A Page From Verlais’s Diary

“Your life is great, Verlais. What are you being all mopey for?” I get asked that a lot. And really, everyone who says that is right.100% correct. Anyone’s life could be made better, but I have a roof over my head, food on the table, my own personal vehicle, a little bit of money in … Read more

Tale – Whatthefuckistan

“There’s this place I planted a seed for, I really like how it came out, but I’m hesitant to let it spread elsewhere.” “You say that about a lot of things, Kinisis.” “Yes, but this time I mean it. This world I created. Well, not created. Pushed? Prodded? What’s the term?” “I don’t know, you’re … Read more

Giant Portalian Thanatoforic Lifeforms

You’d think, being a race of beings that can travel to other worlds in our solar system (and nearby solar systems), we’d know a bit more about the local fauna and flora on these plants. Well, we don’t. We’re the sort of species that packs its own lunches and does its best to keep itself … Read more

Tale: Text Chat 2

TK0016K is now online RK0019K: Hi. TK0016K: Hi. TK0016K: Are you well? RK0019K: As well as I can be. Bit bored. Been waiting for you to get online so I could PM you. You? TK0016K: … RK0019K: What? TK0016K: How the fuck did you come back this time? How the fuck are you alive? RK0019K: … Read more

Transcript: Medical Plans Moving Foward

Details censored with # to protect patient identity. Begin Transcript. Patient: You haven’t restrained me or anything. Medic: There’s no need to. Patient: I’ve tried to run away five times now. Medic: But you came back twice. Patient: What is this all about? Medic: I feel that, when it comes to the healing process, the … Read more

Tale: Text Chat

July 27th, 10:59am UsernameKopakaWasTaken is online UsernameKopakaWasTaken: Tenuk, are you there? Tenuk992: Yeah, I’m here, Kopus, what’s up? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I saw someone today. Have to tell you now. Tenuk992: Who? Aren’t you out with that Nidikus guy? Going Lactara Hunting or something? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I was supposed to be. Tuya, Nidikus’s girlfriend, is scaring me and … Read more