Tale: Switching Teams

The home of the Dessaron team Retha Squad One was normally full of beings on Saturday evenings, but that night, Gath was sleeping over at Retvik’s place, Vel had been invited to a party elsewhere and Kohgra was out foraging for things. Kayess-En, or Kass for short, had the whole house to himself. One could … Read more

Tale: Drunken Midnight Chat

“Vice General, you’re working very late today!” Elkay Theanon rolled his eyes. He was concentrating on what he was reading. It was a proposal from one of the lower generals to increase pay for Secondeers in the Rethan Stratos. Which seemed simple enough, but many of the less well-liked generals would often try and sneak … Read more

Meeting at the Silvertooth Cafe

The Silvertooth cafe was rarely frequented by any beings other than Thanatians. It sat on the edge of the small town of Asimidont, nestled in the low, dusty hills of Vriskera, next to a literal waterhole. Towns in Thanatian territories were rare, but Asimidont had sprung up due to many Raptors and Kshan herding their … Read more

Early Morning Chat

The two Retha slept peacefully in bed, sharing a large, woolly blanket which draped not only across them, but across the floor as well. They slept closely, their heavily armoured bodies snuggled together, seemingly not caring for the sharper parts of their organic, naturally-growing armour plating, nor their heavy claws. The rest of the cottage, … Read more

A Strange Proposal

Baxavius Thynanium lived in a simple home on the outskirts of Iolonarium, the Cassid territories of Portalia. From his little house he could see both Port Chria and the Kilamia Mountains  over in the Rethan territories. In the distance, the sun was setting, lonely rays scattering over the jagged mountains, many of which were topped … Read more


Underneath the city of Thre-Etas was a huge maze of caves and tunnels. Many of these were flooded with lava, boiling water or steam and used to generate power for the city. The Trelotam Chambers though were the exception. They were cold and frigid, as billowing winds swept through them. Among the frigid cave walls, … Read more

Tale: Conversations

The Manufacturing and Storage district of Palaestra was always devoid of life in the dark evenings, apart from the one warehouse at the end of the street. Unlike every other warehouse, this one was not cold and full of products waiting to be used or sold, but instead filled with a warm, humble glow. Even … Read more

Tale: At home with Gath and Retvik

Rain poured down, hammering against the windows and crashing into the walls. The cottage on the outskirts of Palaestra shuddered in the bad weather as strong winds tried their best to blow the windows in and steal its roof. But even if it took the wooden, sloped planks and the dainty little solar panels, it’d … Read more