »

Hunted by Deities

“I didn’t think I’d be seeing you all again so soon…”

Timik stared at the little Skyavok in front of him. The Skyavok stared at a plate of toast and slices of smoked ham in front of Timik. He didn’t reply to Timik’s words though.

The two of them were sitting on...Read More »

Awful Advertisements for the Allbirther

“Hey, I need your help.”

Timik had a rather horrified look on his face as he slammed a pile of leaflets on Phovos’s coffee table. He, Kohra and Kayen had all been staying at her place for the last few weeks, simply because it was the most secure place around. True,...Read More »

Beginnings of an Insane Plan

Phovos looked down at her own chest, then compared it to the busty look Kohra had pulled out of goodness knows where. He certainly looked like a female Temthan. Probably too much like a female Temthan. After a long, awkward sigh, Phovos glanced at Timik, who was sitting on the...Read More »

Entering and Breaking

“Why is there a motherfucking queue in this fucking piece of shit building to undergo this retarded procedure?”

Out of the four of them, Kayen didn’t expect Phovos, the Raptor of Palaestra, to be the neurotic, overly swearing being when it came to telepathic mind links. Although to be fair, the...Read More »

Regaining Memories

“Are you alright, Kohra?”

Kohra looked up, then further up. He’d forgotten how tall Kayen was. Kayen wasn’t tall, but he was now taller than Kohra.


“Do you need, like, some water or something?”

“No, no thank you.”

Kayen shrugged as he sat down next to Kohra. “I’ve not seen you like this before....Read More »

The Great Gooing

“This is fucked up.”

Everything in the house was coated in a horrible, sticky substance that trapped and entangled anything it touched. Particularly sentient lifeforms, gluing them to the ground and stopping them from moving. More sticky substances blocked out the windows and locked up the doors, preventing any sort of...Read More »

Dead Sacs

Everything was sticky and horrible, but at least Kayen could move.

The little Skyavok had no idea how long he’d been lying there on the ground. He remembered passing out, but that was about it. He’d had some sort of dream about some sort of organic machine trying to suck things...Read More »


In the hours (or was it days?) that Kayen had spent wandering around this facility, he had seen some awful things. Freshly cut up corpses. Live births of monsters and beasts. The farming of organs and tissues. The testing of horrible substances, from powerful sedatives to seizure-inducing poisons. The creation...Read More »


“That looks bad…”

“Trust me, he got the best deal out of the four of us…”

Kayen and Phovos glanced up at the fleshy machinery above them, Phovos signing in disbelief and Kayen feeling too embarrassed to ask what the machines were actually doing. Tubes and pipes fed in and out of...Read More »

Stretched Kronospasts

“I’m getting worried…” Phovos muttered as the three beings hid inside an air duct.

“Worried about what?” Kayen whispered. His eyes were closed, they had been for a while. Between the lack of food, the running around in the dark and the things that seemed to be following them, Kayen was...Read More »

Unwanted Burning

Arkadin smiled as the facility swiftly began to burn and collapse. Normally he didn’t enjoy this sort of thing, but this horrible place was one of Yisini’s little ‘secret bases’ where she gathered up huge amounts of genetic material to use in her experiments, so Arkadin was quite happy that...Read More »

Very, Very Lost

“What do we know so far?”

Kohra shrugged as he watched Timik pace up and down. “Not much. Atmosphere is mostly oxygen and argon, with high amounts of carbon dioxide and oddly low levels of nitrogen. Weather seems to always be clear, with clouds not really forming. I don’t recognise any...Read More »

A Shadowy Tribe

They’d walked for a long time through the wilderness, being led by a convoy of powerful, muscular Banikans, each one of them probably powerful enough to take on a tank, let alone the Temthan, Ksithan, Kronospast and Skyavok they’d captured.

The Banikans were of a multitude of colours, mostly warm hues...Read More »

The Banikan's Tale

“A long time ago, the universe was created. The universe was fine until intelligent life began to bloom. Life soon began to realise that maybe the universe wasn’t as good as it seemed. Of course, blame was sought.

“The Serpent of Space wanted nothing to do with blame. She after all...Read More »

A Massive Crisis of Confidence

“This place looks very scary and very bad…”

Phovos stared out of the cockpit window, out into the depths of space. Ahead of them was a colossal golden gate with electromagnetic gravitational projectors around each side, each the size of a small moon. The projectors stopped anything, from ships to meteors...Read More »

An Argument of the Ages

The four deities sat around the glass table, awkwardly looking anywhere but at Kinisis. The Allmaker was prancing around, naked as usual, rummaging for packets of biscuits and making sure that everyone had a drink. She’d for some reason also brought a sword along with her, a pretty basic-looking one...Read More »


The ship skidded to a halt on a rather flat, rocky outcrop, coming to a sudden halt. Its occupants didn’t have a chance to see whether the atmosphere outside was breathable or not as a large, sharp rock had stabbed straight through the hull of the ship. There was no...Read More »

Eternal Strings of Questions

“So, uh, what are you going to do?”

Kayen had asked that question a couple of times, but the goddess hadn’t answered him yet. She’d start saying something, then change her mind and go back to fiddling with… things. Machines, Kayen assumed.

Really, the whole room made no sense. It was both...Read More »

Wasted Breath

Kinisis rolled her eyes as she started turning off machinery. She seemed somewhat angry, and the other deities all knew why. Someone had been fiddling with time.

“KAIROS, GET YOUR BACKSIDE IN HERE RIGHT NOW!” the Allmaker roared. Epani and Yisini both cowered in their little perches. Kenon sighed. The four...Read More »

Last Steps Home

“He’s going to kill us…” Timik muttered as the four of them followed the Thantophor through a dimly glowing portal.

The portal led them to a charred, formerly grassy terrain with the remains of a cottage house nearby. A dusty road and a concrete path around the house were the only...Read More »

A Welcome from the General

The last couple of days had been a blur. Between the celebrations of people coming back to life, and government organizations wanting to question them, Phovos had barely had the time to sit down. Kohra had been reunited with his brother. Kayen had been reunited with his father. Timik managed...Read More »

Feeling Undeserving

“You alright, Kayen?” Kohra smiled as he let himself in, throwing his keys and wallet into a nearby bowl. Ever since the whole “being captured” thing, none of them had been particularly right. Kayen in particular had been taking it all rather badly. In fact, he had basically been living...Read More »

Meetup at Kohra's

“Time sure seems to fly, doesn’t it?”

Timik pulled up a stool and sat in one of the empty spaces at the table. Phovos and Kayen sat on the other side of the table while Kohra was in the kitchen, fetching drinks and snacks.

“I guess…” Kayen sighed. “I assume you three...Read More »

God-Given Adventure

“… And how long do you want your items to be kept in storage, ser?”

“Um… indefinitely.”

“So you are aware, there is a one week time fee when it comes to removing storage if you do not set a time.”

“That’s fine.”

“What about your current housing unit, ser?”

“I won’t be needing it.”

“Very...Read More »

Planning An Adventure

“So, before we go off gallivanting across the universe in my ship, we need a plan.”

Phovos was clearly a little excited. She’d invited everyone round to her newly rebuilt home, ordered in some sort of takeaway meal for everyone and bought plenty of drinks.

“Kayen, what’s the mission?”

Kayen looked around the...Read More »

Questions on a Long Flight

For millennia, the crumbling towers of Thre-Thenta had been nothing more than abandoned ruins. Thre-Thenta had been a powerful stronghold, one of the capitals of the budding Threavok empire, but these days it was nothing more than a curiosity, an old relic studied by Skyan scholars.

In its prime though, Thre-Thenta...Read More »

Raptor Versus Skyan

Phovos wasn’t sure how it all happened, but she was going toe to toe with an insanely strong Skyavok. If she hadn’t been the famous Raptor of Palaestra, she would have been very scared, but right now she was simply worried.

It had all started when she and Timik had picked...Read More »

Unbelievable Stories

“So let me get this straight… The Thantophor crash-landed in your garden and dragged himself into your living room, claiming that your house was his nearest place of worship, fell unconscious and allowed you to remove a blade wedged into his side, then woke up, apologised and left when you...Read More »

Immediately Forgotten Words

“He’s doing his job again, but where from?” Kayen muttered.

“Pardon?” Kohra turned around and asked Kayen if he was alright. “What did you say?”

Kayen blinked his eyes. “What?”

“You said something…” Kohra had noticed that Kayen had been trailing the rest of the group ever since they’d started walking through the...Read More »