Decision to Head Back

“Wait, Death’s Heaven is real?”

Galyn nodded. “It is.”

“Is it… as the name suggests, heaven?”


Kalis’s eyes widened. He had come to speak to this ancient Decay Lord about the worrying thoughts in the back of his mind. Years of abuse and programming that Kalis was worried could make him suddenly snap. But as Galyn explained what Kalis’s options to heal himself were, Kalis was struck by awe.

“There is a wonderful place for Death Gods to go to, to be happy and retire?”

“Essentially, yes. You do have to-”


“More likely, the truth was deliberately hidden from you. Most Life Goddesses intentionally keep their deities in the dark when it comes to life after their universes. They do not want their gods running away and potentially having a good time.”

Kalis fell silent, kinda confused. His confusion was interrupted by one of the other Decay Lords, the gold-armoured and weirdly attractive Retvik, wandering in with a box full of flyers.

“Ser, we forgot to leave these at the last Life Oasis.”

“You use fucking flyers to inform people?” Kalis exclaimed abruptly. “Where’s Letharus? Does he know about this place? I think he’d love it there!”

Retvik replied with a grunt. “Litvir is trying to peel him out of his bedroom and into the medical bay. Poor bastard keeps on trying to put himself in a coma.” With another grunt, Retvik turned his attention to Galyn. “I do not want to sound rude, but I am not a fan of your lack of judgement right now. Kalis here is a flight risk and we are not capable of giving Letharus the help he needs.”

“Plus, he kinda nearly got you three killed,” Kalis added.

“Also true!” Retvik tutted. “We vastly underestimated the threat and nearly paid the price for it.”

Galyn frowned. “Well… you are correct. I screwed up and in a major way, and yes, I did nearly get us all killed. Normally, the “claim we are carrying a Life Goddess on board” tactic works with 99% of Voidborns. I…” Galyn fell silent, losing his trail of thought. “Sorry. I should not have put you in danger.”

“Eh, I am used to it by now…” Retvik retorted.

“But you’re not though!”

“I am only perturbed because of how your red-clad master nearly had his way with me!” Retvik snapped, before turning back to Galyn once more. “I do very much think we should send Kalis and Letharus to Deathven. We cannot properly deal with them. Kalis requires deprogramming, as he said so himself, and I just informed you of Letharus’s situation.”

“You spoke to Arkay and Litvir about this?” Galyn asked.

“You doubt me?”

Galyn shook his head. “No, no, I agree with you, Retvik. But I want to know if you discussed this with them first.”

“No, I did not,” Retvik sighed. “I admittedly… have not really spoken to Arkay much, but it is clear as day that Litvir, a trained therapist, is struggling with Letharus. We are risking more needless injury, with two beings who were trying to kill us mere hours ago. No offence, Kalis.”

“None taken!” Kalis beamed. “I wanna go to this Deathven place anyway! Sounds utterly amazing! Kinda wonder why you’re all out here.”

“Someone has to find the Decaylings to send to Deathven in the first place…” Galyn shrugged. “I guess the decision has been made. We will head to the nearest Oasis and get you shipped off to Deathven. It is only right for you two to be properly treated.”

Kalis clapped his hands with joy, then rushed out of the room. “I’m gonna tell Letharus! He’s gonna be so happy! We’re gonna be so happy!”

Galyn waited for Kalis’s footsteps to fade, before glancing at Retvik.

“Can you do me a favour, Retvik?”

“What do you need?”

“Keep an eye on Arkay, while I keep an eye on Kalis.”

“Why?” Retvik asked, looking concerned.

“I think they have both… inhaled too much Voidborn vapour. It is probably nothing, but beings like… them… killing Voidborns? Can do some weird things…”