Tale: Broken Confidentiality

“Empress! What are you doing here? You have your own team of personal medical staff to attend to your every need, what do you need from me?”

“Ah, little Timn, you know one such as I is always looking for more. Always, eternally hungry, you know.”

Elisia sat seductively on the leather couch normally intended for patients. Timn had been busy with a vast amount of paperwork and had a large amount of blood tests he needed to finish later, he didn’t really have time for a steamy sex session with the Empress. If he was perfectly honest, he didn’t like her at all. So many sacrificed for her insane ideas.

“Do you want sex? Or food?”


“What do you want then?”


Timn sighed. “I assume about a patient. You do realise there is confidentiality between me and my patients, as it is for all doctors.”

“I know, but I am Empress Elisia of the Temthans. I am your leader. I am your creator of laws. I am the arbiter of what is right and wrong.”

“But still…” Timn hesitated. Unlike most doctors, Timn took his duty seriously. Elisia though was so… inexhaustibly beautiful. No Temthan could truly argue against one as beautiful and… perfect as her. Or as threatening.

“What do you mean by ‘but still’? Are you… defying me?”

Timn panicked. Defiance was the last thing he wanted to do. He knew too many people who had died because they’d defied the empire. “What information do you need?”

Elisia spread herself out all over the couch. Her body was completely naked, her scales and skin glistening with that insane, intoxicating fluid that could control anyone’s mind. “I want to know more about the race of our new little Xentress. She is a Threavok, correct?”

“Yes, a small Panvok race. They are distantly related to other Panvok races. A small, quiet race that evolved in one of the Vohran-controlled sectors.”

“Are they all dual-gifted, like our beloved Xentress?”

Tim shrugged. He wasn’t certain himself, but he felt he should just tell her whatever he knew. He didn’t want to end up on the receiving end of the torture devices of the Empire’s secret service. “According to what Xentress Arkai has said, yes, they are all just as blessed as she is, if not more so.”

“And what of the race themselves? The Xentress seems incredibly, amazingly strong?” Elisia was full of questions. Timn couldn’t help but stare at Elisia’s amazing bosoms and her… He gulped, trying to concentrate on Elisia’s question.

“Uh… I do not know. Arkai considered herself an anomaly, back when she could… actually remember. She seemed to think that most Threavok were far weaker than she was.”

“What do you mean, when she could actually remember?” Elisia’s tone sharpened.

“Well… Even with the physical Schizo split that we repaired, Arkai seemed to lose most of her memories, due to how Threavok react to the Raptess Poison. It may be some sort of Threavok backup system, as the Threavok are a small, psionically powered species, but if what Arkai says about her being an anomaly is true, then we can assume that other Threavok are not the same.”

Elisia’s attitude softened. She seemed happier. “So you think that, even though the Xentress is strong, her race is weak?”

Timn wasn’t sure, but he didn’t want to risk upsetting the Empress. “I guess so.”

“So would we be able to easily conquer them?”

“You promised to the Xentress that you wouldn’t harm the Threavok!” Timn protested. “That was the sole reason she allowed us to make her Xentress!”

Elisia smiled. “What Arkai doesn’t know can’t hurt her, correct?” She got up from the couch, leaving her sweet, sickly fluids all over it, before casually leaving the room.

“But Empress…”

“But nothing, little one. Thank you for your help. It would be… wise for you to keep all this private…”

The door slammed shut behind the Empress, leaving Timn alone with his fears.