Portalia Finished Map - Copy

Portalia is the second planet of the Nexus star system. It is a small, rocky, Mars-sized planet with a wet but unstable climate. Portalia’s main features are the many strange rock formations, known as taloi that litter the landscape, created when beings ‘from other realms’ appear on the planet.

The terrain is mostly wet and muddy, particularly the further south you go, forming mountain ranges along fault lines but leaving plains and marshlands elsewhere. Snaking rivers cut through the terrain, allowing residents to create farms along their edges. In the north west and east, the rivers are smaller and lack marshlands, instead being replaced with drier grass plains and deserts, although in the wet season, the sands become incredibly treacherous due to mixing with river water and creating quicksand traps. In the very south, some terrain is volcanic, but the only active volcanoes are located in the Salikan Lava Flows and mingle with the nearby marshlands and plains, creating a sooty, mineral-filled mud perfect for agriculture.

In the very far north, particularly east of Zontanian Lake, the land becomes much rockier, forming not large mountains, but long, deep valleys cutting into the otherwise flat plains. Zonta are known to hide in these dark valleys, preying on whoever gets too close.

Portalia’s capital city is Portalia City, located on the Great Portalia Lake, giving it access to all the main river ways. Portalia City is also the only public ship landing area, open to all beings of any species, including Thropes and Deitics, and is one of the two main Maza meeting places, the other being on Kolasi’s capital.

The rest of the country is separated into seven territories, one to each of the Maza races, based on how much farmland is available. This is why some territories are larger than others, while they may contain more land in general, less of it is useful for farming. The Cassids, Vreka and Retha use their territories for trading and military exercises, all having many army bases in the area.

While most of Vriskera is empty or unused, the city of Palaestra has sprung up and is now home to the Dessaron Battle System and Arena.

The Vohra only have a small nest and mostly only use their territory to dump large numbers of unwanted Varga.