Welcome to the Thantir Two

“Welcome aboard the Thantir Two.”

Itaviir looked somewhat proud of himself, standing in the centre of the main hub room in front of his crew. By his side were his vice-captains, Vikalos and Galyn. Before him were Decay Lady Seimeni, Time Drake Kairos and three Decaylings: Arkadin, Retvik and Litvir. All of them seemed quite happy to finally have a ship of their own.

The hub room itself was quite roomy, with large observation windows to each side and two exits – one behind Itaviir which lead to the main cockpit, and the main corridor which led to the rest of the ship. Down that corridor were all the necessities, kitchens, bathrooms and private quarters for each member of crew, as well as several offices, the engine rooms, technical cupboards and cargo area. Everything was painted in various shades of black and grey, with the odd gold metallic trim to everything.

The Thantir Two was a much, much smaller ship than Itaviir’s previous pride and joy, but this ship was still serviceable.

“Before we all sort ourselves out, I would like to go over a few rules. I want our duties as the new Thantir to go smoothly, and these rules will assist in that.”

His crew all nodded, some less certain than others.

“Rule number one:” Itaviir spoke slowly and clearly. “I am in charge here. If I am not available, then you speak to Galyn or Vikalos. You do as we say and follow our lead. You may ask questions, but you also need to respect our authority and the hierarchy of this ship.

“Rule number two: We must protect and look after each other. We must have respect for each other. We are all vastly intelligent and powerful beings, we must be courteous when it comes to our issues and differences. If you have a problem, you talk about it. The Thantir do not hurt other Thantir. We must remain civil at all times.

“Rule number three: The Thantir Two is our home. You do not touch anything that you do not understand, unless we allow you to. I do NOT want this ship to be damaged. You do have free roam on this ship, but if you touch or damage anything, you will be reprimanded. This is not just a ship, it is everyone’s home, it must be treated, looked after and defended as such. You must also keep everything clean and tidy and well-maintained.

“Rule number four: We must respect our mission. Our duty is to explore and document the uncharted areas of the edges of the Kiniseon Void area and the connecting Shadefern Void area and Darkened Straights. We are not a group meant for conflict, we are simply collecting data. We cannot and will not get into any conflicts. To the best of our ability.

“Are these basic rules clear?”

Itaviir watched over his crew. They all calmly nodded in agreement.

“Good!” Itaviir clapped his hands together. We shall show you your rooms and where everything is. After that… we will be taking off and heading out into the unknown…”