The End Before The Beginning

The scream echoed across the dying cosmos, bouncing between dying dwarf stars and sputtering quasars, only to be muffled by the slowly encroaching darkness. Corpses littered the star ways, celestial bodies and god-like beings both torn apart and ravaged, drifting lifelessly and eternally. For millennia, a war had been fought between a myriad of forces, … Read more

Dreaded Final Farewell

Apart from the tiny piece of floating debris they were standing on, there was nothing but empty blackness. Retvik took a deep breath and to his surprise he discovered he was still breathing oxygen and nitrogen. A second breath confirmed his suspicions, that there was an artificial pocket of air around the little rock he … Read more

Angry Leaders

“So let me get this straight, you have been completely unaware that part of your government has been experimenting on other races in the neutral territories for the last hundred years?” If the High General was angry, he wasn’t showing it. Aesop, the Prime Minister of the Cassids, was sweating. He was due to meet … Read more

Change of Heart at the Window

“Put the weapon down.” The hideous, inky, winged creature was standing right in front of T’lar. It was horrible and grotesque, looking like black smoke was dripping off its body. Under all the nastiness, there was a strange, celestial glow in its yellow eyes. “WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE LORD ARE YOU?” “I’m the … Read more

The New Guy

“That wasn’t there before…” Iatre muttered to himself as he exited his lab, blinking in the bright light. “I suppose that will teach me for spending most of my time working…” The small, green dome had been crudely attached to the side of the much larger green and white dome that made up the majority … Read more

Figure on the Roof

Tenuk had spotted it as he brought in the shopping. It was hiding on the roof, watching him. Tenuk had decided to get all the shopping inside and lock the hovercraft before dealing with it. After all, he’d offered to do the shopping, since he was staying with Gath and Retvik. Least he could do … Read more

The Laugh of the Thantophor

Four figures had climbed this treacherous mountain, edging their way along dangerous paths and narrow passes. Their robes were torn and tattered by the cruel winds, their arms and legs shaking, their limbs wrapped up and bloody from the rain and snow. Their suffering though was coming to an end. They had finally reached the … Read more

Slowing Down

Something is different around here. Some time ago, I allowed myself to become Kinisis’s partner. My duties mostly remained the same. Kill the unkillable. Protect the Cycle. Lead the Veth. The first two, they seem mostly identical to the duties I performed before I took Kinisis’s hand. The latter… Well, that is what’s changed. I … Read more

A Day of Drunks

“HAPPY MACROMERA!” Tenuk slurred as the door opened and he tumbled into the old Dessaron HQ. “I have preseeeents!” Retvik smiled, leading Tenuk in and gently closing the door behind him. “It is good to see you, Tenuk.” Tenuk wobbled around, admiring the holiday candles and decorations. The smell of things cooking was making him … Read more

A Silver Invitation

“What’s this?” Teekay asked as a silver envelope dropped in front of him. He put his fork down and opened it up, curious. “An invitation!” Eksi grinned. Ever since they had become free Rethans, Eksi was basically a whole new being. Full of life and energy. Finally pursuing the things he wanted to do. Currently … Read more

Coffee over Veth

Iatre had been watching Veth go by all day. They’d enter Death’s dome-shaped mansion one at a time, there would be a five minute delay and then they’d stumble out in their new Veth V9 forms. Smaller. Sleeker. More powerful. Iatre’s work had been wasted time for him, but it seemed as if Death had … Read more

A Void of Despair

“Arkay!” He knew she’d come running to him. That was why he hesitated. He could have thrown himself off the edge right now, but he didn’t. He had stood there and waited. Waiting for a sign, perhaps? “ARKAY!” Her cries were fierce, full of anger and sorrow. She was as conflicted as he was. “ARKAY, … Read more

The Honesty of an Old Veth

Arkay stood in the doorway, waiting awkwardly for everyone else to leave. He wanted to speak to Istoria in private, but didn’t want to make that obvious. The more Arkay thought about it though, the more obvious he felt. Either way, he needed to speak to Istoria alone. Finally, the other Veth all cleared out, … Read more

Death’s Bed

Arkay woke up realising he wasn’t alone in bed. He also quickly realised that his bed had moved to a large, dark room with a glass window facing the wider rivers of Kinigi. He then realised that he wasn’t in his bed, but someone else’s bed. Clearly, someone had messed with him while he was … Read more

Vast Golden Donations

Captain Vallas was annoyed. He thought the High General was in his office. He was supposed to be in his office, working with a speech writer, covering all the speeches and talks he would be giving during the Macromera break. But the High General wasn’t there. He was somewhere else. With a tut, Vallas stomped … Read more