Subject: #V3114N

Risk Level: High

Name: Veliakos ‘Vel’ Konztantin

Species: Rethavok

Subtype: Hertan/Threan-type crossbreed

Date of birth: 18/11/81

Location of birth: Slitherlimb’s Rest, Hertany

Parents: Gathrin Konztantin (mother ā€“ deceased), Relasi Seran Konztantin (father ā€“ deceased)

Height: 2.04m

Length (inc. tail): 2.51m

Weight: 127kg

Born traits: Black skin. Purple and black armour with gold slithers. Blue eyes. Low-level Threan-type telepathy and telekinisis. Hertan-type arm blades.

Altered Traits: Hertan-type blades have been replaced with tentacle-like appendages. Two smaller tendrils protrude from the back of the head, and a third, longer tendril but the same thickness, protrudes from the back, just under the neck. Upper and lower canine teeth have increased in size and are jointed, capable of bend forwards and backwards, much like a serpent.

Telepathy and telekinisis have increased in strength. Concentration of the two can create powerful beams of energy, akin to lasers, that cut through any organic matter. When angered, the subject will float rather than walk. Subject is also capable of feeding off some form of energy from other beings, via its altered jaws and tendrils, essentially sucking them dry and increasing its strength. Subject will not use this ability unless forced to.

Personality: The subject prefers being left alone and has a thirst for knowledge. It will read any literature it is given, including literature given in a language it does not understand, as long as suitable texts for translation are provided. It struggles with conversation and will quickly become bored and anti-social. While normally calm and calculated, #V3114N is susceptible to becoming incredibly aggressive incredibly quickly if it feels mistreated. Despite the time which has passed, it is haunted by early pre-Facility memories, which causes it to have semi-frequent nightmares.

Containment: #V3114N is to be kept within a plexicast chamber. The chamber is to contain foliage and a house, which must be decorated as per a normal Rethan home, with a large number of books, paper and other non-digital entertainment. The subject must be fed three times a day, with their evening meal heavily sedated so that they sleep peacefully, as nightmares can cause much destruction when left uncontrolled. Once a month, #V3114N is to be removed from its chamber and placed inside a concrete bunker along with an Experimental Cohort of any species, with the room being surveyed by digital cameras. The two beings are to be left in the bunker until #V3114N has fed off the Experimental Cohort.

Should the subject attempt to escape, it must be quickly tranquillized before it starts controlling and altering the minds of others. Single-shot tranquillizer weaponry is not to be used due to the subject’s unreliable ability to stop projectiles mid-flight. Instead, scatter-shot weaponry must be used.

In case of termination, #V3114N is to be given a lethal dose of sedatives, before having its head removed and its body incinerated.

Combat: #V3114N has been trained in basic Rethan combat and has a standard Rethan education. The subject has also been trained in combat with and against Thanatians and Banikans, which has caused it to prefer dual-weilding weaponry. It will regularly use its abilities in combat, making it tricky to take out. Despite its sheer strength, the subject prefers stealth over true combat and will use its abilities to make it incredibly hard to detect. Testing has shown that its telepathic camouflage can fool most sensors, as well as standard-type and mid-level Threan-type telepathy, although it will be instantly detected by Ksa-level Threan-types, as well as Raptoric/Kshan enhanced senses. This makes #V3114N lacking in use in Rethan and Thanatian missions.

Origin: Subject came into our possession after a previous subject (#T4619B) escaped confinement and hid in Rethan territory, rendering the subject to be unable to be recaptured. #T4619B eventually became ill due to its dependency on medication and lost control of its powers, levelling the minuscule village of Slitherlimb’s Rest. #V3114N was one of few survivors, 15 months old and found trapped under the corpses of its parents. Being an unregistered Rethavok, Extractors were capable of removing the child and bringing it back to the Facility as a suitable replacement for #T4619B.

Notes: #V3114N has attempted to escape multiple times, most recently making it as far as the Iolonarium border before being captured. Escape attempts involve mind-altering lower level and weaker-minded staff into releasing them, and on one occasion, tricking surveillance staff watching it in the bunker into thinking that the Experimental Cohort had killed the subject.