Transcript: Arhontas and Vice General

Elkay: Hello, this is Vice General Elkay Theanon, acting leader of the Rethas. I would like to request that you give us a little more information on the incoming threat you mentioned to the Maza.

Aspras: Hello, Vice General. I am Aspras Monomavran, Arhontas of the Tavrans. Where is your real leader?

Elkay: High General Photeianos Photeianon is currently ill and unable to rule. As dictated by our laws, the Vice General must take control. Can’t not have a ruler now, can we?

Aspras: Hm. I like you. To the point. There is information I must ask of first. The Temthans wish to invade the home world of the Threavok. You call yourself Retha.

Elkay: The Threavok went extinct ten thousand years ago and their last remaining members were absorbed into Rethan society and renamed Threan-types. I am a Threan-type myself. What are these Temthans?

Aspras: You do not know what Temthans are. Poor.

Elkay: Us Rethans keep to ourselves. We do not like interfering unless we have to. Clearly the Temthans have outdated data and so do we.

Aspras: The Tavrans are part of the Temthan empire, but we were given the right to rule ourselves. How have they not taken your lands. You have Thanatians. They are Temthans but dumb.

Elkay: Many reasons, probably. High Deitic activity, a large war two thousand years ago, close proximity to a number of Panvok races…

Aspras: All is clear. You have both Vohra and Spasts already.

Elkay: Why would the Temthans suddenly want to invade the Threavok and no other race?

Aspras: The Temthans are obsessed with the pleasures of life. Most Panvok are considered ‘split among the same old lines’. Perhaps your kind are not. In the past, Temthans have only ever invaded for reasons of better pleasure. But your kind seem bor- One moment.

Unknown Tavran voice: Arhon, during the time we spent with their four Heroes, Galazin discovered that they have the Dual Gift that the Temthan Empress treasures so much.

Elkay: Dual gift?

Aspras: Thank you, Mauvan.

Unknown Rethan voice: Did he say Mauvan? Vice General, may I?

Mauvan: Aha! Retvik, you are safe and well, I hope!

Retvik: I am well, apart from this invasion your leader is telling us about.

Mauvan: The Temthans want your, ahem, downstairs.

Elkay: That is both horrible and wrong. Thank you, Retvik, Mauvan.

Mauvan: Thank you, Vice General. Apologies for interrupting.

Aspran: Your kind have the Dual Gift. Of course they want you. I remember stories of Temthans invading the peaceful Lovennids who had the same gift. They were made into slaves for the Temthans’ pleasure. The same fate will fall on you.

Elkay: Not on my watch. Do you have any idea how we can stop them?

Aspran: Only a great army or a tongue of gold can stand up to them. No singling race so far has.

Elkay: Well I’m going to just have to as the Vohra for help.

Aspran: The Vohra help no one. The Spasts only help those they control.

Elkay: The Vohra of the Maza help others. The Spasts… I’ll see about that. I assume you had a great army yourselves, so be self-governed.

Aspran: No. We did not.

Elkay: Is there any more help you can offer?

Aspran: No.

Elkay: How about a bargain? You help us fend the Temthans off, we free you from their rule.

Aspran: That is not possible. I apologise, young General, but your kind will destroyed if you do not comply. Just like any other race. Your tongue is sharp but not sharp enough.

Mauvan: Arhon…

Aspran: Enough. Good luck, Rethan.

Transmission ended