Avoiding Loose Lips

Retvik was wandering around the house, inspecting every nook and cranny. He was in an indecisive mood, but also feeling a tad cranky and rather nervous. The last time he had been pregnant, well, it hadn’t turned out well for him.

In the middle of the house was a vast pile of cushions and pillows. He had gathered them all up while Gath was out, apart from the ones on their bed. Those pillows were going to be the basis of Retvik’s little nest.

Something knocked on the door, and a key turned in the lock. Retvik switched from indecisive to panicky, and immediately grabbed the first weapon he found, a kitchen knife. He refused to lower the blade, even when he realised who was at the door.

“Hiya, Retvik!” Elksia beamed. “I’m interrupting something, aren’t I?”

“Perhaps…” Retvik remained on guard, but eventually lowered his weapon. It was just Elksia. They were close friends. She would never harm him, right?

“I just wanted to pick something up!” Elksia explained as she climbed the stairs, up to her old bedroom. It was now a storage room, but she didn’t mind. She didn’t even live here any more. “I left a couple of old arm guards. I hurt my arm while on duty and thought I should probably go back to wearing the proper, fitted ones that go around my arm blades and all that!”

“Are you alright?” Retvik asked as he put the knife away. “And would you, uh, like a drink?”

Elksia smiled. “Nah, I’m good. You though, you look…” She struggled to find the right word. As Elksia thought to herself, she noticed the large pile of soft things. “Oh… I suppose ‘glowing’ is the word.”

“Yes, you could say that…” Retvik muttered as he returned to inspecting the house. “Just please, do not… say anything yet. I do not want anyone to know.”

“Of course. My mouth is welded shut, Retvik. I won’t tell anyone!” Elksia was still smiling but not nearly as much. “I guess you are being incredibly overprotective because of… last time?”

Retvik nodded.

“Ah. Then you should nest in the living room. Not the bedrooms. Closer to any emergency exits. You know, just in case.”

“I guess…”

Retvik heeded Elksia’s word and started moving items into the living area, moving the furniture into a nice horseshoe shape.

Elksia fetched her arm guards, then came back downstairs, watching Retvik work.

“So where’s Gath?”

“He is getting a few bits and pieces for me.”

“You didn’t go with him?”

“I am not leaving this place.”

“Until you lay, or until it hatches? Or what?”

“I do not know…”

Retvik sighed, then went back to work. Elksia continued to watch. She wanted to help, but she knew not to get in the way. Retvik seemed grumpy and on edge as it was, she didn’t want to interfere.

“Either way, you’ll be fine, Retvik!” Elksia smiled, getting tired of the silence.

“I hope so…” Retvik sighed again. “You though, you seem overly curious…”

“Oh you know me. I always wanted lots of kids. But Vel wants to wait until we can move to a much larger place, and when we’ve got more savings, and I agree with him. You and Gath though, you two are set!”


“Mostly!” Elksia glanced at her wristband. “I gotta get back, I promised Vel we’d do cooking today. If you need anything, you let me know, alright?”

Retvik simply nodded. “Thank you, Elksia.”

“See ya! Have a nice day!”

The front door slammed shut. Retvik smiled slightly, then went back to building his nest.