Transcript: Arhontas and Vice General

Elkay: Hello, this is Vice General Elkay Theanon, acting leader of the Rethas. I would like to request that you give us a little more information on the incoming threat you mentioned to the Maza. Aspras: Hello, Vice General. I am Aspras Monomavran, Arhontas of the Tavrans. Where is your real leader? Elkay: High General … Read more Transcript: Arhontas and Vice General

Tale: Text Chat

July 27th, 10:59am UsernameKopakaWasTaken is online UsernameKopakaWasTaken: Tenuk, are you there? Tenuk992: Yeah, I’m here, Kopus, what’s up? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I saw someone today. Have to tell you now. Tenuk992: Who? Aren’t you out with that Nidikus guy? Going Lactara Hunting or something? UsernameKopakaWasTaken: I was supposed to be. Tuya, Nidikus’s girlfriend, is scaring me and … Read more Tale: Text Chat