Tale: Comeuppance

Elisia watched with caution as the Rethan medic tended to her. Every little thing he did, she scrutinized it, waiting for the medic to do something to intentionally harm her, so she could claim that he’d broken the Temthan-Rethan peace treaty she’d been forced to sign, and have him executed. But no, the medic was doing everything perfectly. The smug little General was right, Arkai HAD stabbed her in such a way that she would have been paralysed. Without medical intervention at least.

Really, it was the Xentress’s betrayal that stung the most. Elisia had poured so much money into mind-controlling the stupid bitch, and she STILL fucking betrayed her. The most embarrassing thing was that it wasn’t planned by these damn Threavok, and they’re not even CALLED Threavok! They’re called Rethans. Either all this was astonishingly bad luck, or Arkai had planned all of this to get home on her own. Although if she had planned all this…


“Sorry, Empress. I just need to do a quick blood test then you’ll be free to go.”

“A blood test for what?” Elisia growled.

“Infections, increased attacker cell counts. Things like that. It is my duty to make sure you are 100% fit and healthy before you leave.”

The medic smiled kindly as he turned away and inserted the tiny blood sample into a machine. After about three minutes, it binged and the results were printed out on a piece of paper. “Seems everything is fine. Empress, you are free to leave once I’ve released your restraints.”

Elisia tutted. “Why did you restrain me anyway?”

“Common practice. Rethans tend to move a lot even when under anaesthetic. A Temthan will be here to collect you shortly.”

The medic hastily removed the leather belts around Elisia’s ankles, wrists and tail, before heading to the exit and calling down the hallway outside. There were plenty of sharp instruments Elisia could have used to kill him, but the thought of her Xentress coming along and stabbing her again changed her mind. Finally, Lenik appeared in the doorway.

“Empress, are you well?”

“I am fucking furious, being beaten by the tongue of these stupid Rethans.”

“But are you physically well?”

“Yes. Get me out of here. Now.”

Lenik sighed as he led Elisia outside, to where the ship was waiting, guarded by a mixture of Temthans and equally strong Rethans. Elisia considered the larger Rethans to be ugly, the only ones she’d considered screwing were the smaller, Xentress-like ones. Apparently they were called Threan-types. Standing by the entrance ramp was the Vice General and another equally smug, equally winged and equally tall Rethan. This one though was a very attractive white and grey thing. Like an angel.

“Your ship is ready to go. We have left a small package on board containing a few traditional Rethan delicacies, for your enjoyment!” the angelic Rethan announced. “If there is anything else you wish to sample before you leave, within reason of course, please, let us know.”

“No thank you, I just want to leave…” Elisia tried her best to be polite but still found herself growling.

“Very well,” the Vice General smiled. “Come, Thitavee, let us leave the Empress. We wish you a safe journey back home.”

“And I hope no one else tries to invade you!” Lenik smiled, only to get a sneer from the Empress.

“Good bye…” Elisia sighed as she boarded her ship, wanting to get away.

Once the Rethans below were out of the way, the Empress demanded that they head back home as fast as possible. She had a quick shout at the pilots, before heading up to the main hall where she shouted at everyone for being spineless cowards, refusing to step in while she laid bleeding in front of the Vice General.

After a good vent lasting twenty minutes, Elisia decided to head to her royal bedroom. She needed to calm down, and a casual fuck with one of her Raptorans was a good way to do so. When she arrived though, Elisia was surprised to find most of her dedicated Raptorans and Raptesses all waiting for her.

“What are you all doing here? Do you want an orgy with your empress?” Elisia smiled. She noticed Lenik wasn’t around, but that didn’t bother her.

“We were planning on having an orgy, yes…” Neraida, her head Raptess, also smiled, as Lenik entered, closing the door behind him.

Elisia relaxed as she felt Lenik’s claws on her hips, as she felt Neraida place her claws over Elisia’s shoulders in a warm embrace.

“We have a lot of plans. Sadly, they don’t involve you.”

Something scratched the back of Elisia’s neck. In anger, she pushed Neriada off her and into the gathered Raptesses and Raptorans. But before she could get away, Lenik tightened his grip on the Empress, one arm keeping her pinned and one hand around her neck.

“Over the last seventy six years, you have lead us from one disaster to the next…” Lenik’s voice was as calm and collected as always. Whatever Neraida had done, Elisia found she could no longer move. “I think it is time that we end these disastrous ways.”
Elisia tried to shout or scream or say anything, but her mouth wouldn’t move.

“Please, say hello to the Holy Lady for us.”

With a single, decisive movement, Lenik snapped Elisia’s neck, then dropped her lifeless body on the floor. Neraida laughed as she stepped over the corpse of the former Empress.

“Come, brothers and sisters, let us choose a new leader, one who will listen to the will of the Temthans…”