Gripping Interruption

“Oh, hi, Kairos!”

Yisini had been mostly minding her own business when the roof of the building she had been messing around in was abruptly ripped off, sending a storm’s worth of rain water falling on Yisini’s head. That was swiftly followed by a massive set of talons descending from the sky and grabbing Yisini around the waist.

“I am not in the mood for games. What is in the strange dust you sprinkled all over that planet?”

The Allbirther smiled. “Which planet? Because the last planet I visited, I just sprinkled normal life-building proteins in the oceans.”

“You know exactly which planet I mean.”

“Oh, the inhabited one?” Yisini smiled some more. She may have been far, far weaker than her fellow deities, but she so enjoyed messing with them. “Yes, what about it?”

“Tell me about it. Then tell me how to get rid of it.”

“Why?” Yisini normally didn’t consider Kairos a playmate though. Most of the time she played around with Epani, who would always leave if she got annoyed at Yisini, or she’d mess around with Arkadin, who was often too scared to hurt Yisini if she hurt him. Kairos though was… slightly different. “Is something wrong?”

“You know what’s wrong. You’ve used that dust before and in the past that was fine, but your new… formula is affecting Epani and Arkadin as well. I need you to either make those two immune to your dumb potion or get rid of it entirely.”

“Or what?”

Kairos grunted, then began to lift off into the sky, flapping his colossal wings and taking Yisini with him. Once they were out of the atmosphere, Kairos held Yisini in front of his mighty jaws.

“What do you think?”

“You’ll, uh, hurt me?”

The Whenvern nodded. “I’ll hurt you. But I’ll also hurt a lot of mortals as well. Unlike our little brother, I have no qualms with wiping out a few of your freshly seeded planets to make you bend to my will.”

Yisini hesitated. Kairos was clearly not in the mood to playing around. Actually, he seemed to be in a really bad mood, all things considered. The Allbirther didn’t want her newly life-given planets to be destroyed, so she was going to agree to Kairos’s demands, but she… also wanted to find out a bit more.

“You seem really angry.”

“I am really angry. Because Epani’s currently wasted and Arkadin is doing his stupid bitchy stuff again.”

“Oh, again?” Yisini shrugged. “Must be on his period.”

“Ye- what?” Kairos blinked in confusion, somewhat loosening his grip on Yisini. “What do you mean by that?”

“You didn’t know that Arkadin basically plays at being male? He doesn’t have a proper menstrual cycle because he’s completely barren, but he still gets those hormonal changes because Mother insisted that we all be somewhat organic rather than being straight godly matter.”

The Whenvern tutted, then dismissed Yisini’s remarks. “Whatever. Where is your nearest lab so I can put you to work creating an antidote to your stupid love gas?”

“If you let me go, I’ll-”

“You’ll tell me, and I’ll take you there.”

Yisini sighed. Clearly Kairos was not here to play games. “Fine. Take me to my lab on Kolasi and I’ll sort this out. Okay?”

“Thank you!” Kairos sneered as the two deities took off. “Because this whole situation is ridiculous…”