Tale: Press Brief

The press was ravenous today. Elkay stood at his podium, looking down at the horde of hungry assorted races, all desperate to know what had happened. A lot of them had worried or accusatory looks on their faces. Normally, this never bothered the Vice General, but today, he didn’t have notes or a speech prepared … Read more

Tale: Dead Inside

“How is he?” “Well, if I hadn’t sworn to never intentionally harm another sentient being, I would recommend that we put a bullet between his eyes and put him out of his misery.” “Is it that bad?” Kaldoran, the General of Medical Affairs and essentially the best medic in Rethan territories, nodded his head. At … Read more

Tale: Comeuppance

Elisia watched with caution as the Rethan medic tended to her. Every little thing he did, she scrutinized it, waiting for the medic to do something to intentionally harm her, so she could claim that he’d broken the Temthan-Rethan peace treaty she’d been forced to sign, and have him executed. But no, the medic was … Read more

Tale: The Temthan – Rethan Confrontation

The majority of the ships decided to hover over the nearby ocean, but this one silently landed outside the large, marble and glass building. While the ships may have been silent, the sound of a thousand heavy pairs of feet stomping out of time towards the stairs certainly wasn’t. Outside the building, the home of … Read more

Tale: Father-Son Spat

“What do you want, Tahnahos?” Lord Avra growled as he monitored the stupidly large number of consoles around him. On each screen was either an image of a fleet of Temthan ships, a number of Vohran anti-space vessels or the preparations of the Rethan Stratos. Behind him stood a being who, despite looking nothing like … Read more

Tale: Preparation

“… Every non-combatant needs to get to the safe-zones at the edge of each Thre or off planet. But I want as few non-combatants as possible. There are twenty billion of these bastards and the Vice General needs as many of us as possible defending Thre-Etas and Thre-Vretania!” “General, ser, how are we going to … Read more

Tale: Feelings of a Dead Heart

“You’re so beautiful…” Lenik sat up in bed and glanced to his right, where the Xentress was sleeping. He realised he’d uncovered her, so he delicately pulled the blanket over her exposed arms. They’d been sharing a bed now for a few days, ever since the Empress put Arkai under his protection, but something had … Read more

Tale: Back to Work

Flanked by his dedicated team of Ksa, Vice General Elkay touched down outside the freshly rebuilt chambers of the Council, the main governing body of Rethan society. He was immediately met by Thitavee-En, the head of security for both the Council and the High General of the Retha. “Good morning, General Elkay. I assume you … Read more

Tale: Timn’s Getaway

“XENTRESS!” Timn skidded to a halt just outside Arkai’s private quarters. “XENTRESS! GET UP!” Arkai wearily got out of bed to see what the hell was going on. “What is it? Oh. Timn. I wanted to see you actually. Wanted to ask why I have been so sleepy over the last few days, and when … Read more