A Page From Verlais’s Diary

“Your life is great, Verlais. What are you being all mopey for?” I get asked that a lot. And really, everyone who says that is right.100% correct. Anyone’s life could be made better, but I have a roof over my head, food on the table, my own personal vehicle, a little bit of money in … Read more

Tale: Text Chat 2

TK0016K is now online RK0019K: Hi. TK0016K: Hi. TK0016K: Are you well? RK0019K: As well as I can be. Bit bored. Been waiting for you to get online so I could PM you. You? TK0016K: … RK0019K: What? TK0016K: How the fuck did you come back this time? How the fuck are you alive? RK0019K: … Read more

Transcript: Medical Plans Moving Foward

Details censored with # to protect patient identity. Begin Transcript. Patient: You haven’t restrained me or anything. Medic: There’s no need to. Patient: I’ve tried to run away five times now. Medic: But you came back twice. Patient: What is this all about? Medic: I feel that, when it comes to the healing process, the … Read more

Tale: Text Chat

July 27th, 10:59am UsernameKopakaWasTaken is online UsernameKopakaWasTaken: Tenuk, are you there? Tenuk992: Yeah, I’m here, Kopus, what’s up? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I saw someone today. Have to tell you now. Tenuk992: Who? Aren’t you out with that Nidikus guy? Going Lactara Hunting or something? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I was supposed to be. Tuya, Nidikus’s girlfriend, is scaring me and … Read more