Attacking Again and Again

Arkay put his bowl of half-eaten pasta down and stared at the damn Voidborn standing in front of him. Theocydes seemed rather pissed off, and it wasn’t too surprising as to why he was fuming. The last time these two had met, Arkay had blown him up blasted him off into the darkness, and it had taken far, far too long for Theocydes to put himself back together.

However, this time, Theocydes had caught Arkay alone in his ship. The other Decay Lords were all outside, messing around at a small Life Oasis, picking up supplies. All Theocydes had to do set his minions on the little hybrid monster, then finish it off himself. Maybe, if he was still in a good mood, he could burn the ship down afterwards.

“Are you really trying this again?” Arkay asked, slowly getting up from his seat.

“Unfortunately, little hybrid, I need you dead. Life Goddess hybrids are an affront to all of omni-existence, and it seems no one else is willing to try and balance the books.”

“Why though?” Arkay asked, looking up at the gaudy, golden being. “Why is my existence such a personal offence to you? I’m literally just chilling and being a Decay Lord, nothing I do hurts you, except when you come here to hurt me and I retaliate in self-defence.”

Theocydes was slightly taken aback by Arkay’s question. “Well… hybrids are just… wrong…”

“But you had Kallis enslaved by your side for ages. And he’s part Decay Lord, part Life Goddess as well.”

“That is… different. I had that little demon-spawn under my control until you reawakened him. Now, once I have killed you, I am going to have to track him down and kill him too.”

Arkay sighed, then shrugged. “Honestly, just sounds like you’re a hypocrite. One that probably got slighted by a hybrid once and took it personally. I totally get how someone with their own twisted sense of perverted honour could have that happen to them and believe that they now have to kill all hybrids.”

Theocydes stared at Arkay. Something about the little hybrid’s statement cut a little… too deep. With a snarl, the Void Lord raised his weapon, pointing it at Arkay.


“Yeah, sorry…” Arkay immediately interrupted. “I kinda already dealt with them. Force of habit, from my old death god days.”

Theocydes grunted. He had spent a lot of time perfecting those clones. And now they were nothing more than ash, slowly drifting towards the ventilation vents. Something about this Life Goddess hybrid was annoyingly… trickster-like. Slippery and twisted. And, for some reason, Theocydes couldn’t just bring himself to smite this monster. He needed to kill it properly.

“I kinda pity you. I really shouldn’t, you’re an asshole. But I can’t help myself…” Arkay tutted as he flicked his fingers around. “Killing you, despite how monstrous you are, is too small a punishment.”

Before Theocydes could retaliate, Arkay snapped his fingers. Suddenly, the world around him melted and everything turned white. His armour began to melt, his flesh began to sear. Everything was burning, melting, incinerating. It took far too long for Theocydes to work out that he had been teleported into the middle of a star.

Back on the Thantir Two, Arkay smiled cheerfully to himself. “Hope that hurts, you cunt.”