Travels of the Thantir

A huge number of demi-gods were created in the last few moments of the Phoviverse. Many of these beings were destroyed, but those who remain are shepherded by the Whenvern and taken in by the Thantir, a collective of former Death Gods who work hard to keep their fellow universe-less deities safe.

Disorientating Orientation

Retvik grunted as he rolled over, not really wanting to wake up. For the first time in ages, he was genuinely feeling comfortable and well rested. He was in a very soft, warm bed that was plenty big enough for his muscular body, and he could smell nice food nearby....Read More »

Mourning in the Void

Retvik sighed as he sat on the small, metal bench, staring off into the void. There was nothing out there, apart from the occasional glimmer, and a glowing spot in the distance. He wasn’t focused on anything, he was just blindly looking outwards, trying to clear his thoughts and work...Read More »

Happy Decay Day

“Happy Decay Day!”

Retvik rubbed his eyes as he tried to focus on the beings on the end of his bed. He’d been asleep, but had no real idea how long he’d been asleep for. At least two of the beings were somewhat familiar?

“Uh, whut?”

“Happy Decay Day!” Seimeni repeated, jumping over...Read More »

Decayling Snuggles

“Hey, baby, you alright?”

Retvik sat up, rubbing his eyes, trying to work out where he was and who was talking to him. It took him far too long to realise that he was safe in his own bed, with his new friend lying next to him.

“Seimeni…” Retvik muttered under his...Read More »

A Job for a Decayling

“Good day, Flamebearer.”

It was a rare feeling for Retvik to seem so small and insignificant. The chair and desk he was sitting at were perfectly normal in size. The desk and chair in front of him were insanely huge. To fit a being that was at least triple Retvik’s size.

“Uh…...Read More »

A Simple Dissuasion

“Hello, Life Goddess Kinisis.”

“Heya! How can we help ya?”

Kinisis beamed as the colossal being stood at the bottom of the ramp to her ship, far too large to actually enter it. By the being’s side were several guards or servants or… whatever they were, Kinisis wasn’t sure. A black and...Read More »

Brief Contact

Floating islands in the void were pretty common, often tied together by errant strips of gravity, strong enough for beings to stand on them. This chain of islands was no different, but it was all weirdly warm, thanks to a small molten core just beneath the main island. The warmth...Read More »

Adult Decision

Seimeni tutted as she wandered around the ship, looking for Retvik. Ever since they had sent the new Decayling on that test run, it seemed that Retvik had been avoiding her. Whether he was doing it on purpose or he was just lost on the massive ship, Seimeni wasn’t sure,...Read More »

Meeting Head First

“Hello, Elkay.”

Relkir jumped, immediately drawing his spear and shield, ready to protect his two fellow Guardians. He had simply been accompanying Tahvra and Teekay as they traced a strange signal into this small cave, but now there was a large, fiery being standing in their way.

“What are you and what...Read More »

Sudden Blanket Appearance


Retvik wasn’t really sure how to assess this current situation. The lost Decayling that he and the other members of the Thantir had been chasing unsuccessfully for the last few days had suddenly appeared… in Retvik’s bed. It was just sitting there, hiding in the corner, covered by Retvik’s blankets,...Read More »

Open Chest Surgery

The screams echoed through the whole ship. All of them coming from one sealed off room. After about five minutes of continued screaming, the pained cries simmered out, only to be replaced with more shouting.

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?” Arkay panicked as the automated medical bots attempted to close the...Read More »

Six in One

“Could you please explain the plan one last time?”

Retvik had been struggling to keep up. After spending a couple of hours in quarantine, where he had been frozen then set on fire then frozen again, he was now helping Vikalos push a large, opaque crystal into a ship in the...Read More »


“What do you mean, no?”

Itaviir and Vikalos both sighed and rolled their eyes. Neither of them particularly enjoyed dealing with Life Goddesses, normally because they would complain constantly and wish to speak to higher ups until they got what they wanted. The never-ending stream of criticism and wishing to move...Read More »

Glass Liquid Cell

Arkay stared wearily at the strange glass walls that made up his liquid cell. He had been bobbing up and down in the clear, viscous fluids for goodness knows how long, but only now had Arkay realised what was going on. These curious and powerful beings were trying to heal...Read More »

Permission to Call

“What part of “no contact with the Decayling” does your Life Goddess not understand?” Vikalos snarled as he answered the video call. “You need to back away from this immediately!”

The tiny little deity on the other end of the line was visibly shaken, having jumped out of his skin from...Read More »

Angry Call

“Can they see us or hear us yet?” Arkay asked as he tried to remain calm and steady on the small stool he was sitting on. In front of him, a couple of Decay Lords that he didn’t really recognize were busy setting up a camera and a microphone, so...Read More »

Medical Bay Explosion




Retvik was pretty sure that was the second explosion he had experienced in about thirty seconds, but what with everything going on and him being buried in rubble, he couldn’t have been sure. There was a huge amount of shouting and screaming...Read More »

Visiting Kal Again

“Didn’t think we’d be seeing you again so soon…” Kal grunted as Retvik boarded the ship. “Turns out your universe exploding has been way more troublesome than the High Lords thought.”

“Uh… yes…” Retvik muttered, not really sure how to reply. He felt bad because he genuinely couldn’t tell which of...Read More »

What is Wanted

“I am surprised you asked nicely, little Decaylings…” the Whenvern growled as he hovered above the ship, blocking its passengers from passing. “I expected to see more of you, in force.”

Kairos eyed the two beings up and down. One of them he immediately recognized. Retvik had been a former mortal...Read More »

Unexpected Work Meeting

Rethais wasn’t really sure what he had did to be the subject of the High General’s rage. He had done everything that Kenon had asked and more. He had barely stopped to eat and his office was now his home. Yet for some reason, the High General was furious at...Read More »

Room Location

Retvik grunted as a knock on the door behind him broke his concentration. He was currently working his way through a series of videos and course books, all about what he needed to learn when it came to the Decay Lords. A lot of it was simple stuff. Rules, guidelines,...Read More »

Life Goddess Lesson Number 1

“Good morning, class, and welcome to Life Goddess Laws 101! I am Decay Lord Seimeni and I’ll be teaching you this course in the mystical universe-building arts!”

Arkay glanced over his shoulder, trying to work out who else the slender, white, ghostly being was talking to. It was just him and...Read More »

A Study Break

It had been nice having the last couple of days to himself, but Retvik was beginning to get bored. He had dutifully done his work, he had managed to easily work his way through his Decay Lord studies and now Retvik was wondering what to do with himself.

Lying in bed,...Read More »

Party Breakup

Tahnahos wasn’t sure how, but between the four of them, they had managed to finish off nearly all the food in the palace. They’d also had a lovely time sharing stories and generally chatting around a small fire that Retvik had made in the middle of the table. Overall, Tahnahos...Read More »

Not Enough Decaylings

“… All the protection you have. Even the new guys. We need literally as much protection as you can give us!”

“That is what we are trying to do, but we are heavily understaffed right-”

“Doesn’t matter. Just give us everything you can. We need bodies more than anything else.”

“We will see...Read More »

Life Abilities

Vikalos stood dumbfounded in the hallway as Itaviir knocked on the little door.

“You cannot be serious!”

“I am plenty serious.”

“You cannot entrust this baby Decayling to even make a half-decent cheese sandwich, let alone create-” Vikalos paused, realising the door had opened, revealing its occupant and the contents of its room.

Arkay...Read More »

A Word of Godly Relationship Advice

Retvik hated this office. It was too plain. Even by Rethan standards. Considering that he was standing in front of a powerful Decay Lord, it felt strange that this room was so simple.

“Please, sit down.”

There were two empty stools. Retvik sat on the one closest to the Decay Lord, to...Read More »

After A Day At Work

“So that is basically what you both do as work?” Tahnahos asked as the four beings headed back to the ship. “You just stand on guard for Life Goddesses?”

Retvik nodded as he fumbled around for his keys. Most of his belongings these days were kept inside a single, battered backpack,...Read More »

Shortest Time

“You have been awfully cold over the last couple of days, are you alright?”

Arkay grunted, glancing around the corridor. This was the first time he and Retvik had been alone lately, but Arkay really wasn’t in the mood for any sort of communication with other beings.

“I’m fine.”

“Please do not lie...Read More »

Attack on the Thantir One

“THEY ARE ATTACKING US NOW?” Vikalos roared as he grabbed several Decaylings and pulled them to safety.

An explosion had shattered parts of the cargo bay and fires were slowly making their way down the ship. As soon as the Thantir began to shoot back though, the Voidlord army immediately scattered...Read More »

A Drifting Plan

The tiny Thantir ship floated awkwardly, anchored to a large lump of cold rock. They were drifting very slowly towards a vast, crystalline mass, a gigantic cluster of white gems and gold trims. All around them, Voidborn guards loomed, disintegrating anything that got too close.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t think...Read More »

Hole into the Darkness

“Well that was easy!” Elksia whispered as the tiny Thantir ship latched on to one of the large, crystalline spikes of the Voidborn stronghold. “Didn’t notice us at all!”

“If you say so, Elksia…” Arkay was almost breathless as he shakily let go of the ship’s controls. Despite all four of...Read More »

Decay Lord Tactic Discussions


Seimeni shuddered. She was not used to being shouted at like that. But here she was, standing beneath Decay Lord Itaviir’s agonizing gaze, being verbally torn in two.

“Uh… everyone is accounted for except for Decayling Retvik and Amalgam Arkidetelos.”

Itaviir was clearly about to shout again, but held his breath. In...Read More »

Admission to Friends

The little Thantir ship seemed a little too bright, brighter than Arkay remembered. He blinked erratically as he pulled himself up through the small hatch and closed it behind him, only to be immediately greeted by Retvik.

“Arkay, what is going on? You were gone for a very long time! The...Read More »

Waiting For A Report

“They said we weren’t in trouble, but I still feel like we’re in trouble…”

Tahnahos, Elksia and Retvik had been sitting in the small waiting room for a small eternity. Or, according to Elksia, about an hour. The only thing in the room keeping the three of them occupied was a...Read More »

Destiny Applications

Arkay grunted as he moved sheets of paper across the table. Considering he had recently blown up a Voidborn fortress, everyone seemed to be treating him rather calmly. Sure, they weren’t being the friendliest of beings, but they were understanding at least. Arkay however couldn’t say the same about himself....Read More »

A Surprise for Kal

“Sorry about the mess…” Arkay muttered as he kicked piles of indescribable things out of the way, clearing space so that the mechanical being behind him could move freely. “Probably should have told you all about this earlier, but… well… I think you six can understand…”

Kal was one of the...Read More »

Settling In

Arkay yawned as he stretched out his arms and flomped onto the freshly made bed in his new room. While he was utterly exhausted, he was very happy with how the move had gone. Everything had been packed up and sorted out pretty tidily. All Arkay needed to do now...Read More »

Secret Job Offer

A knock on the door caught Retvik completely by surprise. He had been lying in bed, staring off into space, ignoring the world around him. But this knock meant he had to get out of bed and put some armour on. Or at least a loin cloth.

More knocking. This person...Read More »

Secret Dress Up

“The first thing we need to do is get you some better-fitting armour…” Galyn grunted as he led Retvik towards a door that seemed a little too small. To Retvik’s surprise, this door led to a ladder that led directly downwards… towards a whole new corridor, running parallel beneath the...Read More »

Feelings of Godly Guilt

“We already have a Voidborn presence in this region, we do not need more.”


“Says the inhabitants already living here.”

Galyn was getting a bit tired of this circular conversation. This sect of Voidborns, known locally as the Glimmergolds, was desperate to move into what they saw as free territory. Galyn’s...Read More »

Blackened Splat

“That is unfortunate.”

“What IS that?”

Galyn grunted as he pulled a pair of heavy, thick, rubbery gloves from his utility belt, then summoned a large stick. The gloves were for protection. The stick was to prod at the black, inky mass that was pulsating in the cockpit seat.

After a few moments,...Read More »

Far Too Mortal

“You seem tired.”

Retvik was doubled over in his chair, breathing heavily, utterly exhausted after having to run away from and completely incinerate a small swarm of corrupted beings. Really, Retvik found Galyn’s comment rather insulting.

“Just a little tired…” Retvik finally grunted, his pulse settling down. “All of… that… whatever it...Read More »

Answers From Galyn

For the last three hours, Retvik had sat in silence while Galyn had peered through various observation tools, watching the movements of a handful of Voidborn ships. Due to the vast distances within the Space Between Universes, it was possible to work out a ship’s location of origin and its...Read More »

Saved But Not

The lanky, skeletal being screeched as the rock it was standing on steadily began to collapse. This former death deity was clearly in shock, scratching and crying at any source of life. The screeching only got louder as the Thantir ship approached, a door opening up on its side.

Out of...Read More »

Secondary Risk

Retvik grunted as he slipped deeper into the bathtub. He hadn’t really actually seen a bathtub like this before, or really in general. Everywhere he had gone, everyone had just had showers, mainly to conserve water. But on this little ship, it seemed that Galyn preferred taking long baths to...Read More »

Same Frequencies

“Tah, I hate to sound cliche, but I need you to come and take a look at this.”

Now that Kal had separate bodies for each of its six selves, the team of small, round, mechanical beings could actually spend time doing different jobs, rather than having to do everything one...Read More »

Incorporeal Decayling

“Good day, Decay Lord Vikalos speaking, who is this?”

A shy yet formal voice slowly began to emerge from the other end of the line. Vikalos was just about to finish his shift for the day, so he didn’t really appreciate this call.

“Hello, Lord Vikalos. This is Doctor Phanty from the...Read More »

Olmeic Users

“You want us to find the source for you?” Galyn grunted as he perched awkwardly on the chair that was far, far too small for him. His assistant Retvik was clearly having similar issues as they discussed the situation with six tiny, round, mechanical beings.

Tah, the red and silver leader,...Read More »

Lovely Little Messages

“Oh hey, you’re actually online.”

Retvik sighed as he checked his messages, then typed a quick response to the latest one. “Yes, I am online, how are you?”

“How am I?” a reply swiftly appeared. “Mate, I’ve been waiting for you to appear online for days. What the heck have you been...Read More »

Looking on the Wrong Channel

“I am beginning to think that we are doing something wrong…”

Retvik had held his tongue for hours now, as he and Galyn had fruitlessly combed through a myriad of data channels and frequencies in one of the biggest activity hotspots around. No one around had paid any attention to the...Read More »

Questions about Her

“Retvik, a word, please?”

So far, Retvik had been in a good mood. Alongside his boss Galyn, he had located the mysterious entity that had caused worry and fear for a group of Decay Lords. They were now on their way to the mystery being’s location and their ship was quite...Read More »

Strange Reappearances

Relkir grunted as he left the dining table and his meal, and followed Atteh’Kus down a narrow corridor, down the ship and towards the cargo bay, which everyone weirdly used as the ship entrance. For some reason, the order of “don’t let anyone in” was too much...Read More »

Kanuva's Excitement

“Hello, strange Tawahian and Elwahian! How can I be of service today?”

While his new friend Kinisis seemed clearly annoyed by the appearance of the two armoured beings, Kanuva was relatively unphased. He knew he was in a strange, new domain, so these two creatures, despite their ferocious looks, weren’t that...Read More »

A Hint of Envy

Retvik had been waiting for a while now in this little room. The dinner in front of him had gone cold a long time ago, but the food wasn’t his to eat. It was the leftover romantic meal between a Life Goddess and the strange entity he and Galyn had...Read More »

Fears of Talking

“That… isn’t who we were worried about…”

Despite Kal consisting of six mechanical bodies, they all somehow looked very concerned. Their crystal eyes glowed weakly and they all stood close together. Galyn could tell something was wrong with them.

“What do you mean?” Retvik asked, hoping to settle Kal’s nerves.

Tah, the leader...Read More »


“Oh. You.”

Kanuva had been patient with these Decay Lords. They meant well. They were looking after him. They had promised he could return to Kinisis when they were done. But as soon as he saw the little being who had entered the room, Kanuva immediately tensed up.

Standing before Kanuva was...Read More »

No Longer In Two

“Where the fuck am I?”

Everything was a little bit too bright and white. Arkay blinked, trying to open his eyes and see where he was, but gave up. Instead, he tried to shield his eyes with his hands, but Arkay quickly discovered that he was tied down.

“What the fuck are...Read More »

Mortal Mind Risk

“Wait, I am not coming with you?”

Retvik seemed genuinely surprised by the fact that Galyn was about to leave without him. After all, he had spent the last goodness knows how long following Galyn around and helping him with his duties. He had seen a lot, perhaps too much, while...Read More »

The Appearance of Other Decay Lords

Clawed feet clanged against the metallic ground of this ancient, abandoned asteroid base, located in the very depths of the Periuniversal Void. What had once been a magnificent settlement, founded on power and strength, was nothing more than crumbling concrete and metal ruins.

Now though, life was beginning to return to...Read More »

Another Similar Decayling

“Seems you have moved up in the world.”

Retvik eyed the being he was standing next to. The handful of Decaylings under the command of the Thantir Decay Lords had to stay together, for safety reasons that none of the Decay Lords would explain. Something about keeping an eye on them....Read More »

Thantir Leader Discussions

Galyn watched on as the other Decay Lords worked, dutifully maintaining the consoles that led to an absolutely massive laser. The laser would periodically fire, beams of light blasting off into the dark void. The laser beams would fly forth, only to explode into life as they collided with a...Read More »

Strange Apologies

“We owe you an apology.”

Kanuva glanced at the six Cleansers, all sitting on the ground in a circle, having not said anything for hours. Five of them were still silent, the light missing from their large, crystalline eyes. Only the red and silver Cleanser seemed to be active.

“You owe me...Read More »

A Decision Made

“Are you… certain you want to commit to this?” Itaviir asked as he glanced over the list of names. “You really, really want to bring… that one with us?”

Vikalos nodded proudly. Galyn also nodded, but there was some hesitation present.

“We cannot leave Arkidetelos in the hands of Deathven Proper.”

“Why not?”

Vikalos...Read More »

All The Same Kind

Litvir tugged at his cape, pulling it up from underneath his rear and his tail, gently resting the edge on his legs. The attractive Rethan felt incredibly overwhelmed right now and was desperately trying not to show it. He didn’t know why he was hiding his emotions, since the other...Read More »

Murdragon's Refusal

“What do you mean, no?”

Itaviir was dumbfounded. Out of all the Decay Lords he expected to not accept his invitation, Saahro, the Murdragon, was one of the last beings he thought would say no.

“Well, uh, I mean no.”

“You want to go back to Deathven?”


“You do not want to go adventuring...Read More »

Welcome to the Thantir Two

“Welcome aboard the Thantir Two.”

Itaviir looked somewhat proud of himself, standing in the centre of the main hub room in front of his crew. By his side were his vice-captains, Vikalos and Galyn. Before him were Decay Lady Seimeni, Time Drake Kairos and three Decaylings: Arkadin, Retvik and Litvir. All...Read More »

Extreme Emotions from Down the Hall

“Why does it feel like everyone is tails deep in someone else?”

Litvir rubbed his eyes, trying to clear his head. While his initial impressions of being a (somewhat highly ranked) Decayling had been mostly good so far, now he was in a much smaller group, his own strange, godly abilities...Read More »

Space Whales and Time Adjustments

It was a small glimmer that caught Retvik’s eye, but Retvik was glad the glimmer had caught his attention. Out of the dark nothingness, a shimmering veil emerged. The vast yet delicate form of a star-scattered whale appeared, slowly drifting by and minding his own business. Its strange beauty had...Read More »

A New Trio


The little voice echoed underneath the door. Retvik sat up, noticing the flickering of beings standing outside. The gap between door and floor was miniscule, but enough light poured in from outside for him to be able to guess who was out there, even before they knocked. Wanting to be...Read More »

Funny Offers

The Thantir Two was rather quiet. Quieter than normal. The three captains of the ship had demanded that everyone remain calm for an undetermined about of time, while they did some sensitive work. Whatever work that was, no one was sure, but the three Decaylings on board didn’t mind too...Read More »

Manipulative Crimes

Seimeni expected the door to slam shut behind her. When it quietly closed, clicking into place, Seimeni grew suspicious. She knew that the Decay Lord in the room with her were angry, but it was that strange, calm anger that made her worried.

“Sit down.”

Seimeni did as she was asked. She...Read More »

Pool of White Blood

Out of the three Decaylings, Seimeni never thought the small, yellow one would be the one to try and brutally kill her. And not just with standard Decayling abilities either. Arkadin was attacking Seimeni with tooth and claw, violently attempting to rip out Seimeni’s throat.

At first, both Decayling and Decay...Read More »

Justified Bloodlust


“What for?”

There was still blood caked across Arkadin’s claws. Not his own blood, that of the being he had attacked not too long ago. As it had dried, the blood had turned silvery in colour, almost metallic in texture. After what Arkadin had done, he’d expected to wake up in...Read More »

Bandages and Chocolate

“You didn’t do anything to help me.”

Kairos gently closed the door behind him as he brought in a tray of chocolates and roses. He didn’t want to get into an argument, but it was clear that Seimeni, still covered in bandages, wanted a fight.

“You didn’t listen to my warnings. But...Read More »

Compromising Positions

“They let you out already?”

Litvir didn’t mean to sound so surprised, but considering what he had seen just the other day, he did genuinely think that he wouldn’t be seeing Arkadin for a while. Arkadin had just entered the room, looking like… well, not like nothing had happened, but he...Read More »

Ten Steps Backwards

“I am sorry, Arkay.”

“Why are you apologising?”

This was not the first time that one of Arkadin’s responses had caught Retvik off guard. But this moment was different. Retvik had been almost certain that Arkadin was (somewhat rightly) angry at him, and for Arkadin to throw his apology back at him...Read More »

A Little Mission Brief

“Attention, Decaylings!”

Retvik, Litvir and Arkadin all straightened themselves out as they entered Itaviir’s rather luxurious office, having been led in by the two other Decay Lords, Galyn and Vikalos.

“What is going on?” Litvir immediately asked, more curious than anything else about this sudden activity from the much larger, much slower...Read More »

Mission Preparation

“When they told us to suit up, I did not think they meant we wear small force fields that encapsulate our bodies…”

Litvir was very curious about the equipment he had been given. Five simple-looking bands, one for each wrist, one for each ankle and one around the neck. When activated,...Read More »

Living Rooms


“Telepathic voices, please.”

Retvik grunted, then did as he was asked, switching to pure telepathy to communicate with his two squad mates. Litvir seemed even more shocked and disgusted than Retvik was at the state of what they had just stepped into. Arkadin didn’t seem that bothered, but he was floating...Read More »

Meat Fortresses

“Uh, what happened to the doors? I swear they were here a moment ago…”

Retvik swung his light source over to where Litvir was standing. Where steel doors once stood, there was now nothing more than a fleshy, pulsating mass.

“Did they move?”

“Bigger question…” Retvik growled. “Where is Arkadin?”

A sudden telepathic burst...Read More »

A Need to Get Out

“I do not think they are coming…”

The three Decaylings had been waiting for a while now. They were supposed to have been picked up by their bosses about two hours ago, but there they were, still waiting like fools.

“Nope, doesn’t seem like it.”

“I hope they do come, I cannot stand...Read More »

Fresh Void

It had felt like a small eternity, but finally, a trickle of flames blasted through the surface of the fleshy lump, and Retvik could finally breathe somewhat fresh air. Or rather, very limited air, because they were essentially in the cold of space. Either way, the flesh, pus and muscles...Read More »

Nearly Made It Back

Emerald daggers danced through the air, skewering bodies and severing limbs as they jittered around the battlefield, elegantly controlled by an otherwise very angry, rampaging Decay Lord. Galyn had been out here, fighting for his continued existence for too long now. He wasn’t getting tired, not at all, after all,...Read More »

Timed Mind Meeting

“Where am I?”

Kairos blinked, trying to orientate himself. Milliseconds ago, he was in the middle of a chaotic battle, using his temporal abilities to create a time loop, trapping those inside and stopping everyone within from being fatally wounded. All of a sudden though, the armoured Whenvern was in a...Read More »

Shattered Loops

Glass-like shards scattered across the void as an explosion ripped through the vacuum of existence, sending shock waves out into the darkness. In the heart of the eruption appeared two vessels, a sleek, dark ship and a strange, crystalline structure, both piloted by beings that wanted the opposing ship destroyed....Read More »

Wrong or Not?

“Was I wrong?”

“What do you mean?”

Litvir laid back on his lounge chair, staring at the ceiling. The room, just like most of the ship, was rather dull, dark and under-lit with purple and red glowing strips, all running down the walls and floor. Sat next to him was Arkadin, who...Read More »

Good Work

It was hard to tell how Itaviir felt, just by looking at him. The massive Decay Lord towered over the three Decaylings, his features obscured by his crown of horns and the strange pair of pincer-like armour pieces that projected his mouth. Itaviir was more of a walking armoured monster...Read More »

Supposedly Studying

Most Decay Lords and Decaylings seemed to have their own personal computers. The majority owned these trendy, tablet-like devices made of seemingly magic paper, capable of being folded or rolled up and out away with ease, with everything accessible via the fancy, accurate touch screens. Litvir thought these personal computers...Read More »

Decay Lord Mini Report

“So, boyos, status report?”

Decay Lord Kengana’s hologram flickered erratically, the tele-video signals fading and strengthening almost at random. The bird-like being smiled, waiting for a response.

“Status report positive…” Itaviir replied, monitoring a console, while Galyn fiddled around with some settings, a vague attempt to make the transmission clearer. “Please excuse...Read More »

Post-Time Exam

“I’m exhausted and hungry…”

“Not surprising…”

Retvik, Litvir and Arkay all stumbled out of the small office, clutching various sheets of paper. While most of the perks of slowly learning to be Decay Lords had been pretty enjoyable, there were definitely some slow parts. Like the exam the three of them had...Read More »

A Lack of Work to Do

“Galyn, may I have a word with you?”

Normally, that phrase would be spouted by one of his fellow Decay Lords. But today, interrupting Galyn’s gazing off into the depths of space, was a familiar dragon. Kairos had joined the Thantir as an honorary member. He was a fully fledged Time...Read More »

Studious Chats






Retvik tutted, rolling his eyes as something crashed behind him. “Litvir, what is wrong with you?”

Litvir pulled himself out of his chair and off the floor, having fallen back in shock. “I passed!”

“You passed what?”

“That insane time-based exam we took! I somehow passed!”

“We all somehow passed.”

Litvir rubbed his face, brushing...Read More »

An Introduction to T&T

“Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Traps and Thraki!”

Vikalos wandered around the table, handing a small book and several sheets of paper to each of his five guests. He then circled around once more, gently placing a small, satin draw-strong bag in front of everyone.

“Today, I am your Trapmaster, and...Read More »

Questions for Vikalos

Vikalos frowned as he monitored each little beep and click, checking a wide array of apparatus, while occasionally glancing out the window. Outside, there was nothing but darkness, although it felt darker than usual. Storms were erupting in said darkness, making the overall atmosphere unpleasant.

Said atmosphere at least was going...Read More »

Transmissions Through the Storm

“Group Six here, please respond.”

Galyn grunted as he picked up the receiver, listening in to this communication. “Thantir Two here, what is the problem?”

The voice on the other end, a weirdly mechanical voice, immediately perked up. “Oh, hello Galyn! How are you doing?”

“Kal, I thought you had headed off on...Read More »

Brief Visit Plan

“The plan is very simple. You three go inside. Inform the occupants that we received a distress signal from them. Record how they react. Check for any obvious break-ins. Understood?”

Arkadin raised a hand, clearly having questions. Itaviir frowned, wondering why the Decayling hadn’t understood.

“What is it, Deathbringer?”

“Uh… why are you...Read More »

Perhaps Too Happy

“Alright… We are passing through onto the Kiniseon One…” Retvik was doing his best to be optimistic. “Do you wish to let me do the talking?”

Litvir shrugged as the three Decaylings appeared in the cargo bay of this new ship. “Sure. Arkay can keep an eye out and I can...Read More »

Fight to Contain

Sparks and static bounced across the ship as the three Decay Lords dashed around, both trying to keep the integrity of their ship secure and attempting to contain the strange being that was attempting to take over. While Vikalos rushed about, filling holes with his omnipurpose ship repair tool,...Read More »

Wall of Fire and Ice

Litvir grunted as a small cloud of steam whizzed past his head while he was working. For the last twenty minutes, he had been trying to work out how to sedate the beings that were trying to kill them, with little success. Meanwhile, for those entire twenty minutes, Retvik had...Read More »

Explosions Behind

Arkadin scrambled to his feet as rubble and shards of metal collapsed around him. The explosion that had just torn through the hull of this small ship was meant to kill him, but Arkadin was determined to keep himself alive. His bigger worry however was that the Life Goddess trying...Read More »

Calm in Someone Else's Room

Arkadin sat on the bed, not sure what to do with himself. It wasn’t his bed. His bedroom in general had been trashed by an errant, feral Life Goddess with an addiction to mind rape and mass murder. Right now, he was sitting in fellow Decayling Retvik’s bedroom, minding his...Read More »

Games and Sad Sandwiches

“I feel like I have been repeatedly bashed over the head with a frying pan…” Relkir grunted as plates of food appeared in front of him. “Too much for my small Rethan brain to handle.”

Only a few hours ago, Relkir and his fellow Divine Guardians had experienced a rather traumatic...Read More »

Future Exam Information

“Ooh! Cake!”

Galyn couldn’t help but smile a little at how happy the three Decaylings all seemed. They had just finished a brief quarantine period and, for once, everything was somewhat okay. To celebrate, Galyn had ordered a very nice vanilla cake, complete with a large array of confectionery and chocolates....Read More »

A Wish for Home

“I want to go home.”

Kairos stood in front of Itaviir’s desk, waiting for a response. It had taken the Time Drake a few hours to actually build the courage to come in here, but now that he’d said it, he had a mixture of both relief and dread running down...Read More »

Three Asleep

Retvik yawned as he stretched his arm out, being mindful of the two beings sleeping with him. As the fog lifted from his mind, Retvik took a moment to try and remember what had happened, and why he was sharing a hastily made bed of blankets and pillows, snoozing under...Read More »

Not A Vampire

“Arkay, can you help me with something?”

Litvir awkwardly nudged the door open, his hands preoccupied with heavy text books. He slipped through the gap he made, before straightening himself out in the middle of Arkay’s room.

“I could have opened the door for you, you know…” Arkay tutted, sitting calmly at...Read More »