Transcript: Argument with Tanra

Tanra: Queen Prime Tanra speaking. Who is this and what do you want?

Elkay: Hello, Queen Tanra. It’s Elkay Theanon. Vice General of the Retha.

Tanra: Ah, Silvertongue. Fatherless one. What do you want?

Elkay: No reason to mock me. I wish to cash in a favour. I helped you fix your silly little Kalsa Warrior rebellion. I need your help.

Tanra: Is the High General not capable of asking for help himself? Too proud?

Elkay: He is not around.

Tanra: A violent takeover perhaps, and you want me to vet you for your leadership claims?

Elkay: What? No. This is serious. There is a Temthan armada heading towards Rethan territory and the Vohra are one of the very few ways we have of stopping them. We need your help.

Tanra: The Temthans are of no concern to us.

Elkay: They will be if they wipe out every other race in the Maza system. Which they most likely will do if we can’t stop them now.

Tanra: The Vohra are safe. We will fight them off.

Elkay: Apart from Vohran nests inside the Maza system, there are no Vohra for lights years in any direction! It would be your handful of nests against an invading army.

Tanra: The Temthans are not an almighty force across the galaxy because of their invading armies. They actively avoid conflict. They’ll come along, kill you, take a handful of sex slaves for breeding and be on their way.

Elkay: I’d rather not be murdered and have half my population kidnapped, thank you very much.

Tanra: That is what they’ll do. They don’t care either way. As long as they get to fuck something and eat the ones they don’t like, the Temthans don’t care. And they judge us for just wanting to breed swarms and eat things.

Elkay: You clearly knew of the Temthans and didn’t tell ANY other members of the Maza.

Tanra: It was never going to be anyone’s concern.

Elkay: What if they pick up all the Thanatians though. That’s what Temthans really are, aren’t they?

Tanra: That would only be a small problem. The Thanatians are not…

Elkay: The Thanatians have nigh complete control of the Thanatia planets. If the Temthans come, they’ll claim the Thanatian territories as their own. You think the Temthans will be willing to share?

Tanra: Hm. No. You are correct.

Elkay: See, this DOES affect you. You don’t listen.

Tanra: According to our records, the last time the Temthans were here was twenty thousand years ago. It was Spast territory back then.

Elkay: They want the Threavok. The Threavok are extinct.

Tanra: Even better for you. They’ll kill you, take a handful of Threan-types then bugger off, leaving your population mostly intact. But even then, their data is probably completely off. They will most likely send a small army. A single armada of about a hundred ships. About fifty thousand Temthans total.

Elkay: What more do you know?

Tanra: Oh, what will you give me for more information?

Elkay: You currently owe the Rethans. Both for fixing your rebellion and for the rental of Rethan territory on Kyrada.

Tanra: You have no right to leverage that debt.

Elkay: In times of need, I do. You want to keep the plans to your Kryada nest? You will certainly lose it when the Temthans come.

Tanra: One moment.

Elkay: … Fine.

*muffled noises in background.*

Tanra (faded): WHAT DO YOU MEAN?

*muffled noises in background.*

Tanra: Curse him. Stupid silvertongue. If our economy could survive without you, we’d let the Temthans take you. But my advisors say that the Temthans could very well attack us too.

Elkay: I told you that.

Tanra: I know. Fine. You win. What do you need?

Elkay: I need to know everything.

Tanra: *sigh* I will get my top archivers to send everything. I hope you are wrong though, that they are not coming. They will try and talk you into surrendering before they attack though. Your sweet words will not stand against theirs.

Elkay: We’ll see. Thank you for your cooperation, Queen Prime.

Transmission ended