The New Guy

“That wasn’t there before…” Iatre muttered to himself as he exited his lab, blinking in the bright light. “I suppose that will teach me for spending most of my time working…” The small, green dome had been crudely attached to the side of the much larger green and white dome that made up the majority … Read moreThe New Guy

The Laugh of the Thantophor

Four figures had climbed this treacherous mountain, edging their way along dangerous paths and narrow passes. Their robes were torn and tattered by the cruel winds, their arms and legs shaking, their limbs wrapped up and bloody from the rain and snow. Their suffering though was coming to an end. They had finally reached the … Read moreThe Laugh of the Thantophor

Slowing Down

Something is different around here. Some time ago, I allowed myself to become Kinisis’s partner. My duties mostly remained the same. Kill the unkillable. Protect the Cycle. Lead the Veth. The first two, they seem mostly identical to the duties I performed before I took Kinisis’s hand. The latter… Well, that is what’s changed. I … Read moreSlowing Down