Twisted Parallels

Silver Moon

The tiny moon looked desolate at first, but as the miniature sun slowly orbited around it, it became clear that it was no ordinary planetoid. The entire sphere was approximately 600km in diameter, with a pale blue ocean around both its poles and a strip of land across its equator....Read More »

Mirrored Views

“Uh, Galyn? Need some help here!”

Arkay hurriedly hit the massive emergency stop button up above him, but to his dismay, the ship hadn’t quite slowed down as much as he’d hoped. There was still a lot of forward momentum, moving towards the massive silver pyramid that had just appeared in...Read More »

Twinned Conflict

“We are gonna board them?”

Rethanius hissed as he tugged on the chains around Kallus’s neck. “Of course we are! What are you, dumb?”

“But why?” Kallus was confused. Whenever they had stopped Mortemnan ships in the past, they’d just gone and blown them up straight away. If anyone ever survived, only...Read More »


Kallus scrambled his way through the narrow ship, not exactly sure what he was looking for. His master had told him to kill a Life Goddess, so that was what Kallus was going to do, but he was otherwise low on instructions. What did this Life Goddess look like? He...Read More »

Mindfields and Molten Memories

Litvir shook his head, desperately trying to clear the fog from his mind. He concentrated on the floor beneath him, the weird, golden indentations on each floor tile. In the sudden conflict, Litvir must have stumbled out of the cargo bay and onto… something. He wasn’t sure, and his mind...Read More »

Eternal Threats

Weapons clashed against each other, armour scraped across armour and blood and sweat had been exchanged for a little too long. Throughout this entire fight though, Retvik was pretty sure that Rethanius hadn’t stopped shouting once. No matter how many times the two warriors crashed into each other, no matter...Read More »

Life Versus Void

Kallus cowered in the corner, hiding behind piles of destroyed cargo, terrified and completely unsure what to do. What had been the first peaceful moment he’d had in decades had abruptly turned into carnage, as his Master had stumbled across him and his target both just… talking to each other....Read More »

One-Armed Offer

Galyn’s eyes clicked open, scanning the environment before Galyn himself was properly conscious. Once he was certain it was safe to move, Galyn slowly sat upright, trying to work out where he was and what had happened. Immediately though, one word struck his mind: Failure.

The Voidborn entity had proven to...Read More »

Bedroom Offer

“Hey, you busy?”

Arkay grunted as he wiped spit from his mouth, then reached for a towel to clean his face. That was the third time he had thrown up horrible gold ooze and now he was getting a little concerned.


Standing by the door was Kalis, the little half-Life Goddess that...Read More »

Decision to Head Back

“Wait, Death’s Heaven is real?”

Galyn nodded. “It is.”

“Is it… as the name suggests, heaven?”


Kalis’s eyes widened. He had come to speak to this ancient Decay Lord about the worrying thoughts in the back of his mind. Years of abuse and programming that Kalis was worried could make him suddenly snap....Read More »

Screams and Claws


Kalis braced himself as he was blown out of the room, into the hallway and through the door opposite. He had clearly struck a nerve, but he didn’t think Arkay would lash out like that. With a snarl, and ignoring the fact that he had just accidentally broken...Read More »

Pod Remorse

“Ugh, I really, really fucked up.”

The tiny pod was barely big enough for one occupant, yet there were four seats wedged into it, two of them empty. This pod was going straight to the Decay Lord stronghold known as Deathven, and normally the trip would be instantaneous, but apparently there...Read More »