Gath and Retvik’s Mini Adventure of Some Sort

Out of Date Test Strips

Retvik was taking a rather long time in the bathroom. He and Gath were supposed to be getting ready for a stupid party neither of them wanted to go to, but for some reason, Retvik seemed a bit poorly. They still had to go though, as the party was about...Read More »

Dragging It Out

“Last night was alright, in the end…” Gath smiled as he rolled over in bed to get his alarm clock. “Clearly, because we have overslept.”

“It was fun, actually!” Retvik admitted. “Made some new friends. Chatted with the Raptor. She is always nice to talk to.”

“Seemed very excited about her new...Read More »

Avoiding Loose Lips

Retvik was wandering around the house, inspecting every nook and cranny. He was in an indecisive mood, but also feeling a tad cranky and rather nervous. The last time he had been pregnant, well, it hadn’t turned out well for him.

In the middle of the house was a vast pile...Read More »

Aggressive Preparations

Gath didn’t know what to expect as he walked in. Well, he’d been watching Retvik build his little nest on and off over the last few days, but he hadn’t expected Retvik to end up taking the entirety of the casual living area. He didn’t even know they owned so...Read More »

Medical Visit

“Hm, perhaps I should have recommended that he come a bit later?” Gath grunted as he climbed down the stairs. He glanced around the house, then began a vague attempt to tidy up the living room. “The medic said he will be here in five or ten minutes. He already...Read More »

A Very Tall Visitor

“I need a place to stay.”

Tenuk looked awful. There were dark rings under his eyes, his armour was chipped and ugly and his skin was dry and cracking. He stood in the doorway, holding a plastic carrier bag with various bits and pieces in it.

“Are you well?”...Read More »


“It has only been three weeks…”

Retvik hurried over to the nest he’d made in the living area and laid down on his side. His stomach muscles were not happy.


He didn’t understand any of this. He’d never gotten this far before. Which probably explained why Retvik...Read More »


Gath wandered around the kitchen, not sure what to do. Retvik hadn’t been acting right. Not since the other day. Yes, Gath expected Retvik to be in a funny mood since he’d just given birth to the egg that contained their unborn kid, but the weird snapping and growling, that...Read More »

Wings of Angry Death

The Rivers of Kinigi seemed more… bloated than usual. The waters were overflowing, carving through the silvery sands and pink grasses, flowing at a fast pace. Tenuk had visited Kinigi quite a few times, but he had not seen this before.

“Why are you here?”

A dark, cold something flew above Tenuk...Read More »

An Intervention


Something hissed in the living area as Gath opened the curtains.


“What?” Retvik rolled over in his nest, grunting and growling. “What do you want?”

“We need to talk…” Gath sighed as he brought in a stool from the kitchen and sat down. “We need to talk about you.”

“I am fine!” Retvik...Read More »

The Terrified Visitor

“Why is the street cordoned off?” Kass blinked as the four Rethans walked down the  road.

“That was not here when we left…” Retvik and Gath had been greatly enjoying their evening. Kass and Psiksi had invited them to the cinema and gotten them tickets to the best seats...Read More »

Awkward Communications

“Rethais, can you talk? I need some help. Right now.”

Rethais smiled as he pondered what to say. He had just gotten in from a fine day at work as the Vice General and his little brother calling him asking for help was basically icing on the cake. Rethais always felt...Read More »

Thanatian Intervention

“Stand down. Right now.”

The Raptor stormed through the row of Cassid soldiers, walking right up to their boss.

“No.” The Cassid, wearing a mechanical suit, simply tutted.

“Stand down!” Phovos didn’t like repeating herself.

“On whose orders?”

“On the orders of the Raptor of Palaestra. i.e. ME.”

The Cassid didn’t move.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, you...Read More »

A Visit from Baxavius

“You picked a bad time to visit, little Cassid…” Gath grunted as the door slammed shut behind him. “Probably the worst time.”

Baxavius Thynanium shuffled awkwardly, placing a large gift box on the kitchen counter. He wasn’t sure why Gath bothered to close the door when there was a massive hole...Read More »