Travels of the Thantir

A huge number of demi-gods were created in the last few moments of the Phoviverse. Many of these beings were destroyed, but those who remain are shepherded by the Whenvern and taken in by the Thantir, a collective of former Death Gods who work hard to keep their fellow universe-less deities safe.

Disorientating Orientation

Retvik grunted as he rolled over, not really wanting to wake up. For the first time in ages, he was genuinely feeling comfortable and well rested. He was in a very soft, warm bed that was plenty big enough for his muscular body, and he could smell nice food nearby....Read More »

Mourning in the Void

Retvik sighed as he sat on the small, metal bench, staring off into the void. There was nothing out there, apart from the occasional glimmer, and a glowing spot in the distance. He wasn’t focused on anything, he was just blindly looking outwards, trying to clear his thoughts and work...Read More »

Happy Decay Day

“Happy Decay Day!”

Retvik rubbed his eyes as he tried to focus on the beings on the end of his bed. He’d been asleep, but had no real idea how long he’d been asleep for. At least two of the beings were somewhat familiar?

“Uh, whut?”

“Happy Decay Day!” Seimeni repeated, jumping over...Read More »

Decayling Snuggles

“Hey, baby, you alright?”

Retvik sat up, rubbing his eyes, trying to work out where he was and who was talking to him. It took him far too long to realise that he was safe in his own bed, with his new friend lying next to him.

“Seimeni…” Retvik muttered under his...Read More »

A Job for a Decayling

“Good day, Flamebearer.”

It was a rare feeling for Retvik to seem so small and insignificant. The chair and desk he was sitting at were perfectly normal in size. The desk and chair in front of him were insanely huge. To fit a being that was at least triple Retvik’s size.

“Uh…...Read More »

A Simple Dissuasion

“Hello, Life Goddess Kinisis.”

“Heya! How can we help ya?”

Kinisis beamed as the colossal being stood at the bottom of the ramp to her ship, far too large to actually enter it. By the being’s side were several guards or servants or… whatever they were, Kinisis wasn’t sure. A black and...Read More »

Brief Contact

Floating islands in the void were pretty common, often tied together by errant strips of gravity, strong enough for beings to stand on them. This chain of islands was no different, but it was all weirdly warm, thanks to a small molten core just beneath the main island. The warmth...Read More »

Adult Decision

Seimeni tutted as she wandered around the ship, looking for Retvik. Ever since they had sent the new Decayling on that test run, it seemed that Retvik had been avoiding her. Whether he was doing it on purpose or he was just lost on the massive ship, Seimeni wasn’t sure,...Read More »

Meeting Head First

“Hello, Elkay.”

Relkir jumped, immediately drawing his spear and shield, ready to protect his two fellow Guardians. He had simply been accompanying Tahvra and Teekay as they traced a strange signal into this small cave, but now there was a large, fiery being standing in their way.

“What are you and what...Read More »

Sudden Blanket Appearance


Retvik wasn’t really sure how to assess this current situation. The lost Decayling that he and the other members of the Thantir had been chasing unsuccessfully for the last few days had suddenly appeared… in Retvik’s bed. It was just sitting there, hiding in the corner, covered by Retvik’s blankets,...Read More »

Open Chest Surgery

The screams echoed through the whole ship. All of them coming from one sealed off room. After about five minutes of continued screaming, the pained cries simmered out, only to be replaced with more shouting.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Arkay panicked as the automated medical bots attempted to close the...Read More »

Six in One

“Could you please explain the plan one last time?”

Retvik had been struggling to keep up. After spending a couple of hours in quarantine, where he had been frozen then set on fire then frozen again, he was now helping Vikalos push a large, opaque crystal into a ship in the...Read More »


“What do you mean, no?”

Itaviir and Vikalos both sighed and rolled their eyes. Neither of them particularly enjoyed dealing with Life Goddesses, normally because they would complain constantly and wish to speak to higher ups until they got what they wanted. The never-ending stream of criticism and wishing to move...Read More »

Glass Liquid Cell

Arkay stared wearily at the strange glass walls that made up his liquid cell. He had been bobbing up and down in the clear, viscous fluids for goodness knows how long, but only now had Arkay realised what was going on. These curious and powerful beings were trying to heal...Read More »

Permission to Call

“What part of “no contact with the Decayling” does your Life Goddess not understand?” Vikalos snarled as he answered the video call. “You need to back away from this immediately!”

The tiny little deity on the other end of the line was visibly shaken, having jumped out of his skin from...Read More »

Angry Call

“Can they see us or hear us yet?” Arkay asked as he tried to remain calm and steady on the small stool he was sitting on. In front of him, a couple of Decay Lords that he didn’t really recognize were busy setting up a camera and a microphone, so...Read More »

Medical Bay Explosion




Retvik was pretty sure that was the second explosion he had experienced in about thirty seconds, but what with everything going on and him being buried in rubble, he couldn’t have been sure. There was a huge amount of shouting and screaming...Read More »

Visiting Kal Again

“Didn’t think we’d be seeing you again so soon…” Kal grunted as Retvik boarded the ship. “Turns out your universe exploding has been way more troublesome than the High Lords thought.”

“Uh… yes…” Retvik muttered, not really sure how to reply. He felt bad because he genuinely couldn’t tell which of...Read More »

What is Wanted

“I am surprised you asked nicely, little Decaylings…” the Whenvern growled as he hovered above the ship, blocking its passengers from passing. “I expected to see more of you, in force.”

Kairos eyed the two beings up and down. One of them he immediately recognized. Retvik had been a former mortal...Read More »

Unexpected Work Meeting

Rethais wasn’t really sure what he had did to be the subject of the High General’s rage. He had done everything that Kenon had asked and more. He had barely stopped to eat and his office was now his home. Yet for some reason, the High General was furious at...Read More »

Room Location

Retvik grunted as a knock on the door behind him broke his concentration. He was currently working his way through a series of videos and course books, all about what he needed to learn when it came to the Decay Lords. A lot of it was simple stuff. Rules, guidelines,...Read More »

Life Goddess Lesson Number 1

“Good morning, class, and welcome to Life Goddess Laws 101! I am Decay Lord Seimeni and I’ll be teaching you this course in the mystical universe-building arts!”

Arkay glanced over his shoulder, trying to work out who else the slender, white, ghostly being was talking to. It was just him and...Read More »

A Study Break

It had been nice having the last couple of days to himself, but Retvik was beginning to get bored. He had dutifully done his work, he had managed to easily work his way through his Decay Lord studies and now Retvik was wondering what to do with himself.

Lying in bed,...Read More »

Party Breakup

Tahnahos wasn’t sure how, but between the four of them, they had managed to finish off nearly all the food in the palace. They’d also had a lovely time sharing stories and generally chatting around a small fire that Retvik had made in the middle of the table. Overall, Tahnahos...Read More »

Not Enough Decaylings

“… All the protection you have. Even the new guys. We need literally as much protection as you can give us!”

“That is what we are trying to do, but we are heavily understaffed right-”

“Doesn’t matter. Just give us everything you can. We need bodies more than anything else.”

“We will see...Read More »

Life Abilities

Vikalos stood dumbfounded in the hallway as Itaviir knocked on the little door.

“You cannot be serious!”

“I am plenty serious.”

“You cannot entrust this baby Decayling to even make a half-decent cheese sandwich, let alone create-” Vikalos paused, realising the door had opened, revealing its occupant and the contents of its room.

Arkay...Read More »

A Word of Godly Relationship Advice

Retvik hated this office. It was too plain. Even by Rethan standards. Considering that he was standing in front of a powerful Decay Lord, it felt strange that this room was so simple.

“Please, sit down.”

There were two empty stools. Retvik sat on the one closest to the Decay Lord, to...Read More »

After A Day At Work

“So that is basically what you both do as work?” Tahnahos asked as the four beings headed back to the ship. “You just stand on guard for Life Goddesses?”

Retvik nodded as he fumbled around for his keys. Most of his belongings these days were kept inside a single, battered backpack,...Read More »

Shortest Time

“You have been awfully cold over the last couple of days, are you alright?”

Arkay grunted, glancing around the corridor. This was the first time he and Retvik had been alone lately, but Arkay really wasn’t in the mood for any sort of communication with other beings.

“I’m fine.”

“Please do not lie...Read More »

Attack on the Thantir One

“THEY ARE ATTACKING US NOW?” Vikalos roared as he grabbed several Decaylings and pulled them to safety.

An explosion had shattered parts of the cargo bay and fires were slowly making their way down the ship. As soon as the Thantir began to shoot back though, the Voidlord army immediately scattered...Read More »

A Drifting Plan

The tiny Thantir ship floated awkwardly, anchored to a large lump of cold rock. They were drifting very slowly towards a vast, crystalline mass, a gigantic cluster of white gems and gold trims. All around them, Voidborn guards loomed, disintegrating anything that got too close.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t think...Read More »

Hole into the Darkness

“Well that was easy!” Elksia whispered as the tiny Thantir ship latched on to one of the large, crystalline spikes of the Voidborn stronghold. “Didn’t notice us at all!”

“If you say so, Elksia…” Arkay was almost breathless as he shakily let go of the ship’s controls. Despite all four of...Read More »

Decay Lord Tactic Discussions


Seimeni shuddered. She was not used to being shouted at like that. But here she was, standing beneath Decay Lord Itaviir’s agonizing gaze, being verbally torn in two.

“Uh… everyone is accounted for except for Decayling Retvik and Amalgam Arkidetelos.”

Itaviir was clearly about to shout again, but held his breath. In...Read More »

Admission to Friends

The little Thantir ship seemed a little too bright, brighter than Arkay remembered. He blinked erratically as he pulled himself up through the small hatch and closed it behind him, only to be immediately greeted by Retvik.

“Arkay, what is going on? You were gone for a very long time! The...Read More »

Waiting For A Report

“They said we weren’t in trouble, but I still feel like we’re in trouble…”

Tahnahos, Elksia and Retvik had been sitting in the small waiting room for a small eternity. Or, according to Elksia, about an hour. The only thing in the room keeping the three of them occupied was a...Read More »